James Bond star will announce a new Nokia phone

Trailer premieres on March 8



Image source: MGM

Much like the rest of us, movie stars use smartphones. Because of their fame, they can also endorse smartphones through the characters they portray in movies. While celebrity endorsements are common, movie character endorsements are used considerably less.

Today, Nokia announced a huge endorsement for its upcoming 5G-enabled phone, the first for its roster. On March 8, the company will officially reveal the phone in a new trailer for upcoming James Bond movie, No Time to Die. Nokia’s Chief Product Officer first teased the partnership through a Twitter post from a few days ago.

In the upcoming trailer, James Bond actress Lashana Lynch will wield the phone to finish a mission for MI6. Lynch plays a new 00 agent, Nomi, in No Time to Die.

Additionally, No Time to Die will feature the Nokia 7.2 and the Nokia 3310. Nokia has not confirmed which characters will use the phones. We don’t even know if James Bond himself will use the brand. Notably, Daniel Craig used a Nokia 8800 in his first outing as the iconic character in 2006’s Casino Royale.

For the longest time, the James Bond franchise has gloriously endorsed premium brands around every movie in the series, particularly among car and watch brands. However, for the smartphone market, the 00 agents traditionally use Sony devices. Nokia’s recent endorsement is a change of pace for the superspy series.

Initially pegged for an April premiere, the 25th James Bond film, No Time to Die, will premiere on November 25, 2020, following a coronavirus-caused delay.

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Globe Kmmunity reunites fans with BLACKPINK at exclusive fan event



Screenshot from BLACKPINK's Lovesick girls M/V

Globe customers, K-Pop fans, and BLACKPINK fans ended last week in a high as Globe Kmmunity reunited them with record-breaking K-pop quartet, BLACKPINK last June 18 for a “Show You Like That: An Exclusive Show for the Ultimate Globe Fans.” Given the pandemic and its restrictions, Globe was still able to create a one-of-a-kind experience and brought the Philippines closer to JENNIE, JISOO, ROSÉ AND LISA, and likewise, the girls to their dearest fans in the Philippines.

“A lot of us have been deprived of experiences that bring delight ever since the pandemic which is why we are more than happy to serve our customers with exclusive experiences and exciting treats like this show together with global ambassadors, BLACKPINK,” said Issa Guevarra-Cabreira, Globe’s Chief Commercial Officer.

Unboxing Globe’s balikbayan box

Filipino fans suggested Pinoy items for the girls to unbox as a way of bringing the Philippines to the girls. BLACKPINK was surprised as they learned more about the Philippines. The girls unboxed a balikbayan box where they tinkered with uniquely Pinoy items like a ukulele, abanikobanig, and a miniature version of the Philippine jeepney. JENNIE even tried her hand at playing jackstones!

Designing their own Globe At Home x BLACKPINK modems

JENNIE, JISOO, ROSÉ, and LISA also had fun making their unique personalities come alive as they designed their own limited edition Globe At Home x BLACKPINK modems.

LISA displayed her fondness for cats and UFOs with the stickers while ROSÉ went wild with gemstones to represent “wild beauty.”

Remembering the warmth of the Philippines on her last visit, JISOO placed a sticker of a palm tree on her Globe At Home x BLACKPINK modem to commemorate her trip.

Lastly, JENNIE opted for a clean and simple design that would still emphasize the Globe At Home modem is a limited edition. She hopes that this reminds fans to enjoy Globe At Home’s internet connectivity at home!

BLACKPINK’s Reaction to BLACKPINK fans’ dance covers and tribute video

The girls then watched and reacted to daebak dance covers of their popular hits like Pretty Savage and Love Sick Girls. The girls were really delighted with how passionate their fans from the Philippines are, admiring their style, expression, and moves.

JISOO said that she would want to see these performances live while JENNIE was genuinely surprised at the talent of their Pinoy fans especially how they were able to pick up their choreographies accurately.

While watching the tribute video from their fans, the girls reminisced special moments with their fans and had nothing but utmost appreciation for the effort. “I thought I was really getting used to the contact-free life, but seeing these clips from our concert and our fans really hit me how long it’s been since I last saw our fans, and how much I miss them,” said JENNIE.

Globe bringing BLACKPINK closer to its fans with products

During the live pre-show segment, host Jaz Reyes revealed the many promos and activities Globe has in store for the BLACKPINK fans, hallyu fans, and customers.

