Lenovo’s Yoga C630 WOS offers fun and productivity on the go

It can also stay connected online 24/7



Devices today have evolved so much in the past decade that they can now handle heavy tasks and offer unique functions in tiny packages. This means you can easily bring it with you and do more things — whether work or play — almost anywhere you are. This is already a sweet spot for consumers but Lenovo wants to offer something unique in the form of the Yoga C630 WOS.

What’s different about the C630 is that it runs on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 850 chipset. Yes, it’s basically a smartphone processor clocked slightly higher to be able to process multiple tasks. While it’s true that it won’t be able to match the flexing power of those that have better and more expensive processors, there are a number of advantages in running a Snapdragon processor on a notebook.

First is an extended battery life. We all know that feeling when you’re trying to meet a deadline and the laptop battery is down to just five percent. With its efficient processor, Lenovo claims the laptop can last for up to 25 hours on a single charge so you won’t need to viciously hunt for a power outlet just to plug in your device.

The Yoga C630 WOS has support for a SIM card so you can stay online all the time through data connectivity. You’ll be able to receive email and other notifications even when the notebook is asleep and once you turn it on, you can go straight to browsing with no time wasted connecting to the coffee shop’s Wi-Fi or your hotspot.

In terms of hardware, this Windows on Snapdragon (WOS) laptop is made of aluminum so it helps dissipate heat and looks sleek at the same time. It’s thin and light, but what I liked most is that it has a fan-less design so it stays really quiet during use

Also, coming from the Yoga family, the laptop is flexible enough to convert into different modes and be used in more ways than a traditional laptop. It has durable hinges that allow its display to be flipped around and used in different modes, such as Tent and Tablet.

With its 13.3-inch Full HD touchscreen display, Tent Mode works well showing off web pages, photos, and even presentations

Browsing on Tablet Mode, on the other hand, makes the C630 WOS a more personal device

The experience you get out of using it as a laptop doesn’t feel like its compact size

Despite the size and its out-of-a-smartphone processor, using the C630 WOS in Laptop Mode feels like a full-fledged notebook overall. The keys might not have the best travel but typing on it isn’t so bad. Plus, its illuminating keys help at night. 

Its fingerprint sensor also works well and adds a quick and secure way of accessing the notebook

For multimedia use, the C630 WOS has dual speakers flanking the keyboard

The speakers provide decent audio quality with good volume, although they work best in Laptop Mode. Flip the device around for Tablet or Tent Mode and you’ll have the speakers facing away from the user.

Other features include support for a Lenovo Pen (sold separately), a choice for either 4GB or 8GB RAM, up to 256GB of flash storage, and Windows 10 in S mode. That last one makes sure you only get secure apps straight from the Microsoft Store. In case you want to load more software into it, you can always opt for Windows 10 Home which takes only a few minutes to complete.

We installed Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro just to push its limits, and came to a conclusion that it’s really not for taking on heavy processes. It’s more for doing what you do on your smartphone but in a more efficient and media-friendly package.

CES 2021

GadgetMatch Awards: Best of CES 2021

Flying cars, rolling phones, and Ice Cream right at home



CES has always been the place for dreaming about the future of tech and this year, despite the annual convention being held virtually instead of in Las Vegas like usual, is no different.

We saw plenty of exciting innovations ranging from stuff that we can purchase soon, something for the new normal, and an effin flying car. Yes. If that doesn’t get your gears running we don’t know what will.

So here are our favorites from the tech show.

Best Gaming Laptop: ROG Flow X13 

ROG Flow X13

Gaming laptops have been getting slimmer and slimmer over the years but this one — it’s a gaming laptop the size of an Ultrabook. ASUS managed to pack gaming power — AMD Ryzen 9/Cezanne-HS mobile processor, RTX 3080 — in a 15mm thin and 1.35kg body.

To heighten the gaming experience further, you can pair it with the ROG XG Mobile GPU that gives the Flow X13 the power of a full-sized gaming rig. That’s bonkers.

Best Auto Concept: GM flying Cadillac Taxi

The idea of flying cars has long intrigued the human race. You need not look far than the prevalence of such a vehicle in sci-fi pop culture to see how much we long for it.

General Motors’ flying Cadillac taxi concept is a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) vehicle, eliminating the need for any runway. It’ll run on a 90kWh battery with 56mph top speed. New flying regulations will have to come but we can’t wait for this to take to the skies.

