LG’s latest OLED, QNED TVs feature new, improved technologies

New and improved processor and other tech features




LG Electronics Singapore announced the expansion of its 2022 OLED and QNED TVs, expanding its existing lineup.

The TVs will come with new and improved features, as well as optimization for gaming and a wider range of screen sizes up to 97 inches for the G2 Series.

All 2022 LG OLED and QNED TVs are now available through LG official brand stores in KrisShop, Lazada, and Shopee, as well as the following authorized retailers and distributors:

  • Audio House
  • Best Denki
  • Gain City
  • Gian Supermarket
  • Goh Joo Hin
  • Harvey Norman
  • Hao Mart
  • Mega Discount Store
  • Mustafa
  • NTUC FairPrice
  • Parisilk

Everything made better

The highlight of the new TVs is the LG a9 Gen 5 Intelligent Processor, available on the OLED G2, C2, and Z2 series models.

The a9 Gen 5 boasts Dynamic Tone-mapping Pro and AI Sound Pro for both vivid and detailed image with virtual surround sound.

Both OLED and OQED TVs will also become the first to adopt Dolby Vision IQ with Precision Detail.

The LG OLED evo technology, meanwhile, is built into the 2022 G2 and C2 series models, and offers brightness, clarity, and detail with its Brightness Booster.

Much-improved QNED TVs

When it comes to the new QNED TVs, latest features from LG are also included, such as:

  • exclusive Quantum Dot NanoCell technology
  • Intertek-certified for 100 percent volume and consistency and better picture quality
  • LG Precision Dimming Technology

New personalization options

The TVs are also equipped with webOS 22, the newest version of LG’s innovative Smart TV platform.

This allows users new personalization options, such as:

  • Customizable user profiles for users to tailor their viewing experience with preferred channels, apps, content services, and more
  • NFC Magic Tap via LG ThinQ
  • Room to Room Share for content mirroring via Wi-Fi
  • Always Ready, which turns an LG TV into a media display

Optimized for gaming

Lastly, the 2022 OLED and QNED TVs also boast a handful of specific features that make PC and console gaming seamless.

Among the features to make the gaming experience even better are:

  • 0.1 millisecond response time (GtG)
  • Low input lag
  • Up to four HDMI ports supporting multiple HMDI 2.1 features, such as auto low latency mode (ALLM) and enhanced audio return channel (eARC)
  • Cloud gaming via built-in support for Google Stadia and GeForce NOW
  • Game Optimizer menu
  • Dark Room Mode


PSVR2 is launching with over 20 major games

Horizon VR game still headlines



Samsung had a lot to say during its latest investors meeting. Besides unveiling its general plans for the future, the company also teased the devices that are coming in the near future. For a while now, that future lineup includes the PSVR2. If you were thinking of buying the virtual reality wearable for yourself, Sony has good news for you. The PSVR2 will have over 20 major titles on launch.

Naturally, if you buy a pricey piece of hardware, you usually want it to come with a good set of ways to use it. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case with new gaming devices. For example, the PlayStation 5, despite being out for almost two years, still doesn’t have the most expansive lineup of games that every gamer must play.

Thankfully, the PSVR2 won’t follow in the same, sparse footsteps of the gaming console. According to the meeting (via Video Games Chronicle), the wearable will launch with over 20 first- and third-party games. The headliner is still Call of the Mountain set in the Horizon universe, of course. Unfortunately, the presentation didn’t reveal any other games in the lineup.

If anything, virtual reality gaming has been growing for a while now. In recent history, the market has seen notable titles like Half-Life: Alyx and Beat Saber.

After facing a potential delay, the PSVR2 is expected to launch sometime next year.

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Foldable Pixel reportedly delayed to next year

Google isn’t happy



For years, Samsung has been the most dominant force in the foldables market. Though other brands, especially Chinese ones, have brought their own devices to the table, Samsung’s lineup of foldables are undeniably strong, flaws and all. That said, other giants are working on their own entrants. However, it will take a lot longer before the crowd really fills up. According to reports, Google has postponed its own foldable Pixel for next year.

Reported by TheElec, Google has reportedly decided to delay the first foldable Pixel. The company was supposedly unhappy with the current iteration of its prototypes. The next target launch window is next spring. Notably, the device, which has been in development since last year, is sourcing its screen from Samsung Display.

Currently, not much is known about the foldable device yet. Previous reports have speculated on a 7.57-inch main screen (and a 5.78-inch screen when folded), though. A more recent one has also dropped “Pixel Notepad” as a potential name for the device.

Regardless of the status of its foldable Pixel, Google is enjoying a lot of success with its new lineup of smartphones. Last year, the Pixel 6 series refreshed the company’s slate of devices, bringing new hype for the company. This year, Google is continuing that trend with the Pixel 6a and the upcoming Pixel 7 series.

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Sony confirms ‘Horizon’ and ‘God of War’ shows are coming

And a Gran Turismo show



After years of terrible video game adaptations, the entertainment industry just can’t get enough of them in the past year or so. Shows and films based on popular video game titles are setting the world on fire. If Sony’s latest investor’s meeting is anything to go by, it looks like we’re not done with the genre. Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War are reportedly getting TV series soon.

Sony had a lot to say during its latest meeting. However, amid all the announcements, the general implication was simple enough to understand. The company wants to expand and grow its branches outside of console gaming. That plan includes adapting more of its exclusive properties into television.

Reported by analyst David Gibson on Twitter (via IGN), Sony has officially confirmed development for a Horizon series on Netflix, a God of War series on Amazon, and a currently untethered Gran Turismo series.

Unfortunately, the presentation did not reveal any other details for the upcoming shows. Plot and casting details are still an unknown.

All three titles, especially Horizon and God of War, are part of Sony’s prized possessions. An adaptation for any of these titles is huge. However, it’s always a hit. Most recently, Sony allowed an Uncharted film to show in theaters, and the response was… mixed. While the sheer number of video game adaptations are impressive, their quality is definitely all over the place for now.

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