iPhone XR takes the spot for best-selling smartphone of 2019

A lot of people are really into iPhones



Canalys’ latest sales figure for 2019 is surely a piece of good news for Apple. Last year, iPhone XR took the no. 1 spot for the best-selling smartphone globally, beating all other smartphones by a wide margin.

Apple’s recent pricing strategy has worked in favor of the company. Their 2018 “budget” smartphone — iPhone XR — lead the pack among the company’s best-seller. With the company lowering the price even further than 2019’s iPhone 11, many people were attracted by the prospect of owning an iPhone.

The iPhone 11 also did well, securing the top two in the global top 10 smartphones for 2019. Furthermore, the device crushed its competitors by a wide margin in the global top 10 smartphones for Q4 2019.

The lowered price of Apple’s smartphone helped the company sell their products even if they were released a long time ago. For example, 2017’s iPhone 8 grabbed the 7th spot for the whole of 2019, and the 5th spot for Q4 2019. Interestingly, iPhone 7 placed 9th for  2019 even if Apple phased it out a long time ago.

Apple’s flagship device — iPhone 11 Pro — didn’t make it to the list for the whole 2019. Still, it placed 3rd for the list of Q4 2019.

Samsung’s budget devices lead the pack for Android devices

Meanwhile, the best-selling Android smartphone globally for 2019 was Samsung Galaxy A10. This is unsurprising, given the marketing and specs poured on this entry-level device. Overall, the device landed the third spot for the best-selling smartphone globally. Its improved variant, the Galaxy A10s, landed the 7th spot for the best-selling smartphone last Q4 2019.

Other Galaxy devices made the cut for the best-selling smartphone too. Galaxy A50 and A20 took the 4th and 5th spots, respectively. These mid-range devices pack great specs for a decent price, making them a favorite among people with a limited budget.

Then, there’s the flagship Galaxy S10+, which finished last in the global best-selling smartphones for 2019.

Meanwhile, both the Galaxy A20s and A30s sold well during the last Q4 2019, taking the 8th and 9th spots, respectively. Clearly, Samsung’s decision to revamp its A-series worked well for the company facing serious competition against Chinese manufacturers.

Xiaomi makes a dent

The only Chinese manufacturer to make a dent in the global best-selling smartphones for 2019 was Xiaomi. Only one of its devices sold well for the whole of 2019. Redmi Note 7 made it to the 6th spot, which is a testament to the device’s popularity.

Xiaomi’s follow-up to the Redmi Note 7 — Redmi Note 8 — didn’t make it to the global best-selling smartphone for 2019. However, the device had a much better standing for Q4 2019, grabbing the 6th spot.  Its bigger brother — Redmi Note 8 Pro — snatched the 10th spot last Q4 2019.

Dominated by trio

Overall, the list of global best-selling smartphone was dominated by three companies. Only Apple, Samsung, and Xiaomi managed to grab a spot for the top 10 best-selling smartphones. One company noticeably absent from the list is Huawei. This is not surprising given the effect of the continuing US trade ban impacting the sales of Huawei smartphones.

Other companies like OPPO, Vivo, and OnePlus were absent from the list. Only time will tell if one of their devices could make the cut in future list for the top 10 best-selling smartphone worldwide.


A remastered NieR Replicant is coming to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

Experience a much darker and more modern re-telling of the highly anticipated prequel



NieR Replicant

Square Enix came into Tokyo Game Show 2020 with a big announcement in mind. Even though it was an online show, the developers behind Final Fantasy and Marvel’s Avengers have something brewing up for the year. This time, they’ve decided to focus on a market-exclusive title —  NieR Replicant — ready for a more worldwide stage.

To kickoff the Tokyo Game Show, they’ve announced the arrival of NieR Replicant ver. 1.22474487139. If you haven’t heard of NieR Replicant before, that’s totally reasonable because this was a Japan-exclusive release. Essentially, Replicant ver. 1.22474487139 is a remaster of the original game released in 2010 for Japanese players.

NieR Replicant is the most anticipated sequel to the post-apocalyptic RPG, NieR Automata. This prequel delves into a darker world that sees you going on a quest for a cure. Also, joining you in this quest is Grimoire Weiss in search for the “Sealed Verses.” For Automata players, you may be familiar with it as he appears as downloadable content for the game.

The prequel will be available on April 22, 2021 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Meanwhile, its PC release on Steam will be on April 24, 2021.

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Acer named as official sponsor for PUBG Continental Series 2

Providing all the powerful hardware at the highest level of competition for PUBG




PUBG and Acer have a brief history of organizing intense competitions. Just earlier this year, the PCS Charity Showdown ushered in the year’s promising lineup of Esports tournaments. Now, these two are back at it again with another huge tournament to crown a new champion for 2020.

The PUBG Continental Series 2 APAC is an online regional tournament that brings together the top teams from Southeast Asia and Oceania. Beginning August 29, 16 teams across the region will vie to become the APAC region’s third overall champion. With Acer as the official sponsor, all participants will get their hands on the most powerful Acer Predator hardware.

Featured Esports hardware include the Acer Predator Triton 500, powered by the latest processors and GPUs. It sports a 10th generation Intel processor and up to an NVIDIA RTX 2080 SUPER GPU for stellar power and performance. Also, it comes with a 300Hz refresh rate IPS display with a 3ms response rate for smooth gameplay all around.

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OPPO Find X2 Pro now comes in Green Vegan Leather

OPPO’s finest in a new skin



OPPO Find X2 Pro Green Leather

OPPO’s finest is back but in a new skin. The OPPO Find X2 Pro Green Vegan Leather Edition is now official and it’s coming to Singapore.

That isn’t just any kind of leather. With an IP68-rating, it’s splash, dust, and waterproof. OPPO says the new color variant takes inspiration from the concept of “healing.” The company believes it is a soothing and refreshing color that exudes comfort.

The complete the look, the phone also includes a custom-made vegan leather built-in middle frame. It uses environmentally-friendly materials along with a unique three-layer leather stitching technology.

OPPO’s finest

The OPPO Find X2 Pro is the culmination of OPPO’s innovations over the years. Here’s an excerpt from our review:

“The Find X2 Pro delivered in every aspect, especially in those that are most important to us. Just by holding the phone, you can tell that OPPO spent a lot of time refining the product. The Find X2 Pro has one of the best spec sheets found on smartphones this year as well.”

Pricing and availability

The OPPO Find X2 Pro 5G Green Vegan Leather Edition is priced at SG$ 1,699 (US$ 1237), and will be available from this Saturday, September 26, 2020, at Singtel, Starhub and M1 stores, OPPO’s Shopee and Lazada Flagship Store, and at all OPPO Concept Stores.

Watch the Unboxing and Review:

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