These are not 2020’s best smartphones, but they sure are the most exciting and most talked about.

The Moto razr and Galaxy Z Flip capture everyone’s attention with something cool, innovative, and retro — and we love it when out sentimental bones are tickled.

More importantly, both smartphones are attempting to do the same thing — finding ways in which foldable displays can solve practical problems. They share so much in common, but which one is better?

Build & Durability

Can a phone with a foldable display survive the wear and tear of everyday use? The biggest difference between the Z Flip and the razr is the material used in their displays.

On the razr, like every other foldable phone we’ve seen thus far, it’s plastic. Meanwhile, the Flip is made of ultra-thin glass.

Which is more durable? Theoretically – glass should be more durable. It definitely feels sturdier.

Now while foldable displays are an impressive feat of engineering, the hinge mechanism is probably more impressive — not to mention more important.


Each company has a different approach. Motorola calls theirs a “zero-gap” hinge design, so when closed there’s hardly any space sandwiched between the folded display. When the phone is closed the display forms a teardrop shape inside the hinge.

Samsung, on the other hand, took what it learned from the Galaxy Fold and applied it to the Flip – the updated hinge uses a Dual Cam mechanism. Cams are rotating or sliding pieces in mechanical linkages.

This allows the Flip to not only fold and unfold but also stay put at a 90-degree angle. Inside there are bristles that brush away dust or lint that might get trapped inside.


Motorola intentionally designed the Moto Razr to look like the iconic Motorola Razr. Its shape, chin, and even the curves on its top are inspired by the original. Right now it only comes in black, but a gold model has been announced.

The Galaxy Z Flip comes in black, purple, and in some markets gold. Its shape resembles a Galaxy S20. So much so that when open – it looks just like it. Same rounded corners and a stainless steel frame albeit much narrower.


Neither of these two phones has specs that will rival the best 2020 has on offer. That said – the Galaxy Z Flip is still very powerful, with an updated version of last year’s top of the line processor from Qualcomm – Snapdragon 855+ and if you don’t know what that means.

Just know that it was the most powerful processor last year, chosen to run high-end gaming phones like the ASUS ROG Phone 2. The Razr only runs a midrange series processor from Qualcomm. It also has less RAM and less storage, and a smaller battery.


Samsung has a longstanding reputation of excellence in smartphone cameras and the flip is no different. It’s got two 12MP cameras — a wide-angle and an ultra-wide-angle lens. On the other hand, the Moto Razr only has one camera — a 16MP wide-angle camera.


Because it was announced later, Samsung wisely priced the Flip at US$ 1,380. That’s US$ 120 less than the Razr.

Is this your GadgetMatch?

Watch the whole comparison on our YouTube channel to determine if the Moto razr or the Galaxy Z Flip is your GadgetMatch.


Nokia 2 series might get an even bigger battery, based on leak

Going past a 4000mAh batttery



Before the advent of smartphones, Nokia’s batteries were a sight to behold. The nostalgic brick phones lasted for days on a single charge. It’s still quite a feat, especially since most smartphones can’t live a day on a single charge alone these days. Today, Nokia is still blazing away at phenomenal batteries on its newer phones.

Throughout the past few years, HMD Global has always touted a marvelous two-day battery life for its Nokia 2 series. The budget lineup has traditionally carried a 4000mAh battery across its different iterations. Only the very first Nokia 2 had a slightly larger battery at 4100mAh.

In an FCC filing spotted by Android Authority, the Nokia 2 series is once again breaking the 4000mAh limit. According to the filing, an unnamed Nokia phone will carry a huge 4380mAh battery. For connectivity, the phone will not have 5G compatibility, topping off at just LTE. Though unnamed, the model likely points to the next generation in the Nokia 2 lineup, the Nokia 2.4.

Earlier this year, HMD Global launched the Nokia 2.3, one of the rare budget-friendly smartphones touting AI capabilities. Much like its predecessors, the Nokia 2.3 carried the 4000mAh battery. It retails for PhP 5,990.

Whatever this unnamed Nokia phone is, it will likely sell for around the same price range. Given the filing, it might also launch very soon.

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More OnePlus Nord specs leaked, hints at second midrange phone

Is there a cheaper OnePlus Nord?



Image source: OnePlus / Instagram

OnePlus is more than excited for its impending midrange launch. Since the very first leaks, the company has hyped up an incoming revolution for its lineup. The OnePlus Nord already promises a lot of surprises for every OnePlus fan, given the amount of information coming out. Now, like clockwork, another leak adds more information about the upcoming release.

Spotted on benchmarking website GeekBench, an unnamed OnePlus phone — the OnePlus AC2003 — recently updated its specs on the database. According to the latest entry, the model will carry a 1.8GHz Qualcomm octa-core processor, likely pertaining to the expected Snapdragon 765G. Further, it will have a whopping 12GB of RAM inside. It’s quite a big spec to pack into a midrange phone. However, given what we know about OnePlus’s plans so far, this unnamed model is likely the OnePlus Nord.

Strangely, the OnePlus AC2003 isn’t the only unnamed OnePlus model on the database. Also posted recently, OnePlus is also working on what it calls the OnePlus BE2028. A tad bit lesser than the previous model, the OnePlus BE2028 will pack in a 1.71GHz Qualcomm octa-core chipset and just 6GB of RAM. For now, no one knows what this unnamed model is.

Whatever it is, the OnePlus BE2028 looks like it will sell cheaper than the OnePlus Nord.  Could it be another variant of the Nord? Or could it be an unannounced OnePlus phone also coming soon? In any case, it won’t be long before OnePlus reveals the truth about the two midrange phones. The OnePlus Nord is set to launch on July 21.

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Lenovo Legion confirmed to launch on July 22

One of the first phones to have Snapdragon 865 Plus



Between the ROG Phone 3 and the Lenovo Legion, the gaming smartphone wars is turning up the heat. As of late, ASUS’s ROG Phone 3 has made more waves than its Lenovo counterpart. Now, we know a lot about the device’s specifications and potential launch date. Of course, Lenovo will eventually take its turn in the limelight.

Recently, Lenovo has confirmed more details about its gaming phone, the Lenovo Legion. Posted on Weibo, the company is launching the Legion on July 22, at 7:30 p.m. (presumably in China).

Besides the official launch date, the included poster also confirms the device’s chipset. As was also confirmed by Qualcomm earlier, the Lenovo Legion will tout the Snapdragon 865 Plus — one of the first phones to have the new chipset.

Of course, we already know a lot about the Lenovo Legion based on previous rumors. Most notably, the device will have a high-RPM cooling fan, maintaining a good temperature for high-performance gaming. It might also get a side pop-up camera. It will have two USB-C ports; one on the bottom and another on the side, enabling easy charging depending on how you’re using the phone. Finally, it will have a sizable 5050mAh battery.

If you’re a fan of gaming smartphones, July is a perfect month to get a new model. Besides the Lenovo Legion, the ROG Phone 3 is also expected to launch sometime this month.

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