Globe At Home has recently launched the Hallyu At Home room at the World @ Home platform which will be open until July 30. Experience BLACKPINK vibes in this virtual room and get the chance to be one of the lucky winners of ten limited edition Globe At Home x BLACKPINK modems OR twenty BLACKPINK solo kits. Winners earn one raffle ticket when they post their selfies taken from the Selca @ Home booth from the World @ Home platform on Twitter together with #GlobeBLACKPINK until July 2. Visit this link to register and check out the Hallyu At Home room today: https://glbe.co/WorldAtHomeReg

Customers can cop their very own Globe At Home x BLACKPINK Limited Edition Modem at https://new.globe.com.ph/prepaid-wifi/blackpink for only P2499! This is Globe At Home’s fastest ever Home Prepaid WiFi, with exclusive BLACKPINK photo cards and stickers so customers can design their own modem!

Globe Prepaid’s latest promo Go+99 has  8GB for all sites, and free 8GB of your app of choice so you can enjoy all your favorite BLACKPINK content for only P99, valid for seven days. Plus, get limited-edition Globe Prepaid SIMs and Call Cards bundled with BLACKPINK photocards! This ‘Pretty Savage’ deal is available on Globe’s Online Store which you may check out here: http://glbe.co/BLACKPINKLoadCards

The exciting festivities wouldn’t have been possible without Globe’s Kmmunity. What humbly started as a hallyu hub where K-fans can freely share their love for all things K: K-drama, K-movies, K-Pop, and more evolved into each K-fans’ avenue to be brought closer to their idols like BLACKPINK through the latest news, as well as exclusive content and events.

For more exciting updates and promos on all things related to K-culture, follow Globe on Facebook and join Kmmunity PH’s groups on Facebook, Twitter and Viber.

This is a press release from Globe Philippines

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Trese: The story behind the dubbing

What the process was like



All images courtesy of Netflix

Much has been said about the dubbing work of the Netflix Animé series Trese. Everyone from showrunner Jay Oliva, Filipino voice talent Inka Magnaye, and that random Facebook friend you don’t really talk to anymore has weighed in.

We’re not going to get into details of what people have said. We’re sure there’s no shortage of that on social media. Rather, we’re here to explore what transpired in how the show came to be. Netflix arranged a media conference with the following key figures in the series:

  • Tanya Yuson — Series writer and co-producer
  • Wes Gleason — English cast and voice director
  • Rudolf Baldonado Jr. — Filipino voice director

English first 


The observation we made from our ‘What to expect’ article proved to be true. The whole series was indeed first dubbed in English and was then translated to Filipino and other languages later.

This was one of the many challenges that Baldonado Jr. had to deal with in translating the material to Filipino.

“What we got was already finished work. So the casting process for us is a little different because we had to consider who did the original first — what were the characters that they molded through their voices. And then, how the animators matched it with the visuals,” said the Filipino voice director.

“The Filipino dub had to be cast according to how they (English cast) started it.” 

There were also a few terms that didn’t exactly have a direct Tagalog translation. Baldonado Jr. cites the word “Underworld” which loosely translates to “Impyerno.” In the context of the series, “Impyerno” doesn’t exactly capture how “Underworld” was used as the place where all the monsters and ghouls came from.

This is also the reason why it’s primarily called the Filipino version. Because the team pulled from other languages in the country which fits the context of the words used in English better.

Does the Emissary give you an eerie feeling?

Working with Liza Soberano

Naturally, these same challenges applied to Liza Soberano who played Alexandra Trese in the Filipino version. Soberano was very much aware of her voice quality, tone, and twang according to Baldonado Jr.

“She knows where she’s coming from and she knows what she needs to work on,” said Baldonado Jr. “She was trying to focus on three things (voice, language skills in Filipino, and acting).”

Baldonado Jr., who is a 23-year veteran in the localization and voice dubbing industry, provided exercises for Soberano to address all these. The pair aimed for a voice with a lower register and one that sounded more stiff which, the voice director said, was in contrast with Soberano’s natural tone.

The voice director was very much aware of the criticisms online. But he remained cheerful and positive throughout the media conference. However, he lamented that he wished he had more time to polish the work with Soberano.

What’s up with all the accents? 

Noticeable in the English version is the variety of accents by the characters. Shay Mitchell, who played Alexandra Trese in the English dub, mostly maintained her American accent. But the rest of the cast added more to the mix. Series writer and co-producer Tanya Yuson and English voice director Wes Gleason said this was by design.

“The accents vary, I think, as we found a neutral, what we call ‘Manila accent’, but that’s because our melting pot is from different people with different backgrounds,” said Gleason.

“Some of their relatives or references might have been a little stronger with an accent or a little more in one region than the other. So, I think our show kind of shows that diversity, and hopefully in a good way,” he added.

Yuson backs up the melting pot analogy.

“It’ll be the first time an international audience would hear, on a wide platform, English spoken with that flavor,” said Yuson.

“It would be weirder to me if it’s in English language set in Manila and then you have, either it’s very American or British. The diversity for accents in Manila, anyway, is a lot… we wanted to present that in a way that’s also accessible to an international audience,” she added.

