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MediaTek unveils the Pentonic 700 for your next smart TV

Launching in Q4 2022



The evolution of smart TVs is still continuously growing. As technology grows, our favorite living room devices find new ways to put out stellar images. Today, marking that next step, MediaTek has once again expanded its Pentonic series by unveiling the new Pentonic 700 platform for smart TVs.

Announced earlier this year, the Pentonic series showcased what MediaTek was capable of in the display industry. The series celebrated its debut, releasing the first television processor to support Dolby Vision IQ with Precision Detail. Much like that previous chipset, the Pentonic 700 will support the same capability but will pack in quite a bit more.

Meant for 120Hz 4K TVs, the Pentonic 700 sports a flurry of AI features. The chipset’s APU supports AI-Super Resolution, AI-Picture Quality Scene Recognition, and Object Recognition. These features merge hardware with software for a truly crystal-clear picture.

Outside of pure AI, the processor can also support Picture-by-Picture and Picture-in-Picture. These will allow users to multitask different contents including watching a show while on an on-screen video call.

It will also support up to 144Hz, optimizing sets for gaming applications. It also comes with Auto Low Latency Mode and Dolby Atmos.

Though the brand has not confirmed any manufacturers with the chip on board yet, MediaTek promises that the chipset’s lithe frame will allow for more power and space efficiency, making way for cheaper costs amid the tech upgrades.

The Pentonic 700 is expected to launch in 4K smart TVs sometime in the fourth quarter this year.

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PLDT Home launches MyOwnWifi

Dedicated WiFi for those who need exclusive bandwidth



Sharing your internet with the rest of people in the same place can sometimes take a toll in the connection’s bandwidth especially if one needs to consume a high bandwidth, like for watching HD videos.

To solve this, PLDT Home has launched MyOwnWifi. It lets solo heavy bandwidth users to get the maximum speed of their modem without affecting others’ connection.

To do this, there will be a secondary Fiber connection and a Wifi Mesh device delivered for free so they can connect more devices.

To get the second line, just pay 50 percent of the original plan of the first line:

  • Fiber Plan 1299 (25Mbps)
  • Fiber Plan 1699 (100Mbps)
  • Fiber Plan 2099 (200Mbps)
  • Fiber Plan 2699 (400Mbps)

Just to recall, PLDT Home Fiber Plans come in two categories: Fiber Unli Plans and Fiber Plus Plans, which are inclusive of Mesh Wifi devices.

Plug, play, enjoy

The best part of MyOwnWifi is that there’s no installation required. Upon successful subscription, subscribers can connect the MyOwnWifi device to LAN Port 2 of their existing modem, and instantly get the additional same speeds as their current subscription.

The add-on will also be charged on top of their current subscription bill for a seamless and hassle-free experience.


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IFA 2022

LG Styler ShoeCase is a new way to show off your kicks

Plus, ShoeCare to clean your shoes



Sneakerheads! If you’re just letting your shoes sit on a wooden shelf, you haven’t heard of a new way to show off your kicks. During IFA Berlin 2022, LG has unveiled a duo of smart furniture to keep your favorite shoes spiffy and sparkling — the LG Styler ShoeCase and ShoeCare.

Showing off is the name of the game. As what every sneakerhead might enjoy, the LG Styler ShoeCase keeps every piece of footwear front and center. Each case comes with a transparent panel that protects shoes from humidity and harmful UV light. Also, they come with a rotating turntable for when you have guests over. Users can also stack (and show off) four cases on top of each other.

Now, if you want to take your shoes for a spin (off the turntable, of course), the LG Styler ShoeCare keeps your footwear fresh and clean. The TrueSteam technology refreshes each shoe regardless of material — leather, suede, or sports. Meanwhile, the Zeo-Dry zeolite filter absorbs moisture and smells.

Height isn’t an issue either; the multiple moving nozzles adjusts the cleaning job according to the shoe’s height. Plus, the Dual Care System can clean two shoes with different materials at the same time. However, all in all, the ShoeCare can clean up to four shoes in only 37 minutes.

As with LG’s other devices, users can control the LG Styler ShoeCase and ShoeCare using the ThinQ app.

LG has not announced when the duo will come to markets. Currently, the company is still displaying the furniture during IFA Berlin 2022, along with other lifestyle devices.

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Luxury Smart Home

LG’s Aero Furniture is a table and an air purifier

To be officially unveiled during IFA 2022



The modern smart home depends on a device pulling double duty. A smart speaker is both an audio device and a smart assistant. A smart mirror is both a reflection and an exercise buddy. There are a lot of variations. Now, LG, digging deep into its bag of tricks, has discovered a new combination, the Aero Furniture — a table combined with an air purifier.

Among other things, LG specializes in air purifications, especially after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. From smart masks to air towers, the brand has it all. Its next trick, however, is the LG Aero Furniture.

Part of its expanding Objet Collection, the Aero Furniture, packs in an air purifier inside the table’s base. Much like the brand’s other purifying devices, the table Much like the brand’s other purifying devices, the table uses multi-stage filtration, combining an Ultra-fine Filter, a Dust Collector Filter, and a Deodorization Filter. Plus, with UVnano technology, it can reportedly reduce viruses and bacteria by up to 99.99 percent.

The table itself is also a welcome design. Coming in either Round or Track surfaces, the décor comes with a customizable set of mood lighting with eight colors and an easily readable array of indicators for air quality. Additionally, it comes with a wireless charger for compatible smartphones and earbuds. It can supposedly charge a Galaxy phone with 10W capacity.

The tables will come in Crème Rose, Crème Yellow, and Crème Grey. LG will unveil the furniture during IFA 2022 between September 2 to 6. The brand also hopes to release the devices soon after.

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