Fossil Q Gen 4: Price and availability in the Philippines

Doesn’t sacrifice fashion for function



If you’re looking for a smartwatch to reward yourself this holiday season, look no further. The fourth generation of the Fossil Q line has finally made its way to the Philippines. The Fossil Q Venture HR and Fossil Q Explorist HR were first unveiled in August and showcased at IFA last September in Berlin, Germany.

As a fashion brand first and foremost, Fossil’s new smartwatches are proof that you don’t have to sacrifice fashion for function. Both models run Wear OS and are still powered by the older Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 chip.

The Fossil Q Venture HR has a 40mm watch face and is compatible with 18mm straps, while the Fossil Q Explorist HR has a bigger 45mm face and wider 22mm strap size.

Both models are now swim-proof and have NFC for transit and mobile payments. Charging time is also optimized; one hour gets you to 100 percent which should last a full day. There’s also real-time heart-rate tracking that can easily be accessed through one of the dials on the side of the watch.

These smartwatches make great standalone workout companions, as music can now be downloaded directly through third-party apps, and have GPS built in so you can track your steps, runs, hikes, or bike rides without bringing your phone along.

The Fossil Q Venture HR and Fossil Q Explorist HR start at PhP 13,950 (US$ 263) and are available at Fossil Stores across the country.

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Spotify’s Disney Hub lets you listen to everything Disney

Make music a part of your world



You’ve got a friend in me — I mean, in Spotify and Disney. Together, they created a dedicated Disney Hub which includes playlists, soundtracks, and podcasts for Disney fans of all ages.

To find Disney Hub, open your Spotify app and search “Disney.” You might encounter a barrage of suggested playlists, but make sure you click Disney as a genre.

Among the curated playlists, you can find Disney Hits which are comprised of top songs from popular Disney and Pixar films across the world. You can also play Disney Favorites, Disney Classics, and Disney Sing-Alongs featuring nostalgic songs we love.

Speaking of love, Disney has a Disney Princess playlist for those currently in love and obsessed with their crushes. It’s complete with love ballads. Action-oriented fans can also treat themselves with Marvel Music and Best of Star Wars.

As we all know, music is one of the key ingredients why we all love Disney. Music makes every film memorable and magical, and now we can bring the experience to a whole new world. Now, let’s see how far we’ll go into the unknown. Let’s make music a part of our world!

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Fitbit wearables can identify influenza outbreaks, research says

Heart rate and sleep tracking are more than just a feature



By now, we all know that smartwatches are more than just a device tracking your steps and heart rate. For instance, Fitbit improves someone’s sleep cycle and Apple Watch has saved a man’s life. Apart from being a lifestyle companion in achieving your fitness dreams, smartwatches can help prevent us from getting sick.

Since we’re currently in the midst of flu season, people are required to be more vigilant about their health and their surrounding. Fortunately, your smartwatches can help predict an influenza outbreak.

In a published study on The Lancet Digital Health journal, wearable devices can perfectly capture affected individuals through their spiking resting heart rate and changes in their sleep. The study came from de-identified data of 47,248 Fitbit users from California, Texas, New York, Illinois, and Pennsylvania, who participated in Fitbit’s research and study with The Scripps Institute.

Dr. Jennifer Radin, author of the published study said, “Responding more quickly to influenza outbreaks can prevent further spread and infection, and we were curious to see if sensor data could improve real-time surveillance at the state level.”

“In the future as these devices improve, and with access to 24/7 real-time data, it may be possible to identify rate of influenza on a daily instead of a weekly basis,” Radin added.

The partnership between Fitbit and The Scripps Institute has been crucial for clinical researchers using wearables to better understand, prevent, and treat diseases. In a way, a wearable’s potential expands to keeping people healthy and improve the healthcare system we have.

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Limited edition Honor MagicWatch 2 design series unveiled

Honor taps into the world of art and fashion



Time-pieces have always been more than just a way to tell time. In some ways, it’s become a form of self-expression. With that in mind, Honor launches nine limited edition Honor MagicWatch 2 designs.

