JBL Live 460NC: Huge sounds meet portability

Listen the way you want as ANC lets you focus on what you’re doing



Motivation helps us be more productive in what we do. I think most would agree that music is one of those things that get us amped up. The good people at JBL came up with a new line of true wireless headphones for every lifestyle. One of which is the JBL Live 460NC– wireless on-ear noise cancelling headphones.

For those who dare to multitask on a regular basis, this listening device could be your ideal companion. The brand’s signature sound is ingrained in the JBL Live 460NC with an added benefit of true wireless technology. This allows you to move freely while enjoying your music.

Easy to pair

I have tried several wireless earphones from another reputable brand before. Bluetooth pairing can be a hassle sometimes but JBL took care of that by equipping Live 460NC with Bluetooth V5.0. It pairs up smoothly with phones, tablets and laptops with a range of up to 10 feet. You can also link it to two devices with its multi-point connection feature. Easily switch between your devices for entertainment and answering phone calls.

More music, less charging

Enjoy uninterrupted audio with up to 40 hours of battery life. It comes with a type-C USB charging cable and only takes about an hour and a half to fully charge. It promises four (4) hours of playtime in just 10 mins of charge so you can do it (quickly) before heading out.

Comfortable to wear

On average, I spend more than two hours a day wearing headphones. The lightweight construction of JBL Live 460NC, at 210 grams, makes it perfect for long periods of listening.

Soft faux leather ear cushions provide a secure fit (90 degrees rotatable cups)

Padded mesh fabric headband with adjustable mechanism

However, I find the small ear pads a little uncomfortable for long listening sessions. The clamping force is hard against my ears, more so when I’m lying on bed.

Mute all distractions

Adaptive Noise Cancelling is another great feature that lets you minimize the noise from the outside. But keep in mind that it won’t be able to totally mute everything. When the ANC is on, the sounds that are getting in are muffled and less bassy. And the small ear pads don’t seal as much as the bigger headphones or earbuds would.

If you start playing some songs, it will definitely mask the noise from the outside anyway. The good thing is that the sound quality is not affected by the ANC being turned on or off. Comprehensive button layout controls power, volume, play/pause, BT pair and Ambient Aware

Rock on outside

If you wear headphones while walking on a busy street, you need to be extra cautious. The Ambient Aware technology increases your environmental awareness by boosting ambient sounds while your music is playing.

TalkThru, on the other hand, lowers the music volume and amplifies speech so you can have a conversation while your headphones in on. Sound level on TalkThru mode is very low to the point that I can barely hear the music. But I guess that’s the whole point of it.

Listen the way you want

You can personalize how you listen with the JBL Headphones App. Thru this, you can set the ANC, TalkThru, Ambient Aware, Play & Pause Automation, Voice Assitant(OK Google and/or Alexa) and Custom EQ. You can also activate the Voice Assistant with a tap on the earcup. The Play & Pause function automatically pauses the playback once you remove it and resume playing when you put it back on.

How does it sound?

40mm drivers deliver a balanced tone and well-pronounced mid frequencies, giving emphasis on vocals and other stringed instruments. The bass is satisfying and it delivers smooth treble. If you want to make it “open up”, just add a little more treble on the EQ. That way, the drum cymbals will sound richer.

I like the EQ set to a soft V-shape when listening to rock. Most of the time, I just leave the EQ set on flat for a neutral sound. There are also some presets so you can just choose what suits your taste. Overall, it sounds good and covers a wide range of spectrum.

I listened to IU’s newest album, Lilac, with this headphones. “My Sea”, which is the 8th track, is one of my favorites. The song has a lot of different textures and her singing is very expressive.

The JBL Live460NC turned my room into a concert and I really enjoyed it. I wasn’t able to attend IU’s Love, Poem concert in Manila so I hope I don’t miss the chance to see her perform live next time. For now, the closest to the real thing is by listening to her songs through this headphones at max volume.

Comes with convenient detachable audio cable

This feature is an automatic win. If you forgot to charge your headphones, you can just attach the wire and continue rocking on. You can also plug it in to a headphone amp, DAC or digital effects processor for guitar practice. The 1/16” to 1/8” TRS cable can only transmit audio, so you can’t use the built-in mic.

My thoughts

If you want good sounding headphones that you can bring anywhere, you can’t go wrong with the JBL Live460NC. The construction feels sturdy and durable.  It is a big step-up from entry-level earbuds I’ve used.

Pricing and availability

JBL Live460NC retails at P6,999.00 and should be available in any JBL store by this time. It comes in 4 different colors; black, blue, white and pink to match your style.


OnePlus 11 series launches internationally

With OnePlus Pad and OnePlus Buds Pro 2



Last month, OnePlus unveiled the OnePlus 11 series in China. A China-exclusive launch usually means a global launch is on the horizon. That’s just what OnePlus did today in New York. While the surprise was already spoiled last month, the brand still had a good share of surprises. Besides the international launch of the OnePlus 11 series, take a look at the new OnePlus Pad and the OnePlus Featuring Keyboard 81 Pro.

OnePlus 11 5G

As revealed last month, the OnePlus 11 5G is one of the first smartphones this year to tout the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset. The smartphone comes with up to 16GB LPDDR5X RAM and up to 512GB of internal storage. Plus, everything is made even better with a 6.7-inch LTPO 3.0 2K AMOLED display with 120Hz refresh rate.

Behind everything, the OnePlus 11 touts its black-hole-inspired camera bump. The setup features three shooters: a 50-megapixel main sensor, a 32-megapixel telephoto shooter, and a 48-megapixel ultrawide camera. It also has a 16-megapixel selfie shooter.

