Level up your #OOTD with these pink iPhone cases

Being a fashion-forward techie isn’t all about owning a gradient phone



Buying a premium iPhone (regardless if new or used) means you need to take care of it. Even with the presence of Apple’s revolutionary Ceramic Shield glass found in the newer iPhone 12 and 13 series, they aren’t totally safe from scratches and cracks.

Although there are lot of quirky and classy-looking cases being offered for iPhones, not all of them provide the best protection.

Moshi begs to differ as they offer more than meets the eye.

Lookbook 1: Premium perfection and protection

I honestly don’t know where Moshi got the name “Overture” but my playful mind immediately thought of mashing up the words “overkill” and “couture” — not that it’s a bad thing. In fact, I love how Moshi went all out with this phone case.

My conspiracy behind the product naming? “Haute couture” is equivalent to high-end fashion design where designers tend to create and do high-class dressmaking and sewing. Moshi went “over” the line with a phone case couture. Thus, Overture.

If you’re into stylish cases that offer all-around protection, the Overture is for you. Not only does it have a cover to protect your iPhone’s delicate screen, it features a hardshell frame with military-grade MIL-STD-810G and SGS certification. In layman’s term, this case was tested and proven to withstand drops from all angles.

Also, if you’re a germaphobe, it features a special NanoShield antimicrobial coating to protect you from bacteria and germs. Its weather-resistance coating also comes handy especially if you live in an area with harsher climate conditions.

Speaking of, as the world’s climate condition continues to worsen, we should be vigilant about the products — including the cases we buy. You shouldn’t worry though as the Overture case is made from vegan leather. My point being: the case is cruelty-free and safe from harmful chemicals. This also means keeping it for longer, reducing the overall global carbon footprint.

If you wanted to risk not having the frontal protection and be “wreck-less”, the magnetic leather wallet can easily be removed by snapping it on or off from the main hardshell case.

That way, you won’t deal with leather covers that crease over time — especially when you always use your phone for calls.

While Moshi doesn’t fully-adapt Apple’s MagSafe system just yet, their SnapTo magnetic mounting system is here to save the day. It’s helpful if you already own a Moshi-branded charging mount for car use.

As there’s a continuous rise of contactless payment due to this never-ending pandemic, it makes sense that Overture can store your essential cards and some cash whenever and wherever you go. This lessens the hassle of opening wallets or card sleeves.

Lookbook 2: Altra Slim and stylish

If you’re into stylish cases without sacrificing bulkiness, Moshi’s Altra Slim is your next best bet. This case features a special textured grip made from polyurethane. This makes it more comfortable to hold even with one-hand. It also has soft touch buttons for that better “pressing feel”.

One of the distinct features of this case is the ability to attach and detach wrist traps (which is included in the package btw). Not only it saves your phone from accidental phones upon usage, it also steps up your overall look.

But just in case you drop it accidentally, this case has also passed the MIL-STD-810G and SGS military-grade certification just like the Overture. The case sides have that extra length to protect both the delicate display as well as the rear cameras.

The attachment is also a quick-release strap just in case you don’t want any accessory hindrances when using this case.

How to be a fashion-forward techie?

Flaunting your stylish #OOTDs in this modern age is a must in social media. But sometimes, wearing one color at once might look too hilarious for other fashion-driven individuals.

One thing I’ve noticed from the ever-trendy and desirable South Korean dress code is to always find a desirable “stand-out” element — especially when doing a wardrobe mix and match. What you wear doesn’t necessarily have to be in the same color, tone or hue. What matters more is how the colors of the pieces you wear will complement each other.

That being said, many of us still have our own fashion preferences. My friend, in her pseudonym “Paprika”, specifically chose to pair these premium pink cases with an overall dark #OOTD:

  • dark-colored blazer
  • floral blouse with hints of blue and pink
  • black choker with a silver cross pendant
  • silver earrings
  • black, glossy boots with gold eyelets and elements

This classy and elegant look goes well with Moshi’s set of premium cases. Most of all, it highlights your phone as your main choice of accessory.

In this house, we don’t totally believe in the notion that being a “fashion-forward techie” means owning a flashy, glittery, or a “gradient-licious” smartphone. At the end of the day, you’ll still a slap a case on it just so you can protect it.

This is why choosing a case that’s stylish, functional, and durable is important in defying your overall look — whether you’re at work, spend celebrations with your loved ones, or even have a night-out with your friends.

#ShamelessPlug: please check out her YouTube channel with amazing song covers (mostly Japanese city pop) by clicking this link right here.

