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Great tech gifts your mom would love

Mother’s Day 2019 gift guide



Once again, it’s time to pay homage to our mothers — though honestly, they deserve the recognition every day of the year.  As a shoutout to the beautiful women in our lives, I’ve compiled a quick list of things that might make for great gifts for your mums.

Dyson Lightcycle

The perfect present for the woman who serves as the guiding light in your life. The Dyson Lightcycle is not your ordinary lamp. It’s a top-of-the-line appliance that adjusts to the user, mimics daylight, and even learns your daily routine.


The PhoneSoap Go cleans your smartphone or any tiny thing with UV-C light. A perfect gift for the mom who always cleans up after your messes.

LV Tambour Horizon

Spoil your mother with this new Louis Vuitton smartwatch. The Tambour Horizon is a beautiful timepiece refreshed with smart capabilities. It’s a gentle reminder of the timeless love you have for her.

Lenovo Smart Clock

Give your mom the gift of great mornings with Lenovo’s Smart Clock. This smart little thing makes for a smart bedroom hub that won’t clash with the room’s interiors.

Foreo Luna fofo

Make every day a pamper day for your mom with the Foreo Luna fofo. This  will cleanse and exfoliate her face with every wash. The best part? It will scan her face and tailor a cleansing routine based on her skin type. She gets a personalized experience that will give her that youthful glow.

Mighty Purse

Literally more power to your mom! This stylish purse has a built-in 4000mAh battery. She’ll never run out of juice when she needs it.

Rakuni case

Carry everything you need on your phone with these great-looking leather cases. Designed for stylish protection, this compact case will allow her to carry important cards and bills with her phone.

Travelon Bag

Always have her stuff protected with these #OOTD worthy anti-theft bags. Slashproof. RFID-blocking. Locking zippers. Travelon bags will be her best travel or everyday carry companion.


This gamer surprised his girlfriend with a marriage proposal in Genshin Impact

So much love in the world of Teyvat!



Genshin Impact

What happens when a gamer proposes to you? It’s just as sweet as any romantic proposal you’ve seen on the Internet.

For Ronica Cabansag, introverted gamers are just as amorous as any guy out there. That’s what she realized when she publicly shared how her gamer boyfriend made an effort to ask for her hand through a language they both understood — Genshin Impact.


In her post, Cabansag detailed how her then-boyfriend and now fiancé asked her to come for a surprise. Cabansag was curious to see how her extremely introverted partner will make an effort.

The video included in her post showed how excited Cabansag was when she discovered a room full of lights and balloons, with a gaming laptop waiting for her.


Her partner, Jerome Javillonar, asked her to play Genshin Impact to look for his surprise. In the 8-minute video, Cabansag solved the maze that her partner built, discovering the words that Javillonar was dying to say.

Will you be my waifu?

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact

“Roses are red.” “Violets are blue.” “Forever is real with you.”

These are some statements Javillonar had laid out for Cabansag. According to Cabansag, it took more than one month for Javillonar to finish the obstacles since he needed to buy supplies in the game’s shop.

After solving the three puzzles, the last maze laid out the golden question that made Cabansag gush over in excitement. The statement read as “Will you be my waifu?” which also translates to Javillonar asking Cabansag to be his wife.

The video ended with Javillonar down on his knees as he offers the engagement ring, to which Cabansag said yes. As of writing, Cabansag’s video has garnered more than 45,000 views.

Moreover, Cabansag’s post is flocked with comments and shares from people expressing their heartfelt greetings, congratulating and thanking the couple for sharing their love and excitement. Looks like the world of Teyvat has something to celebrate ahead of Valentine’s Day.

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Mercury in retrograde: When technology and communications go haywire

Your survival guide to a crazy season



Buckle up, everyone! Mercury is in retrograde once again. In Astrology, this means the planet that governs technology, communications, and our very own thought processes spins backward. In our reality, it means doomsday is coming. (Kidding!)

When Mercury is in retrograde, flights and travels are usually delayed, people from the past pop back into our lives, communication systems break down, and our gadgets get into accidents or start malfunctioning.

More importantly, this season makes everything fluid. Nothing will be set in stone. Decisions are usually changed when the season ends, so it’s not a good time to sign contracts, schedule surgeries, have makeovers, launch a new project, or shop for electronic devices.

But fret not, this season shall pass. Here’s what you should do before, during, and after the Mercury retrograde.

Protect your gadgets and gizmos with trusty cases and accessories

Honey, this season makes us feel frustrated, agitated, and annoyed. Often, we’ll be rushing and getting into accidents. You might drop your phone on the toilet, break them, or forget them in a cab or restaurant. You gotta get yourself some strap to keep your phone with you at all times and dress them up with hard, shock-proof cases. Should they fall from your hands, you know they’re safe.

Back up your data, make sure it’s safe and secure

Okay, Jenny, listen up. Mercury in retrograde is the season where we lose important stuff moments before we actually need them. It can be your keys, card, or presentation for your next meeting. The point here is you should back up all necessary data. Flash drives might break, Google Drive and other forms of storage may not work properly at the time you need them. The next thing you know, your life is in shambles.

