OnePlus is disabling the OnePlus 8 Pro’s ‘x-ray’ camera

Only for Chinese users for now



When phones started developing better camera technology, smartphone photography became clearer and more accurate to how the real world looks. However, for all the additional megapixels and better sensors, no one expects a consumer-friendly sci-fi camera yet. Against all odds, the new OnePlus 8 Pro has somehow shipped an X-ray camera under everyone’s noses.

Of course, we’re not in a cyberpunk timeline yet. The X-ray feature is actually the so-called Photochrom filter. Instead of capturing visible light, the filter takes in infrared light, which we normally can’t see. As a result, Photochrom photos brilliantly manipulate color without the help of overlay filters.

Image source: OnePlus forums

Besides smartphone photography, you might have heard of infrared technology used in another way, particularly in security settings. High-profile stores use infrared to detect fake bank notes. Airports use thermal infrared cameras to detect feverish passengers. Obviously, the technology allows cameras to see behind what’s visible to the naked eye.

With that in mind, OnePlus 8 Pro users have started using the camera for more than creative purposes. As demonstrated by popular tech enthusiast Ben Geskin, the smartphone can see through plastic, revealing a device’s inner workings. Meanwhile, Unbox Therapy demonstrated how the camera can even see through very thin clothing.

Naturally, a rudimentary X-ray camera has the potential to be a privacy nightmare for everyone. However, OnePlus assures users that the camera can’t penetrate through “most objects — including clothes or even a piece of tissue paper,” according to a statement issued to Abacus.

Regardless, OnePlus is launching an OTA update for OnePlus 8 Pro models running on HydrogenOS “out of an abundance of caution about some false and misleading information circulating on social media in China,” according to OnePlus forum post. The update will disable the feature temporarily. On the other hand, OxygenOS (used on international models) can still use the feature as of now.

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Galaxy S21 will not come with a charger, another report confirms

Right after mocking Apple for doing the same thing



Apple’s anti-charger controversy drew widespread mockery from its rivals. Both Samsung and Xiaomi — two of Apple’s top competitors — outed passively aggressive ads touting their own in-box charging adapters. However, if you’ve followed the rumor mill for a few months now, you might have noticed a tinge of irony. Amidst Apple’s controversial decision, Samsung is also deliberating the same decision for next year’s flagships. Now, another rumor confirms that the Galaxy S21 will not come with a charger.

Back in July, Korean outlet ETNews leaked the possibility soon after rumors of Apple’s decision surfaced. This time, another Korean publication ChosunBiz adds a new insider source to confirm the news.

Starting next year, the Galaxy S21 series will strip off the same peripherals from their packaging. At the very least, the flagship’s boxes will not come with a pair of wired earphones. As of now, Samsung is still mulling over the possibility of keeping a charging adapter inside the box. So, if only one of the two has to go, the wired earphones are the first on the chopping block.

Though the box will certainly come with a charging cable, an adapter exclusion might not bode well for the South Korean company. As mentioned above, the company only recently mocked Apple for its decision to remove free charging adapters from the iPhone 12’s boxes.

Besides the controversial decision, a few other details have also leaked ahead of the flagship’s launch including an earlier launch date. Further, we already have an idea of what the phone will look like and what colors it will come in.

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Lenovo presents new Yoga lineup in the Philippines

16GB RAM + 1TB SSD combo!



Lenovo decks out smarter and more premium laptops in the Philippines, revealing the 5th-generation of Yoga devices. Designed for consumers with sophisticated taste, the Yoga laptops presents new form factors in style.

Yoga 9 series

Lenovo’s new headliners come in the form of two premium, innovative, and versatile notebooks: the Yoga Slim 9i and the Yoga 9i convertible, both starting at PhP 99,995.

The two laptops are powered by up to the latest 10th-gen Intel Core i9 HK-series processors, with Intel Xe graphics. Moreover, both laptops come with stylish design, smart features, and power-efficient batteries.

Yoga 7 series

Another lineup of powerhouse devices is thin and light laptops from the Yoga 7 Series. There’s the Yoga Slim 7i Pro (price starts at PhP 64,995), fueled by Intel Core i7 processors and NVIDIA’s GeForce Mx450 GPU, balancing speed and power. It’s a powerful companion for multitasking, video editing, and more.

For those who are always-on-the-go, particularly executives and businessmen, the Yoga Slim 7i Carbon (starts at PhP 59,995) is a perfect match. It packs a 15-hour battery life and powerful performance while looking elegant with a stunning Moon White finish coupled with a featherweight, portable design.