Looks matter, but assurance matters more

That applies either when buying a product, or when you’re trying to be in a relationship.

Jokes aside, just like any other Moshi products, the Overture and Altra Slim have two years of standard warranty. If you purchase one through their website, it’s automatically enrolled to their 10-year global warranty. This means you’re both assured when it comes to warranty and phone protection.

Disclaimer: warranty might not be available if you decide to buy it through distributors or third-party retailers.

The Moshi Overture is being sold at US$ 54.95 through, SG$ 89.00 at Lazada Singapore, and PhP 2,371.50 via an official distributor in Lazada PH. The one featured in the photos is the Luna Pink case variant meant for iPhone models starting with the iPhone 11 Pro Max up to the latest lineup (except for the 13 mini). Meanwhile, the more serious Jet Black colorway is available for the newer iPhone 12 and 13 series.

On the other hand, the Altra Slim is priced at US$ 44.95 on and PhP 2,390 through Lazada Philippines.

This case is available in several colors:

  • Rose Pink color option is limited to the iPhone 13 series (except 13 mini)
  • Midnight Blue is only available for the iPhone 12 series + 13 mini
  • Sahara Beige is the most flexible color option meant for the iPhone 11, 12, and 13 series (excluding 13 mini)
  • Shadow Black is only for the iPhone XR, XS Max, and 11 series; and
  • iPhone XR and iPhone XS Max also offer three other different colors: Blossom Pink, Mint Green, and Savanna Beige.

You can check more iPhone cases and other Apple accessories through:


These HyperDrive accessories make your Macbook fun to use

Don’t worry about ports and connectivity anymore!



We all know most Macbooks have limited connectivity hubs. The removal of useful ports made Apple’s notebooks slimmer and sexier.

It’s one of the reasons why I got a Macbook Air as my daily driver. I want a device that helps me get the job done, eases my workflow, and makes me look cute while typing on my keys.

And I’ve accepted the compromises. I bid goodbye to the several ports I’ve enjoyed while using a Windows laptop. But just because I bid goodbye to USB-A and HDMI ports, it doesn’t mean I won’t be using them anymore.

Getting all the ports you need

After purchasing my Macbook Air, the next thing I did was buy necessary accessories. When you only have two Type-C ports, the best thing to do is get a form-fitting hub carrying all the other ports you need.

I got the HyperDrive SOLO 7-in-1 USB-C Hub, a docking station that securely attaches to my Macbook. It sports a 60W Power Delivery USB-C port enabling fast charging for the laptop.

Faster data transfer

Notably, there are two (2) USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports capable of 5Gb/s transfer speed — perfect for your accessories that are still using USB-A. For instance, I still use my old external hard drives and I haven’t replaced its cables, which still uses a USB-A port. There are also smartphone cables that I use when I transfer photos to be attached to our reviews.

Speaking of which, the solo hub comes with UHS-1 MicroSD and SD ports. Basically, it lets anyone do a data transfer quickly. It’s perfect for when you’re in a time crunch, transferring photos and videos from your mirrorless camera or your GoPro.

Make calls and listen to music

There’s also a 3.5mm audio jack for those who don’t have it. Although my Macbook Air has one, I remember using premium, ultra-thin Windows notebooks with no headphone jack. Somehow, I loathed them while I was reviewing them. It was inconvenient to make calls and do remote work.

Thankfully, solo hubs like this are compatible with Macbooks, Windows, and even Chromebooks. As long as you have a Type-C port, you’re good to go.

Watch videos in crystal clear resolution

If you need to present or watch a video but prefer to watch it in crystal-clear resolution, fret no more. HyperDrive’s Solo Hub comes with a 4K 30Hz HDR video output.

It’s one of the reasons why it caught my attention while I was scouring for a docking station. Most accessories I found (and those coming from OEMs) are incredibly cheap, but are also incredibly lacking.

While this solo hub comes at a steep price of PhP 4,768 (US$ 90), it’s a price I’m willing to pay to get everything in one place instead of buying several accessories to make sure I stay connected.

Enjoying a smoother 4K

A lot of us are still cooped up in our homes, dealing with a remote or hybrid working setup as the pandemic surges. Some probably have an external display for work and leisure, and some have a 4K monitor because they want to indulge and serve visual treats for their eyes.

But just because you have a laptop and a monitor capable of a 4K display and 60Hz refresh rate, it doesn’t mean your job is done. If the cable you have doesn’t support 4K, how do you think your monitor can display a crystal-clear resolution?

