House of Marley Positive Vibration headphones: His and Hers

Featuring Joshua Vergara



Each of us has a soundtrack to our lives. Yep, we make up the music that we go through our every day with. 

For this episode of His and Hers, we have special guest Joshua Vergara in tandem with Isa. Both of them try the House of Marley Positive Vibration headphones — one in pretty pink and one in stunning silver.

Joshua is a Bluetooth earphone and headphone lover and previous to this, he was sporting Jabra wireless earphones. Isa, on the other hand, is a recent earphones convert. She’s been using a pair of pink crazybaby Air earphones that coincidentally, Joshua gave her as a gift.

Isa: The Neutrals

On chill days, or when I’m out and on the go, I usually stick with my go-to colors: black, white, or beige. Dressing in bright colors definitely clashes with my look so I opt for more neutral tones. I own too many pink accessories, like these earphones, and my hair.

Photos by David Imel Web|Instagram|Twitter

Joshua: Daily Documentation

I keep it pretty simple and clean most days: my trusty pair of jeans with a minimalist shirt. And, of course, my Bruce Lee black and yellow shoes which are bright and stand out from the black on black on black. That last “black” is for my camera, of course.

Photos by David Imel Web|Instagram|Twitter

Isa: Cafe Lover

I like working in coffee shops. Most of the time, I just throw on a comfy sweater and head on to my next cafe destination to work. I usually start mornings with a cup of iced coffee to get me going. With handy headphones playing my go-to classical work playlist, I will happily type away, oblivious to the world.

Joshua: Work Related

Dress to impress, but also dress for the occasion. Even if I’m not talking to anyone face to face, business calls feel better in a collared shirt. In this case, I dressed down with my signature shoes and a pair of shorts for the warm day. A cup of cappuccino is extra, but ideal.

Isa: Lazy Daze

On slow days, I just throw on a tank and some sweatpants paired with a structured jacket for a relaxed look. I take my athleisurewear seriously and I do sometimes believe that sweats are acceptable outdoor wear.

Joshua: Taking a Moment

Headphones like these look good enough to have around the neck like an accessory. They’re often ready for when I need a break and stroll in the park with some tunes. A nice outdoor afternoon is chill — literally — so a pair of joggers makes sense for the walk so I don’t get cold in the shade.

The House of Marley Positive Vibration headphones are the perfect companion for your everyday adventures. From work to play, these headphones come in handy in a number of different scenarios. It doesn’t hurt that they look pretty good and come in these awesome color options.

You can follow Joshua’s day to day adventures and reviews here


How to wear red: 3 stylish pairings to try

Those red pieces shouldn’t be gathering dust



It’s easy to think that red is best worn sparingly or just as an accent. It is after all, such a bold, eye-catching color. We normally wear a pair of red heels to add a pop of color to an all-black ensemble, or a cute red top to go with neutral colored bottoms. We rarely buy something red for every day use, whether that’s a purse or a phone, because it just won’t go well with most of our outfits.

This is exactly why we sometimes feel like we have nothing to wear — when we build a wardrobe without considering new color pairings and when we reserve certain colors for special occasions. Here are three new combinations to try with those red pieces that don’t see the light of day (or night) as often as they should:

Red + blush pink: spring to summer

Hybrid smartwatch, Fossil Q Jacqueline; blazer, Stradivarius; slip dress, Fleur du Mal; belt bag, Mango; heels, Mint & Rose.

This color combination will give you an instant flirty, feminine look especially when you do it with a silk slip dress and strappy sandals. Give it a little bit more structure by throwing on a red blazer, and stick to the same tonal colors when accessorizing to look more put together. You can dress it up with taller heels, or down with flats.

Red + tan: end of summer to fall

Smartphone, Honor View 20 Moschino Edition; crop top and pants, Aritzia; bag, J. Crew; mules, Madewell; coin necklace, myartisanstore on Etsy; hair clips, Machete.