Underneath everything is a 5000mAh battery, capable of 100W wired charging.

OnePlus Buds Pro 2

Touting the MelodyBoost Dual Drivers co-created with Dynaudio, the OnePlus Buds Pro 2 expands its capabilities in the lower frequencies to deliver richer bass. Plus, it also has an equalizer crafted by award-winning composer Hans Zimmer.

It is also the first TWS earbuds to adopt Android 13’s spatial audio, making the pair a perfect device for YouTube and Disney+. With TUV-certified Smart Adaptive Noise Cancelling, the wearable can filter up to 48dB of noise from your environment — which users can customize with a transparency mode.

Finally, OnePlus says that a single charge can last up to 39 hours with the case.

OnePlus Pad

One of the new surprises for this event, the OnePlus Pad is the brand’s first flagship foray into the tablet market. The new tablet sports the Dimensity 9000 chipset, featuring the Cortex-X2 core clocking in at 3.05GHz of performance. It also comes with 12GB of RAM.

Outside the tablet’s impressive hardware, the OnePlus Pad comes with an 11.61-inch screen with 144Hz refresh rate. With a large 9510mAh battery, the tablet can reportedly last up to 12 hours while watching videos and up to a month on standby.

OnePlus Featuring Keyboard 81

Finally, rounding out the brand’s efforts to expand its ecosystem, the OnePlus Featuring Keyboard 81 is the brand’s first mechanical keyboard. Built with Keychron technology, users can fully customize the keyboard according to their needs.

Price and availability

Both the OnePlus 11 5G and the OnePlus Buds Pro 2 will start accepting preorders today. The devices will start shipping out on February 16.

The OnePlus 11 5G comes in Titan Black and Eternal Green. The smartphone will start at US$ 699 for the 8GB/128GB variant and will go up to US$ 799 for the 16GB/256GB variant.

Meanwhile, the OnePlus Buds 2 Pro will come in Obsidian Black and Arbor Green. It will sell for US$ 179.

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Logitech Valentine’s accessory gift guide

POP series, Aurora Collection, more



Logitech Valentine's

Logitech has just released its Valentine’s season gift guide for Singapore.

The list includes a great range of gaming peripherals they are known for, including the POP series, Aurora collection, and MX mechanical keyboards.

POP Series

Logitech Valentine's


For a minimalist and beautifully retro-themed setup, the POP Keys and POP Mouse are perfect additions.

The keyboard resembles a typewriter with its scooped mechanical keys, but also comes with 8 swappable emoji keys. The mouse features a top button that opens emoji menus for one-tap convenience.

These products are available in 5 fun and vibrant colors, giving playful aesthetic to users.

  • POP Keys: SG$ 169
  • POP Mouse: SG$ 54

Aurora Collection

Logitech Valentine's

Wanting a drift away from usual RGB gaming products? The Aurora Collection has a softer aesthetic with its dreamy take on headsets, keyboards, and mice.

Products under this line include the wireless gaming mouse designed for players with smaller hands, thanks to its compact form and sculpted thumb rest, and wireless gaming headset with rotatable ear cups.

The gaming keyboards, meanwhile, have a compact, tenkeyless layout, and adjustable height for comfortable all-day long gaming.

  • Logitech G735 gaming headset: SG$ 329
  • Logitech G715 gaming keyboard: SG$ 299
  • Logitech G713 gaming keyboard: SG$ 269
  • Logitech G705 gaming mouse: SG$ 162

MX Mechanical keyboards

Mechanical keyboards from the MX range deliver high-performance mechanical typing to boost productivity in the workplace.

The MX Mechanical, specifically, features the Tactile Quiet key switch to make it one of the quietest keyboards, while the MX Master 3S has an 8,000 DPI optical sensor.

  • MX Master 3S: SG$ 189
  • MX Mechanical: SG$ 339
  • MX Mechanical Mini: SG$ 289

Lastly, customers may also want to check the following devices:

Logitech G502 X PLUS – SG$ 255

Coming from the G502X series, this gaming mouse has some of the most advanced gaming technologies all rolled into an iconic form factor to help users achieve an unrivaled experience.

ERGO K860 wireless split keyboard – SG$ 229

Designed to improve typing posture, the ERGO K860 has an ergonomic design which showcases a curved, split keyframe. It includes a pillowed integrated palm rest.

Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse – SG$ 119

With a unique 57-degree vertical design, this mouse is a great fit for small and medium-sized palms as it takes the pressure off the wrist for a more relaxing grip.

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Logitech launches first-ever gaming earbuds



Logitech G Fits

Logitech is venturing into the gaming accessories scene with the release of its first-ever gaming grade earbuds, the Logitech G FITS.

The wearables are the first earbuds from the brand to feature Lightspeed wireless, giving users pro-grade wireless connection for their PC, Mac, PlayStation 4 and 5, Nintendo Switch, and Android devices via USB-A or USB-C.

The true wireless gaming earbuds have 15 hours of total listening time. That’s seven (7) on their own and an additional eight (8) with the charging case. When connected via Bluetooth, the total battery life in one full charge stretches up to 22 hours.

The Logitech G FITS also feature the patented Lightform technology, which allows users to get a contoured and custom fit in just a minute.

They simply have to connect to the Logitech G FITS app which then triggers a number of embedded LEDs and harden the gel-filled tips to suit one’s ear as ideal as possible.

The same app may also be utilized for an equalizer to tailor-fit the listening experience, especially if one wants to emphasize bass or fine tune the settings.

Price, availability

The Logitech G FITS is now available in major retail stores and online via Lazada and Shopee for SG$ 389.

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