Elon Musk sells flamethrowers for just $500

Preorders halfway gone in just days



Is there anything that Elon Musk can’t do? The multi-billionaire’s numerous ventures have brought us the Tesla car, SpaceX, and PayPal. Now, Musk has laid his hands on another wacky project — the Boring Company flamethrower.

Tasked with building underground tunnels that will connect cities, Musk’s Boring Company soon also became a front for the billionaire’s wilder ideas. Last year, the company made a killing when it sold branded hats for US$ 20 apiece.

To boost sales, Musk promised that he’d start selling flamethrowers if The Boring Company sold 50,000 hats. Despite his known affinity for the eccentric, no one thought he was being serious.

After reaching his sales target, Musk is fulfilling his pledge by offering the promised flamethrowers for preorder. Each flamethrower will cost US$ 500 with planned production of only 20,000 units. At the time of this writing, customers have already bought 10,000 of these things.

The flamethrowers themselves aren’t as hardcore as you might think. Rather than a cascade of flame, it spurts less than 10 feet of flame. Musk even assures customers that the flamethrower is legal under the regulations specified by the United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.

Since its announcement, The Boring Company has released promotional videos that show the flamethrower at work, including one with Musk himself brandishing the toy at the camera. In fact, most of the item’s promotional material borders on hilarious that you might think that this was all fun.

Musk even jokes that “a flamethrower is a super terrible idea. Definitely don’t buy one.”

However, lawmakers aren’t laughing at his antics. For example, California Assemblyman Miguel Santiago plans to forbid Musk from selling his flamethrower in the wildfire-ravaged state of California. The politician states that Musk betrayed the trust given after he was entrusted with California’s underground tunnels.

With the flamethrower’s legality and safety currently in question, one thing’s for sure: The Boring Company sells fire extinguishers separately. (They are “overpriced” at US$ 30.)

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OnePlus introduces Explorer Backpack — and I want it!

Launching along with the OnePlus 6T



All eyes will be on the OnePlus 6T launch at the end of this month, but my money will likely be spent on the accompanying backpack instead.

OnePlus revealed through its official forum that the new Explorer Backpack is set to be revealed on October 30, as well.

As you may or may not know, the tech startup is no stranger to creating sleek accessories to match whatever phone they have in stock; I myself had their first-generation backpack.

While it wasn’t the best backpack in the world — it wore out easily and got replaced by the more rugged Xiaomi backpack I use now — Project Manager Donna L. touts that this model will last for “years to come.”

There are no pictures of the interior, but it supposedly has multiple compartments, including a secret pocket on the back — which is important for a techie such as myself who has multiple gadgets at once.

Other features include a compartment with breathable vents, premium magnetic Fidlock, and two colors to choose from: Slate Black or Morandi Green.

Price and availability will hopefully be announced on stage in New York. I can already smell it.

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Her GadgetMatch

Millennial parenting and the need for baby domain names

Parenting in 2018!



Parenting in 2018 has certainly changed from when our parents did it. Millennials, most of which are digital natives, now have different priorities and considerations when it comes to naming their kids. Just how different? Well…

Image credit: GoDaddy

That’s right. According to a GoDaddy survey, domain names now play a big role in what parents consider when naming their child!

General sentiments have also changed. The same survey cites 48 percent of millennial parents, almost double the number of Gen X parents, believe that online media presence early in life is important for their kid.

In fact, even before their babies could walk, they’ve probably been posted about online by their millennial parents.

This is unsurprising because this generation grew up online. In fact, 58 percent of millennials are reported to have created their first online profile between the ages of 10 and 17. 

Hence the willingness for millennial parents to help their children create their own websites! The reasoning is simple: Most millennial parents believe that this will help their child when it comes to jobs searches and college applications in the future.

Some parents even go as far as buying the domain even before the child’s birth. Top reasons for doing so include reserving the name for the future, to use an online baby book, and lastly, to utilize the domain as a tool to teach their kid about the internet.

GoDaddy trends expert Melissa Schneider explains, “It’s no longer enough to make sure that your baby is enrolled at the top elementary school at birth — parents today are claiming their child’s name and online identity to make sure that they’re set up for success down the line. More than ever, it’s essential to own your own identity on the internet, and millennials know that better than anyone else.”

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6 iPhone apps for your well-being

Mental health is important!



World Mental Health Day may have come and gone but that shouldn’t mean that your well-being should be pushed aside. In fact, a healthy disposition should always be practiced. How does one do that in today’s fast-paced world?

We’ve got apps for you!


Omvana is a meditation app that measures stress levels and even your state of mind; it’s your personal mindfulness coach! The app also automatically connects to HealthKit.

Download here. 


With guided meditations, breathing exercises, sleep stories, and relaxing music, this app will help make sure you’re always in a relaxed mood.

Download here. 

Insight Timer

Don’t know how to meditate? This app allows for guided meditations from the industry’s best practitioners!

Download here. 

Headspace: Guided Meditation

Another guided meditation app which allows you to manage stress and even apply meditative practice to your every day. There’s also a sleep experience feature which promises better rest and calmness.

Download here.

Aura: Calm Anxiety & Sleep

Aura’s three-minute meditations will bring more positivity to your life. The app also does life coaching, relaxing music, and even personalized meditations.

Download here. 

AutoSleep Tracker for Watch

Better sleep means a better disposition! This app tracks sleep automatically with Advanced Heuristics AutoSleep so you’ll always have the info at hand.

Download here. 

What are you waiting for? Get to downloading and happy meditating!

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