Lenovo M2 Electric Scooter review: Your new, city best friend

Also a smart, sustainable solution



Technology has been progressing as fast as ever, and presently, it has propelled us to a new and smarter way of living. The global pandemic ushered a barrage of changes on countless fronts, and right now, the future is uncertain. Only one thing is certain: we’re all affected.

Lenovo hopped in with a golden opportunity to propose a smarter way to commute. Befitting the age of physical distancing; this solution doesn’t need anyone else but you when going for a ride.

Meet the Lenovo M2 Electric Scooter — mankind’s new best friend probably in 2021 and beyond.

Come, ride with us

The Lenovo M2 Electric Scooter, M2 or e-scooter for brevity, is the company’s first-generation flagship electric scooter. Launched in 2020, the electric scooter is the ideal solution to short-distance travel. It mixes convenience, comfortability, reliability, and security while crowding the device with smart features essential for a long lifespan.

Forget cars and motorcycles for a while, this electric scooter rightfully ticks all the right boxes for it to become your next road partner, especially for your quick errands.

Your big step towards building a sustainable future

First things first, an electric scooter is a sustainable form of mobility. E-scooters, like electric vehicles, are constructed without a tailpipe.

You don’t need to use gasoline and fossil fuels, therefore, you won’t be adding to pollution with carbon emissions. Except for iron particles and brake dust caused by braking. But that’s for another story.

As someone who dreams of a green, sustainable future and living in a smart city, riding the M2 felt like a step forward towards that dream. Going electric is possibly one of the greenest decisions we can make to save the environment. But will it last for a long time? It just might.

Constructed with you in mind

The M2 was engineered with a portable foldable design using strong yet light components, such as magnesium and aluminum alloy which were commonly used in aeronautics.

It employs a folding shackle that’s stable and durable, but easy to open and fold. You just need to apply pressure upwards to open the shackle.

When you successfully open the shackle, hold the vertical rod and fold it gently lest the wheel rolls and you end up dropping the e-scooter.

It has a stand, in case you need support for the e-scooter.

This is how it looks when folded.

Make sure to lock the shackle before carrying the folded M2 for safety purposes. In one of my brain-not-engaged moments, I forgot to lock the shackle and lifted the e-scooter, only to find it hitting my legs. It hurt like hell.

The M2 weighs only 15kg, which would’ve been a piece of cake if you’re a serious lifter. My current threshold for both arms ranges from 25kg to 30kg when lifting plates.

Carrying the electric scooter at first wasn’t challenging, that is if you’re just standing. When I brought it home while taking the stairs, I found myself huffing and puffing which signified two things: either I need to build more strength or the e-scooter was just too heavy for me to lift.

You’re guaranteed not to fall

Aside from assembling strong components for its frames, Lenovo devised a system to secure the safety of its users. First, it has a triple braking system — electronic brake, disc brake, and pedal-braking system — ensuring a safe ride.

During my test drives, I had too many dumb moments where the braking system saved me from crashing into a wall, a lamppost, and from flying after riding a slope.

I don’t want to get into any more details since I’m too embarrassed but here’s a little secret: the e-scooter almost flew from my sudden use of the disc and pedal brake when I was riding it too fast. Special thanks to all the engineers that helped save my life and my wallet.

Anyhoo, this e-scooter also comes with a triple-shock absorber design: a front-fork hydraulic shock absorber, a rear-wheel independent suspension shock absorber, and a thickness tire absorber. I was able to ride it smoothly even on rough surfaces and small speed bumps.

However, given that it has a low deck and small wheels, it isn’t advisable to ride the e-scooter on sunken, uneven, and muddy roads.

Nonetheless, the M2 assembled Honeycomb tires, providing stronger defense and prolonged wear life. It’s like a solid tire with air pockets, so you don’t have to worry about unknown debris puncturing your wheels. It won’t go flat. Think: Michelin’s airless (non-pneumatic) tires.

Unlike solid tires, Honeycomb tires aim to deliver a smoother experience. All without the hassle of changing them frequently, just like what you do with pneumatic tires.

It’s also more resilient and robust compared to other tires, supporting the M2’s strength and stability, and bearing weight up to 120KG of load capacity. Balancing yourself on the Lenovo M2 electric scooter can be a child’s play. But it also requires proper coordination.

Engineered for the adventurous and highly-independent (singles?)

