Images of broken iPhone X units surface and are heartbreaking



It’s been a day since the famed iPhone X has hit shelves. Fans have gone as far as camping outside Apple stores to get their hands on the special 10th anniversary iPhone but as early as now, we’re seeing photos of the very first shattered phones.

Of course, with new iPhones come… well, new broken iPhones.

The iPhone X, which retails starting at US$ 999, is made of glass. It’s pretty, shiny, and very breakable, as some people have already found out.

Even watching this drop test makes me cringe. ???

Repair does not come cheap for the Apple flagship. Their website lists iPhone X screen repair prices and it’s a little under how much a midrange smartphone would cost you.

iPhone X screen repairs

So, the moral of the story is: Don’t get an iPhone X.

Kidding! This is a reminder that if you do get the handset, you better be careful with it, butterfingers.

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Amazon Kindle PaperWhite Signature Edition Review

The best Kindle for every bookworm?



It’s been a while ever since the Amazon Kindle PaperWhite had a refresh. To be particular about it, its 10th-Generation model was released last 2018 — merely three years ago!

This 2021, the new 11th-Gen Kindle PaperWhite offers better upgrades including a larger and brighter display, as well as USB-C and wireless charging support.

But are those enough to make you upgrade? Or should you wait for the next version of Kindle Oasis instead?

Head over to our unboxing and in-depth review of the Amazon Kindle PaperWhite and watch it in 4K too.

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Singapore’s LumiHealth celebrates 1 year with more wellness features

Apple keeping Singaporeans healthy



Apple continues to make strides in the wellness department. The company has packed in more and more fitness and wellness features into its products. And they’re not done. In Singapore, Apple launched a holistic wellness program called LumiHealth. A year into the program, LumiHealth has helped its users build a healthy lifestyle for themselves.

As part of the country’s Smart Nation initiative. Singapore’s Health Promotion Board helped Apple create the program for individuals and businesses. The program includes several tracking and encouragement features like physical activity, mental wellbeing, sleep, nutrition, preventive screening, and vaccinations. It’s a program that keeps the current state of the pandemic in mind.

Since it launched back in October 2020, LumiHealth has been downloaded 200,000 times and delivered 7 million challenges to its users. Because of its success, the program is adding a few more features. Users will be able to access the new Healthy Weight Habits program: personalized nutrition and activity challenges designed for 30 days. Further, new referrer-based subscriptions will receive 10,000 points both for the user and the referrer.

Currently, the LumiHealth program is more tailored to Singapore. However, with Apple’s focus on wellness programs, it might not be a surprise that Apple eventually incorporates the same features in Apple’s other markets.

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6 sexy gifts for your special someone

Forget mushy, make it spicy!



sexy gifts
Illustrations by Kris Blanco

Forget rings and other common gifts that make your special someone mushy. Sex inevitably plays a key role in maintaining healthy relationships. Things get a little bit stale after a while, so make sure to spice it up.

Here are some sexy gifts that your special someone will surely appreciate (because you get to enjoy with them, too).

Massage candle

sexy gifts

Get in the mood when you light up Lelo’s Flickering Touch Massage Candle. It helps set the scene with its all-natural scent made of soy wax, shea butter, and apricot kernel oil.

You can turn those foreplays up a notch to heighten the tension.  It may get messy during petting, but that’s certainly the fun of it. Get heated and enjoy the sweat!

Coupon from a sex toy shop

Give the gift of freedom by sending your s/o with a coupon from a sex toy shop. For example, Lauvette. I was once gifted a coupon from the shop for my silver birthday, which I used to buy the cock ring that I’ve always liked.

Let your partner buy the toy that matches their preference and way of pleasure. After all, only you know what’s best for your body.

Couples’ cock ring

Cock rings don’t have to be just a ring. And they certainly don’t need to please only the one who’s doing the penetrating.

The We-Vibe Pivot is a waterproof, vibrating ring that stimulates both partners, aiming to serve a mind-blowing climax that will overwhelm all your senses.

Sex pillow

I can never stress enough how important a sex pillow is. And no, your ordinary pillows — be it from your bed or your couch — won’t make the cut for comfortable and pleasurable intercourse. The Liberator Whirl helps control the thrusts and penetration by rolling at different speeds.

Also, the Whirl looks unassuming with its bolster shape so you can cuddle it and still be discreet. It can be good for your back, too!

Massage Gun

sexy gifts

Anything that vibrates can easily be a sex toy, and that is the case for Theragun Mini — which comes in a Rose Gold colorway. However, don’t think the wrong way: I’m not asking you to use the massage gun for your holes in lieu of an actual vibrator or massager.

The Theragun Mini can help relieve muscle stiffness so you can relax and let loose, so you can perform strenuous positions that really stretch your body. Plus point if you can use the massage gun to stimulate your erogenous zones like the inner thigh, neck, or even your sacrum (that small portion of your back by the spine). Thank me later, folks!

Eye Mask

sexy gifts

Anyone who loves comfort and pleasure will never say no to an eye mask, especially if it looks bold and raunchy, like Sensara’s Eye Mask Jacquard. While you can have a pretty serene sleep, this eye mask can help elevate your sexual experiences to the next level.

Having an eye mask with a velvet-y or silky material can be quite sexy and sensual. It allows you to heighten your senses and focus on touch, smell, and sound — and maybe let your imagination run wild. I’m talking BDSM if you don’t get it.

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