Strength behind a Filipino cast

The influence of the Filipino cast for the English version didn’t stop with just the accents. Everyone from Manny Jacinto (The Good Place) to Lou Diamond Philipps (La Bamba) pulled from stories from their relatives and loved ones about Philippine folklore involved to bring the characters to life.

Authenticity was the primary driving force in the casting decisions. That’s on top of the voices fitting the characters according to Gleason.

“A lot of the actors had familiarity with the folklore in the Philippines. They were coming in with tales of their mothers scaring them. The mananngals, the tiyanaks, the duwende, all these things. Everyone had their own little tale to tell.”

Gleason, who naturally had to do his research on the folklore, leaned on the casts’ experiences to help shape the voice direction.

“Anyone who had that background but was also giving us great options for the read, we gravitated towards them.”

A few more fun nuggets from the conference

Manny Jacinto, who plays Maliksi, may have initially read for Crispin and Basilio as hinted by Gleason.

“He (Jacinto) read for a different role that he was cast for. We heard his approach on one character, or characters — that’s not a spoiler — and hearing that just felt like this role was a better fit.”

Darren Criss (The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story, Glee) was very excited to be part of the cast even telling Gleason, “How can I not be a part of this? My mother would kill me if I’m not a part of this!”

Tanya Yuson said working with just six (6) episodes was pretty challenging. The ideal number of episodes could have gone anywhere from eight (8) to 22. However, they made sure that even with just six episodes, they could set-up the world and still have a satisfying ending.

Watch Trese on Netflix.

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Plunge into a dark world in Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness

A thriller series based on Capcom’s beloved franchise



Infinite Darkness

Resident Evil proved to be one of the most popular game franchises of all time, spanning different console generations. For over 25 years, Capcom produced some of the most jaw-dropping, horrifying game releases that shake people to their core. Just last May, they released Resident Evil: Village to a fanfare of everybody simping for Lady Dimitrescu.

Apart from the games, Resident Evil also received several television and movie adaptations, bringing the same horror to the big screen. From live-action movies to animated TV series, these provide a good amount of fan service to long-time fans of the games. For 2021, Capcom has a new series that I believe fans will also appreciate upon release in RESIDENT EVIL: Infinite Darkness.

A series of unfortunate events

The world of RESIDENT EVIL: Infinite Darkness still revolves around the whole zombie encounter-theme the games follow, but on a rather global scale. In the year 2000, U.S. special forces were sent to intervene in the ongoing civil war in the region of Penamstan. However, tragedy struck when the helicopter fell from the sky, and the special forces were annihilated. At least, that’s what they believe happened.

Fast forward to 2006, back in the United States, a hacking incident occurs within the White House. To avert more disaster, the government invited four agents to investigate but were met with strange circumstances. As it turns out, a horde of zombies infiltrates the building and the agents, along with the U.S. S.W.A.T. team, fight them off.

It’s an anime series that tackles a ton of mystery about the events of the past, and how they catch up in present time. In essence, the agents seek to unravel what truly happened that day in 2000, and how they could avert another disaster from happening.

A familiar face returns to the scene

Remember how I mentioned that there are four agents assigned to the investigation? Well, one of them is Leon S. Kennedy, one of the main playable characters in Resident Evil 2. In this series, he looks a bit older and wears a more formal attire than a police uniform. In an interview with Director Eiichiro Hasumi, he explained to me why they picked him in the first place.

According to him, Leon’s character provides a “lot of freedom to move around” in terms of the storytelling aspect. Compared to someone like Chris Redfield, for example, Leon’s character doesn’t necessarily tie him down to any specific roles or places in the story.

As seen in his character design, Leon looks a bit more tired — as if the youth in his aura was sucked out of him. Director Eiichiro notes that he is “in a slightly bitter position” compared to his younger self. How exactly will this version of Leon deal with the crisis of Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness? We’ll find out soon enough.

Managing your expectations a bit

So, what can you expect from RESIDENT EVIL: Infinite Darkness when it comes? For starters, it’s a fully animated TV series that Director Eiichiro hopes would be easily digestible for everyone. It’s a series that reveals everything slowly, and eases you in on what’s happening with every bit of new information.

Secondly, while I’ve already mentioned Leon’s presence, you will also see Claire Redfield, another protagonist from Resident Evil 2. In the series, she serves as a volunteer for TerraSave based in Penamstan, and even does her own set of investigations. Where these investigations will take her, you’ll have to find out on your own!

Finally, there will be zombies and zombie killing, like a lot of it. I mean, it’s par for the course for the games to have zombie killing, so the anime series should include it. As for the zombies they will be killing, again, you have to watch the series to find out.

RESIDENT EVIL: Infinite Darkness will arrive on Netflix on July 8, 2021.

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