Navigating the e-scooter at first was dumbfounding. I’m not the type who reads manuals and instead, proceeds with trying something and figuring it out along the way. And learning after making a mistake.

For the most part, I figured things out easily until I had questions in my mind that needed some answers. That’s when I had to pull the manual to make sure I’m doing it right.

Our Managing Editor even tried navigating the e-scooter and found himself struggling to balance and maneuver it. He was able to adapt quickly after a few tries, but he proclaimed he would rather use a bike.

(Editor’s Note: “Adapt Quickly” is a stretch. The editor has terrible balance).

Even so, the e-scooter astounded people like me, a highly-independent single lad wanting to head over a destination without relying on anyone else to drive from Point A to Point B.


It was from that moment I realized, I loved my singlehood terribly. I have the ability to decide wherever I want to go, without considering anyone else’s thoughts and opinions. And I can decide whether to move forward at my own pace, or as fast as I could.

Ride it for as long as you like

Lenovo crowded the M2 with intelligent and innovative technology. You can shift gears and monitor your speed which you can preview on the LED display found on the bar.

You can also connect the e-scooter via Bluetooth on Lenovo’s mobile app for connectivity and additional security.

When paired, you can use it to adjust and control your e-scooter through various functions, as well as check the power available to ensure you won’t run out of battery.

And if you run out of juice, you can charge it fairly quickly for three to four hours — faster than competing scooters which takes at least five hours to fully charge.

If you’re afraid of fast-charging technology, fret not. The M2 is equipped with an intelligent battery management system so it has protection against short circuits, over-currents, overcharges, over-discharges, and temperature anomalies.

The deck where the 18,650 lithium battery is stored.

Although, the distance I traveled wasn’t enough to fully consume its 18,650 lithium battery. The M2 has a powerful 350W motor and a 7.5Ah high-capacity battery and can reach up to 25km/h (supposedly) and travels up to 30km.

If you’re asking if that is the battery’s mileage, yes it is. That power alone is enough to give you a 30km ride, which means you can travel back and forth to your office from your home easily.

Forward… always forward

As mentioned, it can reach up to 25km/h supposedly. Since I live on the far east side of the Metro, I had the opportunity to test the e-scooter on slopes and open roads without distractions.

Shot on the Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro

In my experience, the maximum speed for the first gear was 7km/h; 18km/h for the second gear; and 28km/h for the third gear. I was speeding and I didn’t have trouble maneuvering the e-scooter even on slopes and asphalt roads. I just enjoyed the cool breeze hitting my face. Thank heavens, I really didn’t fly.

I also used it while there was a drizzle. I wasn’t afraid to test it out in the rain since it has an IP54 rating. In other words, it has decent protection against dust and water spray. My only warning: never ride when the roads are slippery to avoid any accidents. I tried using it down on a 60-degree slope and I sped up uncontrollably.

I’m not an Aries nor a Sagittarius, but I was really impulsive, daring, and reckless at that time. Not gonna lie, “I live my life on the edge” was my motto a few years ago and it seemed like the daredevil awakened that day.

Speaking of angles, the e-scooter won’t have any trouble riding and turning on a 15-degree slope. My mistake last time was hastily sliding down a 60-degree slope and having a hard time building momentum to go up.

Apparently, the e-scooter wasn’t supposed to be able to handle anything beyond a 15-degree slope. It was the maximum climbing angle and I tried to push it beyond its limits. Well, you’ll never know if you never try, right?

Is this your GadgetMatch?

If you’re looking for a smarter way to commute, lessen carbon emissions, and travel without adding up to the never-ending bumper-to-bumper traffic, the Lenovo M2 E-Scooter is the way to go. It has everything you need for your short-distance travels within your neighborhood, going to work, or for your errands in the city.

This e-scooter might be a first-generation product, but it doesn’t disappoint. It can be the first step you can take towards a sustainable, greener future, and the first step towards living a smart, connected lifestyle. Just remember: Wear your helmet when riding the e-scooter for safety and security. The Lenovo M2 Electric Scooter is available in black and retails for PhP 19,995.

From March 18 to 27, 2021, the Lenovo M2 E-Scooter is available for pre-order for only PhP 16,995 as part of its launch promotion. You can also get a free bundle of a Herschel Gibson Messenger bag and a Lenovo Trackpods exclusively on the Lazada app.


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