Mozilla Firefox 89 introduces a new UI and some performance changes

A fresh, new Firefox is landing to your desktop soon




Mozilla continues to improve its popular Firefox browser with every version. Firefox 89, however, is a noteworthy update, bringing major UI and performance changes that should freshen up the browser.

Out with the old, in with the new

The biggest update to Firefox 89 is literally visible upon first run. The new UI has a more modern and streamlined look, although paddings are visibly much bigger than before too. Mozilla says that this new UI is “easy on the eyes, bright and buoyant on screens of all sizes.” Apparently, some UI elements are bigger than before. Definitely noticeable also are the use of rounded corners, which is all the rage with most apps today.

Users can expect a streamlined toolbar, new floating tabs, redesigned menus, new icons, and more out of this new UI. As for the toolbar, Mozilla touts that it is now “simplified and clutter-free” from before. However, the new toolbar design also removes some extra menu which long-time Firefox users may have grown accustomed to.

Perhaps a more controversial change are the new floating tabs, which may take some getting used to. These floating tabs are exactly that, detached from the toolbar. New Firefox users may get used to it quickly and like it compared to the classic tab design used by Google Chrome and others. Long-time and power users, however, may have second thoughts on this design.

Menus also underwent a massive change, and they are most noticeable on Windows and Linux. Meanwhile, Firefox for iOS also gets some design updates. And as for icons, they are now much thinner. Mozilla said they went through the effort of making the icons consistent across all platforms.

Improved performance

Aside from the UI changes, there are also performance upgrades with relation to Firefox’s privacy-related features. Total Cookie Protection — which is a feature that contains cookies for every site that a user visits — is now available in the browser’s private browsing. That feature is part of the Enhanced Tracking Protection which is a Firefox feature designed to block website trackers, third-party cookies, and even the pesky cryptomining scripts and fignerprinters.

Users should be able to update to Firefox 89 starting this June. Those who are willing to try the browser out can get it directly on Mozilla Firefox’s website.


Oceanic+ turns the Apple Watch Ultra into a dive computer

Available now



The Apple Watch has come a long way. From its humble beginnings in a sweaty gym, Apple’s iconic wearable can now go deep underwater. Released earlier this year, the rugged Apple Watch Ultra promised unparalleled durability designed to withstand extreme conditions. Adding to this durability, the Apple Watch Ultra now has the new Oceanic+, a new app that turns the smartwatch into an operational diving computer.

Built through a partnership between Apple and Huish Outdoors, Oceanic+ melds the ease of use of an Apple Watch and the technical complexity of a diving computer. “People who know how to use an Apple Watch already know how to use this dive computer,” said Mike Huish, CEO of Huish Outdoors.

The app will display much-needed information for divers in a timely fashion. Before a dive, users can set surface time, depth, and gas. The app can then calculate their No Deco time, an essential feature for planning a dive. Divers can see this information even when they are underwater.

Further, after a dive, the app automatically collates and summarizes information to give users feedback regarding their dive including GPS entry and exit locations.

Users can easily operate the app even underwater using the Action button and the crown. Plus, the watch’s strong haptic feedback provides users with vibrations that can be felt even underwater. With limited sound underwater, haptic feedback becomes a necessary tool to alert divers of any important information as they come.

The Oceanic+ app is now available through the App Store. Most of the common functionalities are available through the free basic plan. However, more premium features — like decompression tracking, tissue loading, and a location planner — are locked behind a US$ 9.99 per month subscription.

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Over 5.4 million Twitter accounts have just been exposed

Beware of any fishy emails



According to new owner Elon Musk, Twitter is enjoying record-breaking numbers as of late. If the billionaire’s claim is true, it’s time to beef up your Twitter account’s security. A leak stemming from earlier this year has exposed and exploited over 5 million accounts.

Back in July, the platform confirmed the leak but claimed that none were exploited. An API vulnerability reportedly caused the leak. Now, according to BleepingComputer, Twitter isn’t out of the woods yet.

Though the vulnerability has already been patched, the 5.4 million users affected by the leak have just had their private information leaked on a hacker forum. These details include both phone numbers and email addresses — information that isn’t usually readily available on the platform. The list of affected users even include celebrities and companies.

Thankfully, the leak doesn’t give outright access to an affected user’s account. However, it gives malicious parties some information to work with. Needless to say, if you receive any suspicious emails, take a gander before clicking any links, especially those that ask for your password or any other sensitive information. Also, it might be a good idea to beef up your security with two-factor authentication, just in case.

That said, 5.4 million users is just a drop in the bucket for a massive platform like Twitter. Though it’s not impossible, it’s more likely that your individual account is safe from any of the current chaos. Still, keep your accounts safe.

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Netflix is working on its first PC game

It’s a AAA title



Though off to a relatively slow start, Netflix is now a gaming company as well. As of late, the platform included a variety of mobile games in its catalog of content. Every Netflix subscriber can play any of the games. Now, Netflix is working on something else entirely: a game for the PC.

Spotted by, Netflix has recently posted new job openings for a game director, an art director, and a technical director. All three listings describe a “brand-new AAA PC game” as a project. One listing even describes “one of Netflix’s first generation of internally developed original games.”

Currently, Netflix taps into other game studios to produce titles for them. Aside from a few independent developers, the platform even partnered with Ubisoft for mobile titles. (One of which will be based on the Assassin’s Creed franchise.)

With the listings in place, the company is expanding its efforts to developing its own titles. Right now, the unnamed project doesn’t feature a lot of details. While the project is still looking for a creative director, it’s likely that the plot isn’t finalized either.

Throughout the past year, the company has bled for subscribers. Since then, they have tried various strategies, including potential punishments for account sharing and cheaper subscription tiers.

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