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Road to Mythic: Diaries of a solo rank solo tank

Playing on an OPPO A94



When I began playing Mobile Legends I wanted to learn how to play the support role of a Tank since everyone was always rushing to be the Marksman. I didn’t want to deal with having my main character always being chosen by another team player so I decided to go with the unpopular option.

Little did I know, choosing the tank role would be like carrying the weight of the world, or the game in this case. It’s been a year now since I started playing ML and here are a few things I’ve learned along the way that helped me rank up to Mythic despite mostly playing solo rank as a tank.

TIP #1 — Setting is key

Tanks are key to laying the foundation for their core to make as many kills as possible. Understand the setting skills of each tank and use it accordingly to your surroundings. Whether it is using your skill to stun them against a wall or push them towards the tower.

TIP # 2 — Understand the skills of your team members and opponents

You can maximize your tank’s skills if you also understand what skills your teammates use. Example when using Atlas, it’s ideal to partner him with teammates with AOE damage. If your opponent is using characters with blink skills like Fanny or Freya, using Khufra’s 2nd skill would cancel out their move.

TIP # 3 — You are NOT a Baby Sitter

Mythic OPPO A94

Once of the most frustrating part about playing as a tank is when your MM or core expects you to follow them wherever they go. I’ve noticed that I can help the team more when I roam around between the team to assist rather than solely babysitting the core. Cores need to understand that they shouldn’t engage when they don’t have support rather than blame the tank for not always holding their hand.

TIP # 4 —  Zoning

Mythic OPPO A94

Check that bush! Especially when buffs are crucial to your core. You can hide in the bush to ensure the enemy doesn’t steal it and it’s also a good opportunity to ambush. Zoning also helps give your team members a better vision of the map.

TIP # 5 — Map Awareness

Mythic OPPO A94

Map awareness is crucial because you can gauge if a group of enemies is on the way to you, or if your teammates need help. By having good awareness of the map you can gauge when it’s time to leave your core to help those in need. Map awareness also helps you in making sure that when you set, your teammates are nearby to follow up with an attack.

TIP# 6 — Take Calculated Risks

Mythic OPPO A94

Being the team member with the highest HP, tank users have the role of taking the hit for their teammates. Sometimes it could be entering the turret zone so your core can kill the enemy (recommended if your core is using Aegis as their spell), or it could mean sacrificing yourself to make a good set in a clash. You can also act as bait while your teammates hide in the bush for an ambush.

TIP # 7 — Git Gud!

Mythic OPPO A94

I didn’t reach Mythic by sheer luck. It took time, practice and observing teammates and opponents with how they play. Learn how to side step rather than running in a straight line, learn the art of ambush and don’t let your teammates’ negative comments get to you. And most importantly, have fun!

TIP #8 — Play on a gaming-capable smartphone

Something like the OPPO A94. Don’t let it’s flashy exterior fool you, this smartphone can game with some of the best of ’em.

The MediaTek Helio P95 Octa-core chip powering the device is tuned gaming-centric things like responsive on-screen touches and less lag. Naturally, you’d want a gaming session that’s not interrupted. The OPPO A94’s Game Assistant handles this for you.

With it, you’re able to filter the notifications that come in. They also don’t show up like annoying huge banners at the top of you screen. Instead, they will run like tickers that blend nicely into your screen. Or, if you want, you can just have the notifications turned off altogether.

Mobile gaming is much more fun when you play on a smartphone than can keep up with your skills and the OPPO A94 is one such phone.

Mythic OPPO A94

Naturally, you can also do other things with it. While it’s tuned for gaming, it’s also fantastic for your social media browsing, chatting and other usual tasks you do with your phone. It’s just a bit of a smudge magnet so you might want to have a wiping cloth with you at all times when rocking this phone.

Here are the OPPO A94 specs in case you’re curious:

Display — 6.43-inch AMOLED
Processor — Mediatek MT6779V Helio P95 (12 nm)
Battery — 4310mAh, fast charging 30W
Internal Storage — 128GB
Rear Cameras — 48MP wide, 8MP ultra-wide, 2MP depth, 2MP macro
Front Camera — 32MP

Price and availability

The OPPO A94 retails in the Philippines for PhP 13,999 and will be available at OPPO Concept Stores, Partner Dealers, E-commerce flagship store in Lazada and Shopee.

In Singapre, it retails for SG $429 at the OPPO concept store, OPPO online Lazada and Shopee Flagship stores, and authorized resellers islandwide


5 timeless gifts you can give to a dad anytime of the year

For your dad, your friend who became a dad, or any ‘dad’ in your life



Father's Day Gift Guide

Dads don’t get a lot of spotlight, probably because a lot of us suffer from daddy issues. But for those who have a loving relationship, or those who just started repairing theirs — giving your dad a thoughtful gift might be a way to strengthen the connection.

Here are five timeless gifts you can give to your dad, your friend who just became a dad, or if there’s any ‘daddy’ in your life.


Father's Day Gift Guide

In the era of connected life, going out without a power bank is like going out without a wallet. Even though most gadgets nowadays have strong battery lives, it’s always practical to have a backup.

And dads love being prepared at any costs, making it the perfect gift that’s versatile to every need — whether it’s for their smartphone, wireless earbuds, portable speakers, or a mini-fan. Shop here.

Electric Shaver

Father's Day Gift Guide

Just because they’re getting old, doesn’t mean they should forget how to groom themselves. Teach them to be like a fine wine — they should get better as they age, and they should even look more dapper to keep up with the times. (Hello, matching father and son outfits?).

Anyhoo, an electric shaver will suffice — giving them a clean, shaved look that will help them look presentable wherever they are. Shop here.