Best New Smartphone Form Factor: LG Rollable

Smartphones are going through a period of change. What once was just a rectangular piece of slab has seen itself fold, flip, and now… roll.

We’ve seen LG showcase a rollable concept before but the LG Rollable could be the closest thing that might actually… roll out to the market. Details are scarce for now but expect plenty of news and rumors to build up as it gets closer to launch.

Best Laptop: ASUS ZenBook Duo 

The ZenBook Duo, first showcased at Computex 2019, sort of took a gap year in 2020. What we saw instead was a gaming version with the Zephyrus Duo. It makes a comeback now more refined and with internals fit for the new year.

The new ASUS ZenBook Duo is a refinement of this new laptop form factor in every way imaginable — one that, theoretically, should be much more useful than its predecessor.

Best Chromebook: Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2

The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 has all the bells and whistles of the first generation but it now comes with a QLED panel. Yep, Samsung’s TV display tech has made its way to a notebook. This could just be the beginning.

Best Audio Wearable: Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro
Galaxy Buds Pro

Buds, Plus, Live, and now Pro — not exactly the progression that makes the most sense name-wise but Samsung may now finally have the TWS that can go toe-to-toe against the AirPods Pro and Freebuds Pro.

The Galaxy Buds Pro promises intelligent ANC that adjusts according to your environment and a playtime that’s par for the course for the other buds it’s going up against.

Best Wearable: MaskFone

Ever since the pandemic hit, face masks have come in all shapes, sizes and features — the MaskFone is no exception.

The MaskFone has a mic in the facepiece and two earbuds hanging on wires by the earloops. The mask is made of a water-resistant, breathable, and washable material and includes a pocket for PM2.5 filters. As far as tech goes, this one’s pretty in your face.

Best Kitchen Appliance: ColdSnap

What’s better than getting sweet, icy treats on a dreary day? It’s making those sweet, icy treats at your own home with ColdSnap.

It works like coffee pod machines but instead of coffee, it serves ice cream and other frozen treats from recyclable aluminium pods. Now, you can Ice Cream and chill at your leisure.

Best Smart TV: Samsung NEO QLED 

Samsung’s QLED was already pretty good but turning things up to eleven is their Neo QLED. With this new display tech, Samsung promises improved picture quality — dark areas are darker, bright areas brighter, and so on. Of course, we’ll have to see it for ourselves but it already sounds promising.

Best Wellness Device: Lora DiCarlo Drift, Tilt, Sway

If you can get past snickering like a tween, you’ll realize this offers many… benefits. Inspired by human warmth, the new model mimics the heat we experience from our partners’ bodies. Lora DiCarlo used a nylon-based thermally conductive polymer and its WarmSense Technology, simulating body temperature.

I’m sure we can all use some warmth in these cold nights.

Best Cleaning Device: Samsung JetBot 90 AI+

Keeping your place squeaky clean doesn’t get any smarter than this. The JetBot 90 AI+ is a vacuum cleaner that uses object recognition technology to identify and classify objects to decide the best cleaning path. LiDAR and 3D sensors allow JetBot 90 AI+ to avoid cables and small objects, while still cleaning hard-to-reach corners in your home.

Best Camera/Drone: Airpeak

Professional videographers who’s weapon of choice are Sony Alphas are probably dying to have their hands on Airpeak. It’s a drone that can be equipped with Sony’s professional grade, mirrorless cameras. This opens up new possibilities in terms of aerial footage.

Best Monitor: Dell UltraSharp 40 Curved WUHD

It appears we’re facing a future that’ll have us sitting in front of monitors for longer than we realize. That’s why having one that’s easy on the eyes could be extra beneficial. The ComfortView Plus on the Dell UltraSharp 40 Curved WUHD monitor can help with that. Not to mention, it is color accurate and should aid you nicely in your work-from-home setup.

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Finally, real Active Noise Cancellation out of the box



Samsung has unveiled the newest Galaxy Buds Pro alongside the announcement of the latest Galaxy S21 series.

Other than the new design, better sound quality, and surround sound setup, there’s now a real and intelligent Active Noise Cancellation.

But do these earbuds live up to its ‘Pro’ branding? Watch our Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro review by clicking the video link right here.

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Samsung started 2021 early with their newest Galaxy S21 series.

Unlike last year where the S20 models were announced last February, these new S21 units were unveiled as early as January 2021. Although we’ve covered most of the leaks and rumors about Samsung’s latest flagship trio, we still need to confirm them.

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