Google Clips captures best moments with machine learning



The future of photography is here — well, if you consider machine learning capabilities the future.

Google’s newest accessory redefines how you take photos.

Google Clips is a tiny lightweight camera with not a whole lot of things on it; it only has a small protruding lens, shutter button, and clip at the back.

But, do not be fooled by its overly minimal design; this teeny camera is smarter than it looks. So smart, it doesn’t need you to press the shutter button to take photos.

Okay, here’s how it works: Google Clips automatically recognizes moments that would make for great photos by learning the faces of people you’re always with, detecting certain movements, or even just making sure it captures unique pictures and not the same scene over and over again. This means genuine, spontaneous shots of candid moments without even having to press a button — all you need to do is turn the device on and point it at your subjects.

You could still take photos manually with a click of the shutter if you don’t fully trust the machine to do its job.

Google Clips takes 7-second clips and photos that you can download to your phone and choose from. You can either pick out JPEG photos from each clip, make them into a looping video, GIF, or motion photos (Google’s newest Pixel 2 photo format which is reminiscent of the iPhone’s Live photos). Google assures everyone that there are no privacy issues with this device — a light up front blinks when the camera is on record mode and its clips are not recorded with sound. Also, no clips are uploaded to the cloud automatically unless you decide they’re good enough to save on there.

Google Clips has a 130-degree view, 12-megapixel camera, and 8GB of internal storage. As of posting, it’s compatible with the Google Pixels, iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and Samsung Galaxy S7 and S8 with support for more phones coming soon.

This tiny thing will retail for US$ 249 which may seem like a lot for a camera without a viewfinder, but then again, you’re not just buying a device that can take photos; you’re also buying a device that will take photos for you. That being said, a lot is riding on Google Clips’ machine learning capabilities and the camera’s actual performance. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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This is an official Pokédex iPhone case

For your iPhone X or iPhone XS



Your dreams of carrying an actual Pokédex is still just a dream. This iPhone case by Premium Bandai is the next best thing.

It’s officially called the Pokédex Smartphone Case, but it’s only really made for the iPhone X and iPhone XS. You should be able to fit the iPhone 6, 7, and 8 in here but it will cover mic and the flashlight. Unfortunately, this won’t fit the iPhone 11 at all.

The case costs US$ 69.99 and will launch on March 2020 in Japan. It’s open for international pre-orders. Check here to secure one.

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LG Tone+ Free wireless earbuds launched in South Korea

LG joins the wireless earbuds party



Most companies today are throwing their weight behind wireless earbuds. They are compact and versatile for everyday listening needs of the average user. Not to be left behind, LG has launched a new pair of wireless earbuds: the LG Tone+ Free.

LG opted for a compact design that resembles the Samsung Galaxy Earbuds instead of the Apple Airpods. The design also ensures a secure fit so users can wear it for hours.

What differentiates it from the current crop of wireless earbuds is its charging case. It’s equipped with UVNano function that uses ultraviolet rays to kill harmful components, keeping the earbuds clean and sanitized after every use.

LG Tone+ Free

LG partnered with Meridian Audio to provide the earbuds with rich bass, clear mid and high sounds, and three-dimensional sound to its wireless earbuds. The earbuds’ signal processing technology also reduces digital noise, minimizing distortion while listening.

LG also equipped the earbuds with voice and noise-cancelling microphones that works in tandem to ensure clearer call quality. Both earbuds have touchpads that enable various functions such as call, play, or pause music. Holding the touchpad summons the Assistant app.

Sweat and rain is not an issue with the earbuds since it has IPX4 waterproofing certification.

Fully charging the earbuds lets users listen to music for six hours. Since it supports fast charging, users can listen to music for up to one hour with just five minutes of charging.

Pricing and availability

LG Tone+ Free is available in two colors, black and white. They will be available in South Korea this October for KRW 259,999 (US$ 215). Global availability is yet to be announced.

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The instax mini Link lets you print photos from your smartphone

Time to print your Instagram photos!



Earlier, Fujifilm has just launched a worldwide campaign with the catchphrase “Don’t just take, give.” The aim of the campaign is to encourage users to share their prints with loved ones.


Following up on the campaign, the Japanese company announces the launch of instax mini Link, a portable, compact printer of Instax photos.

The instax mini Link lets you transfer photos from your smartphone through a dedicated app via Bluetooth connection. The app lets you do basic editing such as rotating, adjusting brightness, and the application of a filter. The printer prints quickly, with an average speed of about 12 seconds.

Additionally, it supports continuous printing up to 100 pictures on a single charge. If you’re feeling creative, the dedicated app has a variety of frame designs and collage layouts for your prints.

Lots of fun features for you to enjoy

It has fun features such as “Video Print” function which lets you scroll through video frames, allowing you to choose the best moment to print. There’s also “Match Test” which examines your compatibility with a friend or someone special. The results are shown after the picture is printed.

To see the results, you must perform a “Quick Diagnosis” or use the “Precision Diagnosis” function, which involves a question and answer portion.

On the other hand, the instax mini Link isn’t just for one person to enjoy. Through “Party Print,” the device can connect up to five smartphones to the app.

The printer can receive pictures from each device to combine into one instax print. There’s also a “Surprise Mode” where no one knows the photos that were sent and what the final print would look like.

More than just a smartphone printer

The instax mini Link has a built-in sensor, too. You can use it as a remote control for your smartphone’s camera, and print multiple copies through the printer’s button at the center.

On the flip side, it’s not just smartphones that can connect with the printer. Through the Fujifilm Camera Remote app, the printer can receive pictures directly from Fujifilm’s digital cameras.

The Fujifilm instax mini Link is priced at PhP 6,999 (US$ 135). It will be available in three colors: Ash White, Dusky Pink, and Dark Denim.

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