JBL’s Tour Pro 2 has a touchscreen charging case

Leave your phone at home



Back in the day, music players came with their own pair of free earphones. However, since the fall of music players and the rise of smartphones, those days are over. A dedicated player is now a niche product that hardly comes with its own pair of earphones. Now, things are coming out in reverse. JBL has launched the world’s first pair of wireless earbuds with a smart charging case called the Tour Pro 2.

Despite the popularity of wireless earbuds, the attached charging case have usually skipped the welcome wave of innovation. Besides some design quirks, charging cases have remained relatively the same throughout the years. The Tour Pro 2 changes the zeitgeist by packing in a 1.45-inch LED touchscreen in front of its own case.

Through the screen, users can control their music, adjust the earbuds’ settings, take calls, and read notifications. In terms of functionality, it works much like how a smartwatch acts as an extension of your smartphone. Ideally, users can leave their smartphones at home while using the earbuds.

For the usual audio trimmings, the earbuds come with 10mm drivers and Bluetooth 5.3 LTE for audio quality and connectivity, respectively.

Coming out in January 2023, the Tour Pro 2 will come in black or champagne. It retails for EUR 249.

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Pixel Watch blends the best of Google and Fitbit

Customizable and durable



Back in May, Google announced the Pixel Watch. However, though the announcement was more than official, a lot more was reserved for today’s Made by Google event. Now that the event has come and gone, it’s time to shine the spotlight on the new wearable.

Durable and customizable

Much like the Pixel 7 series, the Pixel Watch focuses on personalization. With a unique band attachment mechanism that mimics a camera lens, you can easily switch between different bands while staying comfortable and secure. It also comes with 20 band choices already in the slate coming today and through sprint next year.

As for the watch face, users will have access to 19 watch faces. Each of which comes with its own personalization options, making for a plethora of variability.

Meanwhile, the watch itself stays durable and seamless with a circular 3D domed glass, sporting water and dust resistance. A tactile crown also adds more functionality for users.

Made by Google (and Fitbit)

Inside the smartwatch, the Pixel Watch melds the best of software from Google and Fitbit. Users can easily access most of a smartphone’s functions without the phone itself. Powered by Wear OS 3.5, the watch comes with Google Assistant, Home, Calendar, YouTube Music, among others. Regardless, it will still come with Fast Pair, which seamlessly transfers what you’re doing to your smartphone.

Meanwhile, the Pixel Watch is also the first one to integrate Fitbit as well. It works just as well as a Fitbit watch while still offering the same versatility as a lifestyle one. The watch adds in advance heart rate tracking and sleep tracking.

For emergencies, the watch will come with an emergency SOS feature to automatically alert authorities during critical situations. It will also ship with fall detection, a feature which will come sometime next year.

It will last for up to 24 hours. Plus, it will charge up to 50 percent in just 30 minutes.

Price and availability

The Pixel Watch is available for pre-orders now. It will start shipping and appearing in stores on October 13. It will sell for US$ 349. Customers will get three free months of YouTube Premium and Fitbit Premium.

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Hermès Apple Watch Series 8: Unboxing and Full Set-Up

What makes it different from the regular Apple Watch though?



If you’ve been fond of GadgetMatch for quite a while now, you would know that Michael Josh is a big Apple Watch user.

From having to experience several Watch Series up until the Watch Ultra, to having various bands, he now has the most expensive Apple Watch in the Series 8 lineup in his hands.

In this video, he unboxes the most expensive Apple Watch ever — the Hermès Apple Watch Series 8.

To give you the full experience, he’ll also dive into the nitty-gritty of what makes it different and more special than the regular Watch Series 8.

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Apple Watch Ultra Unboxing and Review (Part 1)

Is it really worth your hard-earned savings?



After several years of waiting, an Apple Watch dedicated for explorers, adventure-seekers, and elite athletes is finally here!

Lo and behold, the new Apple Watch Ultra.

While just being a first product of its kind, it actually offers features that can rival its popular competitors.

But is it worth your hard-earned money considering its price tag starts at a whopping US$ 799 / S$ 1199 / ₱53,990?

Watch how Michael Josh unwraps the new watch in the latest Apple Watch Ultra Unboxing and First Review.

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