How to get Windows 10



Get Windows 10

Windows 10, the latest version of Microsoft’s Windows operating system (OS) is available starting July 29, 2015. The update brings with an improved user interface, virtual assistant Cortana, and a new web browser called Edge. The new OS is available as a free upgrade for Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 users and is available as a 3GB download. In this video we’ll show you how to get it.


How to activate the redesigned desktop Gmail

Material Design everywhere!



As expected, Gmail is getting a design overhaul that you may or may not like. Fortunately, you can try it out now, and if you don’t dig it, there’s an option to revert back to the stone-age look everyone’s accustomed to.

Doing so is incredibly simple, but does need a few screenshots to show you the way. Here’s how:

Click on the gear icon and select “Try the new Gmail”

Choose your type of view (this can be changed anytime)

And you’re done!

Image source: blog.google

If you don’t like the new look, you can always revert back

So, what’s there to see other than the wonders of Material Design? A lot, actually.

For one, you can access attachments straight from the inbox without having to open any conversation. This allows you to go straight to the files you’ve been sending without going through each sent and received email.

For the absentminded, reminders are in place if you haven’t replied to certain emails for days. But, if you’d rather not be bothered, you may snooze emails and deal with them some other time.

Smart replies are also available just like on the Gmail app. Now you’re able to get conversations over with using a single click — perfect for that annoying friend who won’t get off your case.

There’s more to see, but it’ll take a while for most users to get the hang of them all. I myself am a little overwhelmed by the new arrangement; although I’m sure it’s good to invest early (before Google kills off the classic design like it does with other old products).

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Vivo V9: How to take the perfect selfie

Three easy steps to perfecting your selfie game!



Taking the perfect selfie should be fun and easy! With the Vivo V9, you have all the features you need: 24MP photos, A.I. Face Beauty, and 6.3-inch FullView display. But it takes some skill to perfect your selfie game.

All you need are these three tips:

1) It’s all about lighting

Find the most flattering light source and angle for your face. Trouble with lighting? Use HDR mode when in brighter areas, and use selfie screen flash in dark areas.

2) Mind the background

Clear out your background or simply blur it out.

3) Use the perfect settings

Use A.I. Face Beauty for flawless selfies!

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This feature was produced in collaboration between GadgetMatch and Vivo.

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Her GadgetMatch

Samsung Galaxy S9 guide for the selfie lover

How to get the best out of the beauty mode



The Samsung Galaxy S9 is a power-packed phone, but one great feature that is most overlooked is its front-facing camera capabilities. I’ve taken it upon myself to walk you through the wonders of what magic Samsung’s latest flagship can do to your selfies.

It all depends on what look you want to achieve. But first, the basics.

The S9 has a number of selfie modes but we’ll focus on two modes here: Selfie Focus and Selfie. Both can be found on the upper part of the camera app, when the front-facing camera is activated.

This tiny button, dubbed “beauty crystals” by one of our unboxing guests, will be your best friend. This unlocks a host of beauty filters and options that will allow you attain those flawless shots.

Now, let’s begin. On to the first look!

Au Naturelle

Sometimes, you need a no-fuss, natural-looking selfie for the times when you know you can’t be spending that much time on a selfie, but you still want to look cute.

Turn to the Galaxy S9’s Selfie Focus mode. This activates the bokeh mode which will blur out the background and make sure that you’re the center of attention in the photo. Find good, soft lighting, find your angle, and smile!

Ugh. Marvin and Rodney are always getting in the way of my work 😂

A big bright window was used in this instance, and though other GadgetMatch people were proving to be big distractions in this photo, the bokeh took care of their annoying intrusion.

Sometimes, you don’t necessarily have to up the beauty mode to take a good selfie.

Fresh finish

For times when your face needs a little boost, we turn to those “beauty crystals!”

The same Selfie Focus mode allow for a little airbrushing. Tap the “beauty crystals” found at the bottom right of the screen and this will allow you to toggle Color and Skin Tone.

Bumping these controls up can give you a fresh, glowing face, even on days when your face is nowhere near those two things.

With aforementioned settings, I managed to take a fresh photo as I was haggardly trying to navigate my way through an unfamiliar city by foot. A little beauty mode air-brushing does wonders, I tell you.

Basic makeup look

We move on to makeup looks! The following uses the Galaxy S9’s Selfie mode.

After navigating to this mode, tap the “beauty crystals” and a slew of themed looks will appear. Tap “Basic” and adjust intensity as needed. Tapping on the tiny “beauty pencil” will also allow you to customize the settings more.

On days when you need a tiny makeup retouch, this option works best. This setting allows for a filter that makes for a subtle but made-up look. The sample shown above is me at the end of a long day — my face still looks makeup fresh because of this mode, even when I personally wasn’t.

Beauty boost

For a more va va voom look, we turn to other settings on the S9’s Selfie mode.

Tapping each preset look will give you a fresh new makeup theme. The toggle at the bottom of the screen controls the filter’s intensity. Remember to take great care in making sure that the filter isn’t too much for your face; otherwise, you run the risk of looking fake.

After picking a particular look, tapping the “beauty pencil” brings you to even more makeup options — you can choose to change eyeshadow, lipstick, eyelashes, contouring, and more. Go crazy with the choices! And, you can even have a friend join in on the fun as the filters work for more than one person.

Friends that put makeup together, stay together

This is how me and Chay looked after a long day of shooting. In this photo, we’re fresh AF and makeup was definitely on fleek, which wasn’t necessarily true in real life.

Live your life on fleek with these Galaxy S9 tips. Seriously, I never thought a device could make application so easy, but here we are.

Technology, you’ve done it again.

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