Be a wee bit more unpredictable by pairing red with the brown pieces in your closet. A red crop top worn with tan high waist pants and mules is a good departure from the light, breezy looks you’re used to wearing during summer. When temperatures dip, add a coat in similar brown tones to stay warm. I used to be so averse to wearing this color combination but it’s now one of my favorites!

Red + red: winter to early spring

Sunglasses, Spectacles 2 Veronica by Snapchat; sweater, Everlane; shorts, Aritzia; boots, Mango; 3-in-1 laptop tote, Parfois; earrings, Machete.

Tonal dressing is my go-to when I’m in a hurry to get ready in the morning and it doesn’t just apply to neutrals. Try wearing red on red with your thigh-high boots especially during winter when everyone else is sporting the same black coat. If you’re feeling feisty, go all-red even down to your shoes and purse and you’ll be surprised how powerful it will make you feel. Otherwise, you’re welcome to tone it down with the black staples you already have.

From these three looks alone, you can create more: turn the slip dress into a skirt by wearing the red sweater over it, or pair the crop top with the shorts and nude heels when the weather is scorching and unforgiving. The possibilities are endless! As long as you see red to be the versatile color that it actually is, you’ll never run out of looks to try, and that red phone you carry every day will never clash with your look again.

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Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro: Price and availability in the Philippines

The AirPods competitor from Xiaomi



Xiaomi‘s awaited Apple AirPods copycat has landed in the Philippines. The AirDots Pro was initially introduced earlier this year and you can finally get your own pair of wireless Bluetooth earphones.

There’s no denying that the Xiaomi’s AirDots Pro strongly resembles Apple’s AirPods. Even their names are quite similar; however, the AirDots Pro doesn’t have the same premium price of Apple’s accessory.

The AirDots Pro is a pair of wireless earphones that has a Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity, noise-canceling microphones, and touch controls. According to Xiaomi, battery life is up to four hours, while the charging case offers an extra 10 hours. Both Android and iOS are supported by the AirDots Pro.

Through Mi Authorized Stores in the Philippines, the AirDots Pro retails for PhP 3,490. It’s slightly pricier than its launch price in China, but at least you don’t have to ship it anymore. Also, it’s way cheaper than the AirPods.

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Rock Space formally launches in the Philippines, brings plenty of accessories

More accessories to choose from



There’s a new brand that just entered the Philippine market and it’s Rock Space. You might have seen Rock Space as a freebie for OPPO phones, but the company has already expanded to be a full-fledged digital life brand that’ll cater to the ever-growing fast-paced lifestyle of modern and trendy Filipinos.

Rock Space has been around since 2009, so they’re not a new entry to the competitive accessories market. With a decade of presence in the market, the company already has a number of accessories that’ll suit almost anyone. Not only that, but Rock Space is also backed up by recognition from international product design awards.

One of the main products Rock Space is offering in the Philippines is the new EB 70 True Wireless Stereo Earphones. It’s a pair of Bluetooth 5.0-equipped wireless earphones with Hi-Fi speakers and a Digital Signal Processor for clearer sound transmission.

It has a promised continuous battery life of 4 hours, and up to 17 hours using the carrying case that also doubles as a battery pack and a charger. It has a retail price of PhP 3,999.

Rock Space also has power banks in different sizes and capacities. Take the Rock Space P66 for example. It’s a compact 10000mAh power bank with an LED display. It’s priced at PhP 1,299.

Additionally, Rock Space sells phone cables for both iPhone and Android devices, wireless chargers, fast-charging bricks, earphones, and even accessories for your car that can wirelessly charge your phone while you drive.

Also, they cut and apply their own screen protectors for various phone models. They use a special cutting machine that accurately cut the screen protector and they’ll install it for you.

Rock Space is now available in kiosks and partner stores nationwide. Those who prefer to shop online, they are also selling on Lazada and Shopee. Moreover, you can check out Rock Space products at OPPO concept stores.

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