Future AirPods might be able to take your temperature

And check your posture




Today’s smartwatches can monitor and measure a lot of things in our body already. These devices can quickly and almost effectively update us with whatever’s going on inside us. That said, there’s no reason why the same technologies can’t apply to other wearables. Apple might be looking to push on ahead of the curve, though. In a new report, the AirPods maker is supposedly experimenting with how the iconic wearable can incorporate a host of health tracking features.

According to the Wall Street Journal, a future iteration of the AirPods might include a way to take your body temperature, monitor your posture, and amplify your hearing. Naturally, the first two features are much more novel. It shows that Apple is actively trying to expand its wellness ecosystem beyond that of the Apple Watch.

On the other hand, the ability to amplify hearing is one that is rapidly becoming a norm for a lot of devices. In fact, the current generation of AirPods already has a similar feature called Conversation Boost. Some devices outside of the earbuds market even have the feature like a few face masks out today.

Though the experiment presents the company with a few opportunities for its wellness ecosystem, the report emphasizes that the features are still pending. In fact, Apple might not even push through with implementing them either next year or at all.

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Nokia E3500: Perfect pair or just fine?

Finding companionship on a pair of wireless earbuds




Nokia E3500

My day wouldn’t go the way it is without listening to something. Be it from my Spotify playlist, a podcast, or even catching up with my co-streamers on a call. But untangling and twisting the crumpled, irritating earphone wire ruins the mood.

Thankfully, those days are over. Since smartphones with a 3.5mm headphone jack are getting rare, I took a leap out of my comfort zone to finally switch to a pair of wireless earbuds.

Scouring the market for a good pair that won’t make a dent out of my pocket can be daunting. What caught my eye was a familiar name I’ve known for years, and I discovered a pair — the Nokia E3500 — that begs to be given a chance.

Nokia E3500

Love at first touch

The first time I held the Nokia E3500, it felt premium and sleek despite having a charging case made out of plastic. What furthered its elegance were the featherweight material that makes it easy to carry, as well as its matte finish that makes you want to glide your fingers incessantly.

Nokia E3500

In a nutshell, the Nokia E3500 displayed a blend of practicality and sophisticated design.

The “getting to know” part

I found comfort in using the Nokia E3500. Out of the box, it comes with three pairs to help you find your perfect pair. And when you do, it won’t fall off your ear.

I even brought the E3500 on a beach trip to Liwliwa, Zambales — which was kinda risky since it only has an IPX5 resistance. Luckily, it was secure enough to fit in my ear even if I kept running and jumping.

Pairing the Nokia E3500 is easy. Once out of the case, you can press the touch buttons for two seconds to enter pairing mode. The inclusion of Ambient Mode helps me immerse in the content, especially when situated in a noisy environment. I found that keeping volume to about 60 percent seemed like the right choice to enjoy its audio performance.

Sound isolation is great, too. Imagine sitting by the beach, listening to music while also hearing the sound of splashing waves. Happy and dreamy, isn’t it?


Everything has its rough side, including this seemingly perfect pair of wireless earbuds. Using the Nokia E3500 during my Zoom calls isn’t as smooth and seamless as it should be when listening.

There are few delays with the microphone reception, making it a little annoying when I’m in the middle of a virtual presentation. Hopefully, the next iteration will improve the inconsistent microphone.

Nokia E3500

Is this my perfect pair?

For a mediocre audiophile like me, I would say yes to Nokia E3500. The charging case itself has a 360mAh battery which helps extend its battery life. Who wouldn’t want an uninterrupted sound trip especially during a long drive?

My experience isn’t as perfect as I thought it would be. But it’s decent and fine. The Nokia E3500 looks gorgeous, equipped with long battery life, great audio quality, and water resistance for peace of mind.

There are cheaper options available in the market, but for what it’s worth — I’d call it a steal, especially for all the features you can enjoy for its price tag.

The Nokia E3500 retails for PhP 3,499.

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Razer officially launches its Zephyr facemask

Yes, it has RGB lighting



While we’re well into the post-pandemic world, face masks have progressed far beyond a simple fabric over our faces. Several tech companies have already developed their own hi-tech takes on the wearable. The most notable example of such, LG is consistently developing its wearable Air Purifier. After an extensive trial period, Razer has finally released its own face mask called the Zephyr.

Much like other technologically inclined masks nowadays, the Razer Zephyr comes with two detachable N95 filters attached to two valves. The filters can reportedly last for up to 72 hours before needing replacements. They can also filter out 99 percent of air particles larger than 0.3 microns in size.

The mask also has a transparent front, showing how the user’s face looks underneath the mask. It also has fans that can spin on configurations of 4200 and 6400 revolutions per minute. As with every Razer device, it also has RGB lighting around.

However, though Razer has impressive claims for the mask, the company warns that the mask hasn’t been explicitly tested for COVID-19 particles. At the very least, the mask is registered at the FDA. Still, while the FDA acknowledges the device’s existence, it doesn’t speak for the product’s effectivity compared to medical masks and PPEs.

If you’re still interested in getting the mask, the starting package for the Razer Zephyr sells for US$ 99.99. The package will come with the mask, a charging cable, a carrying tote, anti-fog spray, and three free filters. A higher-tier package with 33 filters will cost US$ 149.99. The filters themselves are available in packs of 10 and will sell for US$ 29.99.

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Samsung, Maison Kitsuné tie up for Galaxy Watch4 and Buds2

What does the fox say?



A year at Samsung wouldn’t be complete without a slate of limited-edition partnerships with the world’s top designers. In the past, the company partnered with Thom Browne to deliver premium editions of their flagship phones. Now, Samsung has announced a partnership with independent fashion house Maison Kitsuné for two special-edition wearables.

The partnership infuses the Galaxy Watch4 and the Galaxy Buds2 with the fashion house’s playfulness. Both devices will now come in the brand’s Moonrock Beige color. Besides the new color, they will also incorporate a few design elements to help them stand above the rest.

Besides the Moonrock Beige leather straps with fox-shaped holes, the Galaxy Watch4 Maison Kitsuné Edition will come with an additional Space Gray strap to offer users an alternative look. In contrast, the gray strap will have the fashion house’s lettering emblazoned across its length.

On the flip side, the Moonrock Beige Galaxy Buds2 will come housed inside a Space Gray leather case. The case will have Maison Kitsuné’s fox logo front-and-center. Further, the left bud will have a fox head logo, and the right bud will have a fox tail logo, signaling continuity whenever wearing the earpieces.

To add more style to a user’s Samsung ecosystem, the Galaxy Watch4’s box and the Galaxy Buds2’s case will have an NFC tag linking to an exclusive Maison Kitsuné phone theme.

Both devices will ship starting on October 20 with only a limited number of units available in select markets. The 40mm Galaxy Watch4 will sell for US$ 399.99. Meanwhile, the Galaxy Buds2 will sell for US$ 249.99.

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