Another thing to worry about is security and privacy. This season is also the time when people’s secrets tend to get exposed, such as your affair with your best friend’s boyfriend or your intimate videos getting leaked in the deepest, darkest corner of the internet. Keep your reputation from being smeared!

Double-check what you type and say

Be careful with miscommunication, my dear. It’s normal to feel there’s chaos in your head since Mercury in retrograde disrupts our thought processes. We become forgetful and more prone to mistakes, so double check your typos before hitting send. In addition, think twice before voicing out your opinions and emotions. Take a deep breath, and think before you click. Your words are powerful. Once you’ve hurt someone with it, you can be forgiven but they’ll never forget.

P.S. Be mindful of what you post or tweet if you don’t want to get dragged on social media.


Keep your emotions in check and block your exes

If you haven’t blocked your exes until today, you need to re-evaluate your life, Susan. During this season, we barely use our logic and just follow our emotions. There might come a time where you want to send a seven-paragraph message to your ex, please don’t. You owe it to yourself to move on from the past and stop them from coming back to your life.

Oh, one more thing: Stay open to possible opportunities. Sure, Mercury in retrograde brings our past lovers back from hell, but they also bring in colleagues we’ve worked with. Most of the time, they want to work with us again. Additionally, this is a good time to reconnect with old friends. Seriously, this period isn’t that bad.

Be extremely flexible (not just in yoga but also in life)

If there’s one thing you can learn from this, it’s that life doesn’t always work out in our favor. It’s a reminder to always find a way. Be flexible and adaptable to every surprise that life brings. If we’re going to give in to our emotions, we already lost. Take a step back and reassess what’s happening, compose yourself and think of a solution. This is just another storm that’s passing by. You will overcome this.

Take a moment to slow down

Lastly, like any retrograde season, it’s a cue from the planets and the stars to slow down. We’re all rushing from one point to another, and we’re moving extremely fast. Planets spin backward to remind us that we need to look back and slow down to appreciate how far we’ve come, what we’ve been doing with our lives, and catch up on what we missed. Above all, it’s a reminder to rest. You’re doing well, my friend. I’m proud of you.

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4 tips for designing your small space and home office

Build around home appliances to elevate your space




Home improvements are at the forefront of activities that almost everyone enjoyed throughout the pandemic. Creating a conducive space for working and leisure is essential in keeping you sane during uncertain times.

But decorating our homes can sometimes be nerve-wracking, too. It can be tough finding the right appliances that mirror your style while still being functional and practical. Especially when you’re just starting to build your home.

Fret not, friends from XTREME sent over tips that’ll help you in creating a space you’ll find comfort in.

Create a pleasant multi-purpose space

XTREME Cool Split Type Inverter, 10L XTREME Home Coffee Machine | Photo/XTREME

When you’re working with limited space, your best bet is to have a multi-purpose setup that suits your needs. If you’ve decided to build a space where you can balance work and life, it’s important to invest in quality air conditioners that also save electrical consumption by up to 60 percent.

Then, top it off with a coffee machine to ensure utmost productivity at all times. After all, hot coffee works best when paired with a cold environment.

Stick to neutral colors

90CM XTREME Home Gas Range, 20L XTREME Home Microwave ‘Moon’ Oven, 6.5L XTREME Home Digital Fryer | Photo/XTREME

A pleasant atmosphere doesn’t stem from having the most expensive or prettiest furniture and appliances. Sometimes, you just need to be conscious about the colors you use when decorating your space.

Sticking to neutral colors like beige, off-white, cream, and seal grey can help create a simple yet classy vibe. Most furniture, accessories, and other fixture come in these colors. And there are plenty of neutral-friendly appliances in the market that will complement the look you’re going for.

With the right shade of neutral colors, you can build a classic aesthetic even if some kitchen appliances come in the usual black, silver, or gray colorways. Surely, even the usual microwave ovens, gas ranges, and even digital fryers that come in black and silver will blend in your home easily.

Keep it posh outside

XTREME Cool Front Load Washer and Dryer, 10L XTREME Home Air Cooler | Photo/XTREME

For those blessed with an outdoor space that you can prettify, spruce it up with a relaxing setup and add an air cooler to keep it breezy and well-ventilated, even when you unwind during hot, summer days.

You might also want to consider transforming your extra space into a commodious laundry area. If there’s enough cover against heavy rain and direct sunlight, it’ll be easier to set up a washer-dryer so you can do your laundry, hang your clothes, and fold it in one place.

Whatever you decide to do, keep it posh outside.

Go for an industrial-looking interior

45L XTREME Home Electric Oven, 1.9L XTREME Home Electric Kettle | Photo/XTREME

Some people prefer it black and white, or to an extent, some shades of it. An industrial interior will look perfect, especially for loft and city apartments.

You can capitalize on metal, woods, pipes, and even stainless steel for your furniture and fixture. Most appliances come in these popular materials, and some complement a concrete aesthetic, too. You can also go all-out by using a black metallic finish across devices, countertops, and large appliances as an accent to give personality to an otherwise bland space.

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