The designs were made in collaboration with a number of rising stars in the worlds of art and graphic design including Jacky Tsai, George Greaves, Wang DongLing and Giovanni Ozzola. These were made with the vision of bringing together elements of illustration, graphic design, photography, sculpture and calligraphy.

HONOR x Jacky Tsai An Innovative Fusion of Pop Art and Chinese Craftmanship with “Floral Horse” and “Shanghai Tang Café” 

With two eye-catching limited-edition designs, named “Floral Horse” and “Shanghai Tang Café” respectively, Jacky fuses elements of pop art with iconic eastern influences using splashes of colour across the watch faces and straps.

“Floral Horse” by Jacky Tsai

With two eye-catching limited-edition designs, named “Floral Horse” and “Shanghai Tang Café” respectively, Jacky fuses elements of pop art with iconic eastern influences using splashes of colour across the watch faces and straps.

“Shanghai Tang Café” by Jacky Tsai

HONOR x George Greaves A Touch of Exotic with “The Palm Tree”

“The Palm Tree” by George Greeves

Bristol-based illustrator George Greaves is a master in dreamlike, archetypal imagery. Inspired by nature, the unisex palm tree design combines geometric elements with a muted color palette, evoking a sense of majestic landscapes and far-flung adventures

HONOR x Wang DongLing Reinterpreting Historical Calligraphy with “Cheng Hao, ‘Autumn Moon’, Entangled Script”

“Cheng Hao, Autumn Moon, Entangled Script 1” by Wang DongLing

Wang Dongling is widely recognized as China’s greatest living calligrapher and is known for his large abstract works that he calls “calligraphic paintings.” Bringing together poetry and painting, Dongling creates his work through performances where he translates the text of ancient Chinese verses into gestural interpretations of traditional characters.

“Cheng Hao, Autumn Moon, Entangled Script 2” by Wang DongLing

HONOR x Giovanni Ozzola Experimenting with light, photography and sculpture in “One Day”, Old Walls” and “Ficus” 

“One Day” by Giovanni Ozzola

Originating from Florence, Giovanni is a multidisciplinary artist working primarily in photography, as well as video and sculptural installation.

“Old Walls” by Giovanni Ozzola

His artworks have been exhibited internationally in numerous public and private institutions, including Fosun Foundation in Shanghai, 313 Art Project in Seoul, District 6 Museum in Cape Town, Tate Modern in London and many more.

“Ficus” by Giovanni Ozzola

HONOR x Zhou Li Creating movement and rhythm with dynamic lines and brunch strokes

“Peach Blossom Yard” by Zhou Li

Known for her oriental aesthetic and acute sensory observations of the world, Zhou Li is one of the most influential female artists in China. Zhou creates paintings, sculptures, installations and public arts using multiple mediums including oil paint, ink, charcoal and cotton textiles.

HONOR x Pencil Bryan Capturing the surreal through dreamlike illustration

“Pencil Bryan” by Xu Lei

Founder of Pencil Bryan’s design team, Xu Lei has produced a number of illustrations for high-end fashion magazines over the years as well as collaborating with a range of global brands. Xu is known for his surreal, conceptual art, with a vivid and unique style, combing the rational and the conceptual he is able to illustrate the perceived world with a unique, avant-gard perspective.

Honor MagicWatch 2 pricing and availability

The Honor MagicWatch 2 will be available in two sizes — 46mm and 42mm.  The 46mm variant is designed with an auto-racing watch panel for a sporty, bold and adventurous look, the 42mm variant is designed with fashion in mind.

It has a 1.39-inch full-color AMOLED touchscreen, customizable watchfaces, up to 14 days of ultra long-lasting battery life and a range of health and fitness features. There will also be three straps to choose from: including elastic rubber (an eco-friendly hypoallergenic material), leather and metal, you can customize the watch for any occasion.

The Honor MagicWatch 2 46mm Charcoal Black is available to purchase from GBP 159.99 in the UK on Amazon and eBay and coming soon to John Lewis starting  February 3, 2020. The 42mm Agate Black variant of the watch will be available from GBP 149.99 in the UK on Amazon and John Lewis starting from February 12, 2020.

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