Infinix launches 260W&110W All-Round FastCharge

Fast AND versatile



Infinix 260W&110W All-Round FastCharge
File photo: Infinix Note 10 Pro

Charging technology in the mobile segment is going absolute bonkers right now. We’ve seen the 240W charging by realme, and Redmi has teased a 300W super-fast charging. Well, Infinix has entered the arena with something quite unique — the 260W&110W All-Round FastCharge.

Why two numbers? Naturally, one is wired while the other is wireless. But both are incredibly fast. Infinix says the 260W All-Round FastCharge can charge a phone to 25% in just one (1) minute. Going from zero to 100% takes only 7.5 minutes. Meanwhile, the 110W Wireless All-Round FastCharge can charge up a device to 100% in 16 minutes. Absolutely bold claims.

The details are pretty technical so we’re going to put here what Infinix detailed on their press release with minor edits for brevity.

260W All-Round FastCharge

The 260W All-Round FastCharge’s charging architecture uses a 4-Pump Intelligent Circuit Design that intelligently identifies power requirements and allocates the number of charge pumps needed to work.

Meanwhile, the upgraded 12C high rate 4400mAh battery with a multi-electrode lug structure ensures a high charging conversion efficiency of up to 98.5%, while also increasing battery durability. The battery retains more than 90% of its energy after 1,000 cycles.

The charger uses triple GaN material PFC + AHB innovative circuit architecture, which has high power density, small size, more intelligent and safe charging control, andawider range of chargeable products.

The charging cable adapts Emarker identificationchip, with new interface structure design. This cable can carry a current up to 13A, and when combined with Infinix’s customized fast charging protocol, ensures that 260W high-power extreme fast charging is possible.

110W Wireless All-Round FastCharge

The 110W Wireless All-Round FastCharge technology can fully charge a phone in just 16 minutes. Infinix made this possible by using custom-made small-sensitive coils. These have fewer coils than traditional designs and wider coils in the same space. Doing this overcomes traditional architectural limitations, reduces coil internal resistance, and subsequently lowers phone temperature rise, increases peak power charging time, and improves wireless charging efficiency.

The custom-made 110W wireless charger features a dual coil design for both vertical and horizontal charging. The charge station also employs a fan at the base for silent air-cooling. It improves heat dissipation efficiency in typically high heat areas.

There’s a lot of charging tech jargon there that we’re still parsing. But essentially, Infinix wants to let you know that this is nothing short of an engineering feat and that other than being fast, it is also safe.

More details are on

When is this actually coming?

Infinix says the All-Round FastCharge will arrive alongside an upcoming Infinix NOTE series.

The solution offers wired and wireless fast charging, as well as reverse charging, bypass charging, and multi-protocol charging. And we’re excited to try it out for ourselves.


OPPO Find X6 Pro now official

In China!



The best that OPPO has to offer in the traditional slab form factor is here. The OPPO Find X6 Pro has officially launched but it’s only available in China.

You might feel even more down about that last detail when you see what this phone is packing. Its rear camera array, on paper, is easily one of the best right now.

Triple 50 cameras

Like its contemporaries (the Xiaomi 13 Pro and vivo X90 Pro), it sports a 1-inch Sony IMX989 sensor. It’s accompanied by a 65mm periscope lens and a 15mm ultrawide angle lens. All three have 50MP.

OPPO and Hasselblad continue their partnership on this flagship as the Find X6 Pro also has the Hasselblad Color Calibration.

For selfie enthusiasts, this one sports a 32MP f/2.4 front-facing camera.

Flagship through and through

Like most Android flagships, this one sports a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 with RAM that goes up to 16GB and UFS 4.0 storage that goes up to 512GB.

Supporting these major features is a 5,000mAh battery with support for 100W fast wired charging and 50W wireless charging. Yes, it’s the SuperVOOC tech we’ve come to know and love.

Eye candy display

Naturally, the display is also top-of-the-line. It has a 6.82-inch LTPO3 AMOLED Display with Dolby Vision, 120Hz refresh rate, HDR10+, and up to 800 nits of peak brightness.

It’s also tough, protected by Corning Gorilla Glass Victus 2. Speaking of protection, the Find X6 Pro has an IP68 rating which means it is dust and water-resistant.

Price and availability

As mentioned earlier, the OPPO Find X6 Pro is only available in China with no immediate plans of being available elsewhere.

It retails at CNY 5,999 for the 12/256GB variant, CNY 6,499 for the 16/256GB unit, and CNY 6,999 for the larger 16/512GB model.

Meanwhile, the OPPO Find X6 (12/256GB) retails for CNY 4,499.

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Netflix is working on a cloud gaming platform

Plus over 40 games



Cloud gaming is one of gaming’s greatest enigmas. On paper, the technology should have made it big. However, a lot of the biggest players have fallen off and abandoned their cloud gaming projects. Now, eager to make a valiant push towards gaming, Netflix is working on its own cloud gaming platform.

Netflix’s push towards gaming is long and storied. For a while now, the platform offers games for all of its subscribers. Though some are themed content to match the platform’s shows, a good bunch are notable titles that have thrived outside of Netflix such as Spiritfarer. Even then, the platform is still making other strides.

As mentioned by TechCrunch, Netflix is actively working on a cloud gaming platform to brings its titles to wherever a user has the app. The company has not noted how it will offer the service or which games will come with it. However, it is also planning a major expansion this year.

In the same report, Netflix has promised over 40 titles to expand its gaming platform. The titles range from rogue-lites to city builders. The company is going all-in on offering a wide range of genres to cater to most gamers on mobile devices.

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Microsoft is planning an Xbox store for mobile

Dependent on the Activision Blizzard deal



Even outside of its main console, Microsoft and Xbox has become quite a powerhouse in the world of gaming. The Xbox Game Pass offers a wealth of gaming titles for the price of a manageable monthly subscription. Now, Microsoft’s slate of platforms is growing once again. The company officially has plans to open a store on mobile devices.

According to the Financial Times, Microsoft is currently planning to open a game store for both Android and iOS. With a store coming to mobile, the company can start offering its services on all major screen sizes used today.

It will take a while to launch the store, though. Microsoft is hinging the store’s launch on the successful acquisition of Activision Blizzard. Very early last year, the former announced that it was acquiring the latter. However, world governments have prevented the deal from going through, citing claims of anti-competition. More than a year later, the deal still hasn’t officially concluded.

Because of the number of mobile games offered by Activision Blizzard, Microsoft is likely relying on the library to buoy the store amid the availability of other mobile stores. That said, the company still has a good library of titles on its own. Offering an alternative to the Play Store and the App Store is a welcome addition to the tech space.

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