Though my solo hub supports a 4K output, it caps at 30Hz. Luckily, Hyperdrive also offers a USB-C Pro Video Adapter. For a magnificent viewing experience, I can connect to a high-resolution monitor with displays reaching 3840×2160 resolution and a 60Hz refresh rate.

Hyperdrive is composed of two adapters: one with USB Type-C male to MiniDisplay Port female, and the other has a Mini DisplayPort male to HDMI female.

This versatility supports any setup that best fits you and your lifestyle. Further, it works with any USB-C Macbook, iMac Pro, Ultrabook, Chromebook, and even smartphones, tablets, and devices using a Type-C port that needs to display up to 4K60Hz resolution.

The HyperDrive USB-C Pro Video Adapter retails for 2,952.

HYPER comes to the Philippines

HYPER, an accessory brand based in Silicon Valley with a strong focus on Apple, data storage, and connectivity products, brings its shop to the Philippines. Get discounts up to 25% off during Hypershop’s Grand Launch on Shopee starting from January 17 until January 23, 2022.

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Should you worry about stalkers using an AirTag on you?

A few have already been victimized



Anyone who’s ever owned a piece of technology in the last two decades has had the anxiety-ridden experience of misplacing their favorite devices somewhere. It’s become such a problem that a few companies have created a niche for tracking devices specifically made to track wayward devices. Breaking out of that niche market, Apple recently launched its own popular version of the device called the AirTag. However, such a tracking device does come with a worrying problem for privacy-conscious individuals: Can stalkers use an AirTag to stalk their targets?

The story so far

Recently, a Sports Illustrated model Brooks Nader revealed that someone used the tracking device to follow her around. While she was partying in New York with friends, an unknown party slipped an AirTag into her coat pocket. The device had been tracking her for hours before her iPhone eventually alerted her to the device’s tracking as she was walking home.

Nader’s discovery is currently the most widely reported incident of unauthorized tracking using an Air Tag. However, the phenomenon has already been happening outside of celebrity circles. For example, a public Facebook post from user DAnna Biscoe-Farrell describes how someone attached an AirTag to her truck. The device had also been tracking her for miles before her iPhone alerted her to its existence.

With two major incidents tattling on the device’s more nefarious potential, is it finally time to consider the AirTag a security risk?

What are AirTags?

Apple launched the AirTag last year. Instead of just a spartan tracking device, the brand turned the device into a fashionable device to own. Users can add engravings and personalized key rings to go along with the new device. It even has a relatively affordable price tag, offering the device for only a decent US$ 29 per piece.

In terms of size, the AirTag is just as small as a poker chip. Though Apple does want its users to flaunt the tag with accessories, the device’s diminutive size does allow for its users to hide it from plain sight.

Using the AirTag is a simple process, too. The device pairs with a user’s iPhone (or other Apple device) using the Find My app. They can then check Find My to know where the tag is located.

Now, as you might have noticed in the above reports, Apple will also alert users if an unauthorized AirTag is somehow following them around without their knowledge. It can notify users either with an iPhone alert or chirps that the tag will eventually play. It’s a convenient security feature designed to prevent malicious tracking.

Should you be worried about stalkers?

The AirTag’s description does set up a double edged sword (or, more appropriately, reveals two sides of the same poker chip). The AirTag is inherently useful. It can help users find lost devices with a simple app. However, its unassuming design can become a security risk with enough malicious ingenuity.

However, before we get into why an AirTag is a bad idea, let’s run down the pros of the AirTag’s security features. Compared to other tracking devices, the AirTag was specifically designed to prevent unwanted tracking. Other devices in the market don’t even have alerts if you’re carrying an unauthorized tracker. For example, a quick search on Amazon and Lazada pings unbranded GPS trackers that can easily track people or vehicles without consent for a fraction of the price. Tile, the leading tracking brand before the AirTag came along, even offers different shapes and sizes. Relatively speaking, the AirTag protects against stalking more than any other product in the market.

That said, the AirTag’s security measures are still severely lacking. For one, the device will alert victims only if they own Apple devices. If you’re carrying someone else’s AirTag on your person but don’t own an Apple device, then you’re in potential and unknowable danger until the AirTag chirps. While Apple has made great strides in creating a robust ecosystem for its products, the Apple-exclusive has inevitably ostracized Android users from its security blanket.

