Just Dance 2020 helps with your workout-from-home

From someone who used to dance a lot



I recently snagged a copy of Just Dance 2020 for the Nintendo Switch, having little experience of playing it on the PlayStation 4. As someone who used to dance a lot these past few years, this was one thing I felt I should add to my workout, especially now that the quarantine had forced me indoors.

Surprisingly enough, there is some benefit to it. If you love to dance (like me) but can’t be bothered to learn competition-level routines, playing this game can get things going. If you also need some form of cardio to start your workout, this game provides that, as well. And it’s all thanks to one nifty in-game feature.

Activate Sweat Mode

Just Dance 2020 brings back the Sweat Mode feature introduced in Just Dance 2 for the Nintendo Wii. Essentially, it is a separate mode dedicated to calculating calories and, in its early days, more physical routines. The game featured it as a standalone mode in earlier versions, but has been just an in-game feature since Just Dance 2016.

With a push of a button, you can activate Sweat Mode and instead of difficulty, it displays the intensity of the routines. When you start one of the routines, it also calculates how many calories you’re burning with the routine. Also, it keeps track of how much time you’ve spent on the mode so if you’re strict with your cardio time, this is good.

Now, if you have Just Dance 2020 and you’re subscribed to Just Dance Unlimited, I have song suggestions for you. These are based on how much cardio you want to add to your workout, based on the game’s intensity ratings. If you don’t have Just Dance Unlimited, that’s alright!

For the light cardio enthusiast

Just Dance 2020 Track: Ariana Grande’s God Is A Woman

“God Is A Woman” features a routine that’s mostly heavy on the arms and the hips. I felt that it was mostly designed to be done in place, so don’t expect too much moving around the room. Also, this is great for anyone who just loves to channel their inner Ariana.

Just Dance Unlimited Track: Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s Despacito (Just Dance 2018)

Although designed to be a couple’s dance (a duo of couples to be exact), “Despacito” is also a pretty light track for cardio. Again, a ton of emphasis on your arms for this one, but there’s this one part where your shoulders take a beating. Still, a chill party song by the beach just requires the same intensity for the routine.

Ten minutes worth of cardio before starting the workout

Now, depending on your preferences, you can choose to do most of these songs or all of them.

Just Dance 2020 Track: TWICE’s FANCY

Now, I didn’t include this just because I’m a ONCE, but precisely because of the large gestures the routine brings. It has a moderate intensity by Just Dance 2020 standards, and it’s obvious in the large arm movements. If you really want to go all out, I suggest doing the actual choreography to the song, which I’m still peeved they didn’t incorporate in the routine somehow.

Just Dance 2020 Track: Skrillex’s Bangarang featuring Sirah (Medium difficulty)

The Medium difficulty of “Bangarang” features a ton of arm movement and some squats to start. Movements are mostly stationary, but there’s some jumping involved. Even if these are done in place, it’s pretty repetitive but energy-consuming.

Just Dance Unlimited Track: BIGBANG’s Bang Bang Bang (Just Dance 2019)

Even if this has an intense rating, “Bang Bang Bang” starts off pretty slowly. There are moments in the routine for some cool down and high pumping energy, making it ideal for regular cardio. Also, the chorus has some moves taken from the actual choreography by BIGBANG so if you’re familiar with them, use it to your advantage.

Just Dance Unlimited Track: Justin Bieber’s Beauty and a Beat featuring Nicki Minaj (Just Dance 4)

“Beauty and a Beat” has some fairly simple movements, except you will find yourself moving around a lot. If you’re playing this on the Nintendo Switch, this really won’t be a problem since it only tracks your hand. Also, the dance break in between focuses a lot on your elbows so prepare to sweat a little bit.

Intense cardio for the intense workout

My personal suggestion is that you do all of these if you’re that heavy on cardio.

Just Dance 2020 Track: BLACKPINK’s Kill This Love (Hard and Extreme difficulties)

To fully maximize this track, the way to go is like this: start with the Hard difficulty track then proceed with the Extreme version. Both routines were given an intense rating anyway, so better to acquaint yourself with the song first. The Hard routine takes several pieces from the actual choreography, and it’s meant to be an exhaust fest.

After doing that, proceed with the Extreme routine, which is quite literally the closest you’ll ever be to being a member of BLACKPINK. It’s not just in the movements you’ll be doing in the routine, but the entire chorus is taken from the actual choreography, STEP BY STEP. If you’re a BLINK, you better get the chorus perfectly!

