Computex 2020

Computex 2020 moved to September

The tech conference is usually held in June



Computex 2020 — one of the biggest tech events in Asia has been moved from June to September.

The tech conference will still be held in Taipei, Taiwan but due to the Coronavirus pandemic, organizers and exhibitors deemed it best to move the schedule from June 2-6 to September 28-30.

As of writing, there are over 300,000 people that have been diagnosed across 167 countries worldwide, impacting the economy, trade, transportation, convention, and tourism. TAITRA COMPUTEX organizers, TAITRA President & CEO, Mr. Walter Yeh, and TCA Secretary General, Mr. Enoch Du jointly announce the move with prime consideration for everyone’s health and safety.

TAITRA will also invite exhibitors to conduct new product launches, as well as invite global ICT companies to share 5G, AIoT, and other smart technology applications through Webinar.

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As general rules, the CDC or The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention listed these to help with preventing the spread of COVID-19:

  • Stay home when sick
  • Cover coughs and sneezes
  • Frequently wash hands with soap and water
  • Clean frequently touched surfaces

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Computex 2020

Computex 2020 is cancelled

2021 event will push through



For tech followers, 2020’s biggest questions revolve around the statuses of the world’s most anticipated tech events. Some events have postponed to later, hopefully safer dates. Some have migrated to online-only events. Others still have canceled their dates altogether. Regardless, no one knows their fates until an official announcement drops.

Previously, Computex, one of these anticipated events in Asia, moved its traditional June dates to September. Now, a new announcement moves this even further. The event is now officially canceled for 2020. Instead, the 2020 event is now pushing itself as Computex 2021, holding the event at its usual June time slot.

Seemingly to ease the blow, Computex announced the 2020 event’s postponement, rather than an outright cancellation. However, for all intents and purposes, Computex 2020 is done for.

As expected, the event is canceled because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Though Taiwan boasts one of the best coronavirus responses around the world, Computex normally invites companies, exhibitors, journalists, and enthusiasts from all over the world. Even with some countries handling their individual outbreaks effectively, travel remains a constant risk of infection.

Currently, only a scant handful of organizers are set for in-person events this year, including a limited-attendance IFA 2020 in September. However, with Computex’s cancellation, this exclusive list might shrink even further. For the most part, tech showcases have completely moved to 2021.

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