Further, the sizable delay between attaching an unauthorized AirTag and alerting the followed user can be too late. In the above incidents, it took hours before the victims discovered the AirTags on their persons. By then, the stalker could have already attacked or discovered where the victim lives.

Finally, as a smaller niggle on the AirTag’s features, Apple doesn’t really offer any solution once a device discovers an errant AirTag. Though authorities can certainly check who owns the AirTag, Apple doesn’t have a system in place that can easily report stalkers.

What should you do if someone attached an AirTag on you?

Given the delay before an actionable alert, there aren’t a lot of hard-hitting solutions you can take against a stalker. However, that’s still no reason to panic.

If you detected the AirTag before you reached home, don’t go straight to your house. Leading a stalker to where you live is the worst case scenario. Instead, lead the device somewhere far from where you live. Once you’re in a safe and untraceable place, you can figure out what to do with the device.

The easiest solution is to throw the device away. Disposing the tracking device can already throw the stalker off. However, don’t attempt to destroy the tag. Besides alerting the stalker that you discovered their device, you run the risk of damaging the tag’s battery. A damaged battery is a safety risk and can explode.

There are, of course, more rigorous methods you can try to bring the stalker to justice. A functioning AirTag has the linked Apple device attached to its hardware. Investigating authorities can identify and locate where the owner of the tag is. Once you discover the tag and have transferred to a different location, you can report the tag to the police.

In terms of preemptive measures, always keep your things in sight especially objects that can easily hide a small object. Though people can easily slip something small into your things without you knowing, there’s no harm in keeping your belongings safe and staying away from strangers suspiciously close to you.

SEE ALSO: Apple’s Find My service can now locate e-bikes, earbuds

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Sony adds party-ready WH-XB910N to wireless headphones range

For easy and personalized music listening




Sony announced the newest addition to its wireless headphones range — the WH-XB910N, which is tipped make music listening even easier and more personalized.

The WH-XB910N overhead headphones transport you to your favorite music venues from the comfort of your home with exemplary features which focus on bass and noise cancelling.

Bring the party anywhere

The WH-XB910N overhead headphones feature exceptional bass with improved noise cancelling which replicate the feel of your favorite festivals or clubs.

The EXTRA BASS feature allows for a deep and punchy sound while the Dual Noise Sensor Technology clears out everything else with next-level digital noise cancelling.

A dedicated bass duct on the headphone housing paired with more air-tightness between the unit and the eardrums elevate the music experience.

Listeners are still guaranteed to get high-quality and clear sound too, as if their favorite artists are performing right next to them especially with the device allowing 360 Reality Audio.

Crystal clear calls

When it comes to phone calls, the Precise Voice Pickup Technology combines two built-in microphones with advanced audio signal processing, so users answer calls hands-free while ensuring voice is clearly picked up.

Boost your listening experience

The WH-XB910N also uses DSEE (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine) in order to restore your favorite tracks to a high-quality sound, truer to the original recording.

Additionally, users may connect the device to the Sony | Headphones Connect app and tailor their sound with the Equalizer feature.

Smarter listening 

Of course, the WH-XB910N is also equipped with smart features that lets users tailor their listening quite more.

The Adaptive Sound Control senses the customer’s location — including places visited — adjusting the ambient sound accordingly whether you’re in a quiet room or out in a café, gym, or your office.

Keep the party going

With up to 30 hours of battery life, Sony’s latest wireless headphones edition provides enough power for even lengthy trips and long weekends.

A quick 10-minute charge when running low also gives up to 4.5 hours’ extra worth of play time with the optional AC adapter.

Great connectivity

The WH-XB910N also features Sony’s popular Multipoint connection, meaning it can be paired with two Bluetooth devices at once.

It also supports Google’s Fast Pair feature and Swift Pair for easy connecting to a Windows 10 computer.

Furthermore, it is Google Assistant and Alexa compatible for hands-free help every day on the go.

All-day comfort 

The headphones is equipped with soft, oval-shaped earpads made from comfortable synthetic leather and urethane materials for exceptional wearability.

Its handy design allows the ear cups to swivel inwards and neatly into the compact and durable carry case for users to be able to take it everywhere.

Sustainability matters

Aside from the product being stylish, Sony designed the WH-XB910N with sustainability in mind.

Zero plastic is included in the packaging material for both models, reflecting Sony’s commitment to reducing the environmental impacts of their products and practices.

Pricing and Availability

The WH-XB910N is now available in the Philippines priced at PhP 9,999 available in colors black and blue. For a full list of specs and information, please click here.

The item is also available via Lazada and Shopee.

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