Just Dance 2020 Track: Skrillex’s Bangarang featuring Sirah (Extreme difficulty)

This routine does bring a competitive-level of movements, like floor work and fast-paced arm moves. It’s a breakdancer’s zumba routine designed for real intense cardio. If you do this after the Medium difficulty routine, you’ll be tired once you get to the 2nd chorus. Take note of your arms and body control.

Just Dance Unlimited Track: MC Fioti’s Bum Bum Tam Tam with Future and J. Balvin (Just Dance 2019)

“Bum Bum Tam Tam” is a couples routine, and you will spend most of it moving side-to-side in the room. The routine comes with a ton of arm and leg movements that will leave you winded afterwards. It is intense cardio after all, but there are moments in the routine when you can cool down so it’s not all bad.

There are plenty of other tracks depending on your own choosing and intensity, so dance the calories away. But also, do this as part of the workout instead of making it the whole workout, and don’t forget to eat your meals and hydrate!


PG 5 sneakers gets the PlayStation 5 colorway

It just makes (dual) sense



pG 5

Nike and PlayStation are collaborating once again for the signature sneakers of NBA star Paul George. For its fifth iteration called the PG 5, these basketball kicks are going to get the PlayStation 5 treatment.

On the PlayStation blog, Paul George notes that Nike and the PlayStation designers including Yujin Morisawa took inspirations from his game to bring this collaboration to life.


What to expect:

  • The tongues of the shoe have the PG and PlayStation logos
  • The colors of the shoe are heavily inspired by the industrial design of the PS5 with references on the sock liner and outsoles.
  • Iconic PlayStation shapes are integrated and can be seen along each shoe in the same pattern as on the DualSense wireless controller.

The P5 G PlayStation 5 colorway also comes with a special hangtag to celebrate the partnership.

The PG 5 PlayStation 5 colorway drops in select regions starting May 14, 2021. Specific pricing and availability details have yet to be announced.

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League of Legends’ animated Netflix show is coming soon!

Out by this fall!




The new animated series is titled Arcane. And, it’s coming from the League of Legends (LoL) publishers themselves: Riot games. Despite releasing countless animated shorts, Arcane is a first for the League franchise. Riot Games partnered with Fortiche Productions to develop and produce this series; keeping character designs and art close to home.

Since the first hint of it in 2019, fans have been waiting patiently for this release. And if you want the series now, you’ll have to wait a little bit longer. It’ll be out on Netflix and on Tencent Video in China by fall this year.

We follow two iconic League champions, their origins, and the power that tears them apart. The backdrop to the story is the utopian region of Piltover and the oppressed underground of Zaun.

Riot Game’s Global President of Entertainment, Shauna Spenley said, “Arcane was created as a love letter to our players and fans, who have been asking us for more cinematic experiences that dive deeper into the worlds and champions in League of Legends.”

Netflix’s video game animated series

Arcane is just one of few new video game adaptation slates in Netflix’s lineup. Which, spells good news for fans and players of games. One recent release was Dota: Dragon’s Blood, an animated series inspired by Valve’s multiplayer online battle arena (moba) game DOTA 2. Other Netflix series based on the video game realm include Assassin’s Creed, Castlevania, Cuphead, Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, and Assassin’s Creed.

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Discord, Sony team up to integrate the app in PlayStation consoles

Xbox lost the game!



PlayStation 5

Sony is partnering with Discord to integrate the popular online communication app with the built-in social media tools of the PlayStation consoles. The instant messaging app is top-rated in the gaming community and is specially designed for gamers.

While the exact nature of the partnership is still unclear, Sony says that the two companies are “hard at work connecting Discord with your social and gaming experience on PlayStation Network.”

The Japanese console maker already has a host of in-built tools, but their capability is limited, and nothing can reach the potential of  Discord. We also don’t know whether to expect the complete Discord app within the PlayStation system or just a few bare minimum bits of it.

As part of the deal, Sony is also investing an undisclosed amount of money into Discord as part of its Series H investment round. Keep in mind, Sony is a minority investor and hasn’t acquired the app directly.

Interestingly, Discord already has a partnership with Sony’s arch-rival, Microsoft’s Xbox. Although, it’s limited to profiles, and there’s no link between Xbox Live party chat and Discord’s audio chat.

The announcement will surely hurt Microsoft, which was reportedly trying to acquire the chat app for a whopping US$ 10 billion a few weeks ago. The talks ended inconclusively, and Discord decided to continue as an independent company.

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