The Katana Safety is a self-defense device you can attach to your smartphone

Three layers of defense anywhere you go



Peace of mind is priceless. Especially for women, violence and sexual assault are still realities we arm ourselves against. Aside from traditional self-defense techniques, there are countless things you could do in today’s fast-paced, connected world to ensure you always have an added layer of security.

One of the things at CES 2019 that definitely caught my eye is a colorful buttoned device that attaches to your phone. This is the Katana Safety. This unassuming thing might just save your life.

This is the Pink Katana which, of course, matches my Not Pink Pixel 3. There are so many other color options to choose from. It sticks to your phone via reusable 3M tape. The whole idea is that, like your phone, it’s with you everywhere.

It’s basically a panic button — but it does so much more. Katana Safety has three layers of security: Its alarms, a 24/7 response team, and the Katana App.

Pulling that red tab at the bottom of the device activates a piercing alarm. Another alarm feature is connected to a built-in strap for your wrist. While wearing the strap, an alarm is automatically is triggered when you drop or let go of your phone. There’s also a silent alarm function that’s activated by pressing that round indented button on the Katana.

Once any of these alarms are activated in whatever way, the Katana also prompts the response team to call you and contact relevant emergency services as the app simultaneously and automatically sends a prompt and your location to a pre-set group of people. All this, without even needing to unlock your phone.

The Katana Safety device retails for a one-time fee of US$ 99. The subscription for the response center will set you back US$ 12 per month for an annual subscription, or US$ 15 if you pay on a per month basis. A small price to pay for peace of mind, if you ask me.


Samsung’s new LED light cover is the phone case we’ve always wanted

It lights up with different designs!



The newest Samsung flagships have just been announced and they’re all great, but there was one thing that really caught my eye — mostly because it was literally glowing.

Yes, that is the Samsung Galaxy S10 in my hands, and yes, those are actual LED lights on the case. Just so you can appreciate how pretty it is, here’s the LED case in action:

So what exactly is going on here?

Samsung’s LED light case looks and acts like a normal smartphone cover. It comes in blue and white and has a smooth exterior. It’s also pretty thin, considering, and it has a sturdy feel.

Once it’s attached, the LED cover app will appear and you’ll have different LED designs to choose from. You can go for the “Mood lighting” option which was shown above, or…

You can choose LED icons. Just some of my favorites include this beating heart… 💓💕💖💘💞

… and this adorable doggo. 🐶

There are honestly so many to choose from, I’m not even kidding.

It even does a smartphone camera timer countdown…


… and just like that I am sold!

Cheers, Samsung! Just when I thought I was over boring smartphone cases, you shove a shiny, sparkling one in my face and I am very, very convinced.

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Cheap Unlimited Airline Wi-Fi: #TravelHacks (Episode 1)

Plus our favorite travel gadget!



In the very first episode of #TravelHacks, we fly to Singapore on Singapore Airlines’ new 787-10 regional business class. I show you how to pick the right kind of luggage, give you tips on how to live out of a suitcase, get unlimited Wi-Fi on flights, taste the world’s cheapest Michelin Star meal, and of course, talk about my perfect travel gadget.

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PhoneSoap Go: A portable device that will sanitize your smartphone

It isn’t called PhoneSoap for nothing!



That smartphone in your purse can do so much but it also has 18 times more bacteria than the average public toilet. Before we continue, let that sink in.

Before you drop that phone you’re probably reading this article on, know that there’s a way to clean your handset and it doesn’t involve soap and water. Introducing: PhoneSoap.

PhoneSoap Go is the brand’s latest release. It’s a tiny chest that will literally clean your smartphone. It uses UV-C light to kill bacteria on your device. All you do is put your smartphone inside, tap the lightning button, wait 10 minutes for one cleaning cycle, and your phone should be germ-free.

The inside compartment can house your phone, no matter what size. It’s pretty spacious so it can even fit small everyday stuff like keys or wallets. Despite all that space, the PhoneSoap Go is designed for portability. This is PhoneSoap’s smallest device — something you can bring along on trips to make sure your handset is sanitized anywhere you go.

On the back of the chest is a USB-A and a USB-C port. This is because the PhoneSoap Go has a 7000mAh battery built into it. That’s enough for 45 cleaning cycles, or four phone charging cycles.

Yes, I said phone charging cycles. That’s because you can actually use it as a power bank. There’s even a slot for your charging cable so you can charge as you sanitize your phone. That means even if the whole cleaning cycle is just 10 minutes, you can leave your phone plugged in longer. There’s even “acoustic outlets” at the bottom so you can hear phone notifications.

Of course, unless I have a petri dish and some phone swabs, I won’t be able to say definitively that this thing can clean 99.99 percent of bacteria on your phone, as the brand claims. But, I will say that if it does end up sanitizing your phone in any capacity, that’s already a good enough deal considering how dirty these things supposedly are, and how much we’re holding on to them on a daily basis.

But really, more than phone cleaning, what you get is peace of mind. Honestly, my own (many, rotating) devices have been chilling a lot in my PhoneSoap ever since I got it.

The PhoneSoap Go retails for US$ 79.95 and you can get it from their website.

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