Leather Wallet Phone Case

Father's Day Gift Guide

For so many years, dads kept us protected in different ways. Now that we have a chance to give back, why not help them protect their essentials through a leather wallet phone case?

Mujjo’s, for example, speaks convenience and efficiency, without forsaking style. Its cardholder can carry up to three cards, and the case comes in a durable yet gorgeous leather design producing a beautiful patina over time. Shop here and use coupon #dad for 15 percent off all products (valid through June 21st).

Cordless Drill

Father's Day Gift Guide

Men love cordless drills. Not because they love drilling somebody else, but because it gives them the power to build and repair things.

In a way, it’s also one of the most useful and practical gifts that you can give, since the household can use it in different situations. Shop here.


Our dads sometimes forget that health is wealth. Give them the gift of health through a treadmill, so you can encourage them to live an active and fit lifestyle to prevent diseases that come with age.

Running a few miles can help them live longer, so you all can bond and make more memories together. Shop here.

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First Look

realme 8 5G Unboxing and First Impressions

Midrange game changer?



Game-changer. It’s a bold adjective to use, especially when you’re describing a smartphone that’s situated in a competitive midrange segment. But realme has always dared to leap, and they’re doing exactly that with the realme 8 5G.

They’re calling it a 5G game-changer. It will require more extensive testing to determine whether that’s true or not, but for the meantime, here are our first impressions of realme’s newest offering.

But first, a quick rundown of the specifications for this device.

Display 6.5-inch IPS LCD display, 90 hZ 1080p
Processor MediaTek MT6833 Dimensity 700 5G (7nm)
Cameras 48MP primary camera (wide)
2MP macro camera
2MP depth sensor
Battery 5000 mAh


The phone comes in realme’s signature yellow box. No surprises there.

Taking out the lid, you’re greeted by a short note from the brand. Nice touch!

Going through the rest of the box, you’ll find your usual set of manuals, a charging cable, and your charging brick. Realme also included a case for free out of the box. Good stuff!

It makes a good first impression, but can it last?

Out of the box, the first thing you notice is how pretty the device is. Without touching it, you’d think it was made out of glass. But in reality, they used plastic for this device. The radiant light effect is definitely a nice touch.

Outside of the fingerprint smudges you’ll definitely be leaving on the back, you’d want to rock this phone without a case.

The realme 8 5G uses a curved back for added ergonomics. The phone is well-built, and it doesn’t feel cheap even if plastic was realme’s material of choice.

That extra feeling of sturdiness matters, especially in a competitive midrange market. First impressions can make or break whether you get a smartphone or not. In this case, realme passed with flying colors. Early indications suggest that realme has a winner with the 8 5G.

That’s all we have on realme’s newest midrange offering for now. We’ll be testing the device to see whether the realme 8 5G can truly #CaptureInfinitePossibilitiesWith5G.

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First Look

Huawei MatePad 2021 Unboxing and First Impressions

The device for people on the go!



Huawei has updated its primary tablet the Huawei Matepad. Come and join me as we unbox the new Huawei MatePad 2021.


Starting off, we have the box. A clean and simple look, but definitely pleasing! The front of the box shows us the branding and the name of the device.

A Huawei logo on the upper left corner, the AppGallery on the lower right, and on the lower left, the screen size of the device.

The box also has an interesting texture, only on the top cover though.

Opening the box, we have the device itself wrapped in fine paper and a pull tab to assist you when lifting the device out of the box.

Underneath the device, you are presented with two boxes. One box for the charging brick…

and the second containing the paperwork, USB Type-C cable, a 3.5mm headphone jack adaptor, and a warranty card.

Only the larger box is removable so be careful not to rip out the smaller box. Behind the larger box is the sim ejector tool, be sure to keep it safe!

Huawei MatePad

Removing the paper, we now see the simple but gorgeous Huawei MatePad in the “Midnight Grey” colorway. Be sure to remove the sticker — it’s optional but I suggest that you do.

The device itself is lightweight and easy to carry around, as a slim device it’s very easy to place it in a bag and you will have no problem carrying it around all day.

Starting off at the front, you will see the 10.4-inch screen with the camera at the top. Referring to the format at the back of the device, the front-facing camera is placed at the top.

On the left side of the device, you will be able to find the speakers along with the sleep/wake button. The right side shows you another pair of speakers and a charging port.

The top shows 4 microphones with the volume up and down button at the very left.

Heading over to the back you’ll be able to see the single-shooter camera, the Huawei branding, and an indication of their partnership with Harman/Kardon. The camera is accompanied by a flash and a microphone.


  • Display: 10.4-inch 2000×1200 IPS, 225 PPI
  • Processor: Huawei Kirin 820 series
  • Memory: RAM – 4GB, ROM – 128GB
  • Camera: 8MP front, 8MP rear
  • Battery: 7250mAh

Final thoughts

Finally, now we have unboxed the new Huawei MatePad. With this, the device itself feels good to the touch and is a good size for a tablet. Additionally, the “Midnight Grey” colorway of the MatePad is a great choice, it doesn’t collect fingerprints easily and the device is lightweight so you don’t have to worry when taking it with you anywhere.

The initial setup of the new MatePad was fast and easy, there are pre-loaded apps that are ready to use. Although I’m not sure if it’s just me or the apps change from time to time when you open the designated folders of the pre-loaded apps. For media consumption, the experience was good. Although the YouTube app was not the same as the ones we see on our devices, it works well as it should.

The screen looks good so far with the 2000×1200 IPS display, trying a few videos and films, the quality was great. Additionally, the speakers are a huge boost to the volume — loud but good quality. The MatePad also doesn’t have a 3m5mm headphone jack, luckily, they provided an adaptor. The MatePad is looking good so far, stay tuned for the next article as we are going deep and we’ll be having a full review of the Huawei MatePad 2021.


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