On the other hand, the Yoga 7i (price starts at PhP 59,995) offers an ultra-thin convertible with a long-lasting battery, at approximately 16 hours. It’s designed for balanced performance, making it the perfect work-and-play companion.

In case you need a compact notebook, the Yoga Slim 7i presents an all-metal machine-cut premium device with a clamshell design.

Yoga 6

The most portable powerhouse, so far, is the Yoga 6 (price starts at PhP 49,995). It houses a top-performing AMD Ryzen 7 4700U processor with built-in AMD Radeon graphics inside a compact 13-inch chassis. Despite its ultra-compact size, this laptop can last up to 18 hours of computing and entertainment activities.

IdeaPad 5 and 3 series

The IdeaPad lineup has just evolved, bringing fast and intuitive devices to help bring ideas to life. The IdeaPad Slim 5i (price starts at PhP 42,995) prides itself on narrower bezels and innovative charging via Type-C connection, compared to most laptops in the same bracket. There’s also the IdeaPad Flex 5i (price starts at PhP 49,995) featuring super-fast connectivity, advanced display technology, and a 360-degree hinge for flexibility. It also comes with Lenovo’s Digital Pen.

For those looking for value-for-money laptops, the IdeaPad Slim 3i offers just that. It’s available in two variants: Core i7 (starts at PhP 44,995) or Core i3 with MX GPU (starts at PhP 29,995).

Major improvements on the new lineup

Lenovo just made history, bringing the widest range of devices with a powerful 16GB RAM and 1TB SSD combo in the Philippines. Together with the previously launched Yoga Duet 7, the suite spans 10 devices — Yoga Slim 91, Yoga 9i, Yoga Slim 7 Pro, Yoga Slim 7i Carbon, Yoga Slim 7, Yoga 7i, Yoga 6, IdeaPad Slim 5, and IdeaPad Flex 5 — with a starting price of PhP 49,995.

Freebie galore

With the exception of the IdeaPad Slim 3i (Core i3 variant), all the devices come with pre-installed Microsoft Office Home & Student 2019 (worth PhP 6,995) and Lenovo’s 3-year Premium Care Warranty (worth PhP 9,100).

Lenovo also teams up once again with Herschel this holiday season, handing out a limited edition Herschel merchandise for every purchase of participating devices. Customers availing select devices under the Yoga 9, 7, and 6 series will get a Lenovo x Herschel Stowaway Jacket (worth PhP 10,995), Gibson Travel Bag (worth PhP 7,495), and Spokane Sleeve (worth PhP 3,495), and other Lenovo accessories for free.

Those purchasing select devices of the IdeaPad 5 and 3 series will also receive the Stowaway Jacket and other accessories. Certain models of the IdeaPad 3 series will also get the Stowaway Jacket and a Fifteen Hip Pack (worth PhP 2,495) among other freebies.

The Lenovo and Herschel Holiday collection runs from November 1, 2020, to January 31, 2021. Only purchases made at official Lenovo stores — online and offline –, as well as authorized Lenovo Partners’ branches and their online stores, will be honored. Customers are required to keep the Sales Invoice as proof of purchase. Other terms and conditions apply. For the full mechanics of the promo, visit this link.

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Zoom is now rolling out end-to-end encryption for free, paid users

But there’s a twist



Video conferencing service Zoom has announced it’s rolling out end-to-end encryption for all users globally. It’s now available for users as a technical preview for the next 30 days and users can provide feedback.

The technical preview means the company is still working on the feature and user feedback could bring changes to the end implementation. End-to-end encryption means that the company hosting the service too cannot snoop around. The encryption key is saved with the user and all communication between two people remains secured.

The feature is opt-in only, meaning users have to manually go to the Settings tab and enable end-to-end encryption. You’ll also be prompted to create a one-time passcode, which Zoom says will help them prevent abuse. By default, Zoom meetings and webinars use AES 256-bit GCM encryption for audio, video, and application sharing.

Due to the added security layer, you won’t be able to dial-in on calls via an ordinary phone. Additionally, it’ll disable a few features like join before host, cloud recording, streaming, live transcription, Breakout Rooms, polling, 1:1 private chat, and meeting reactions.

End-to-end encryption is available on Mac and PC, the Zoom Android app, and Zoom Rooms. It’s yet to roll-out on iOS since the updated patch hasn’t received approval from Apple’s App Store yet.

Zoom says that this is just a part of their security update and the company plans to roll out better identity management and E2EE SSO integration as part of phase 2. Altough, the latter is scheduled for 2021.

Lastly, Zoom for Android has received a new update and it brings along support for live streaming to YouTube.

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