OPPO Beauty Box is the perfect place to take Instagram photos



Getting the perfect shot isn’t as simple as one would think. Perfect Instagram spots are often elusive, or few and far between.

OPPO, the brand behind the “Selfie Expert,” recognizes this problem and came up with the perfect solution.

This is the OPPO Beauty Box, located in Guangzhou, China

OPPO beauty box

Photo credit: OPPO

That animated facade alone is a scene-stealer — look at it glow!

It’s a pop-up with a number of very pretty rooms

OPPO Beauty Box, Guangzhou, China

Photo credit: OPPO

Yes, I said rooms! Designed specifically for the photo lover in all of us, each set is configured to get you those perfect shots.

I set out to see if I could snap photos here good enough for #InstagramGoals. The following are the result of shooting at the location with the OPPO R11s.

Walk in and you find this hall filled with twinkle lights…

OPPO Beauty box

They make for a beautiful bokeh background.

First up is the yellow room

OPPO Beauty box

With Bailey (of Android Authority) and Ayano!

Bright and cheerful in yellow, this room had a cute laundromat set up. Definitely a fun and eye-catching arrangement.

Then the pink room

Obviously, this is my favorite room. I mean, do I even need to explain that?

OPPO Beauty Box

The lights! All that pink! Definitely a room that brought so much joy to my heart. It matches my hair (well, sort of) and this photo definitely made it to my Instagram feed.

And finally, the blue room

OPPO Beauty box

The funniest out of all the sets, this had a vertical room — complete with a bed — set up. You could snuggle into the covers, pose, and totally stage #wokeuplikethis, which is what I tried to do with hilarious results.

The Beauty Box is part of promotions for the OPPO R11s which recently hit shelves in China.

So, if you’re serious about upping your Instagram game, it’s time to pack your bags and head to Guangzhou.

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Shelter dogs get their portraits taken for a good cause

All shot with a smartphone!



This was not your ordinary smartphone photo session.

In the wake of the Chinese New Year and with the start of the year of the dog, a special project was born. Famed animal photographer Ernest Goh took portraits of dogs with his iPhone X. But, these are not just any dogs.

These photographs show the everyday lives of dogs in shelters. Ernest explains the story behind these pictures:

“The images give a glimpse of the life of a sheltered dog. From morning runs to stretch their paws to lazy naps in the afternoons to moments of joy when a visitor comes to the shelter. Chinese New Year is about celebration, but what is a celebration without the company of loved ones. Ask any dog owner and he or she will tell you their dog is very much part of the family. Sheltered dogs are not so lucky to have a family so more importantly, this photo-story goes to anyone who would like to get a pet dog this year — do consider adopting sheltered dogs!”

Mutts and Mittens, an animal shelter, explains that there are hundreds of cats and dogs living in shelters in Singapore. It’s their hope that this series of photos will be able to show the world the plight of these lovable creatures and hopefully inspire people to adopt these pets.

See the rest of the photos below:

In an effort to find these gentle creatures homes, Mutts and Mittens will also be having an adoption drive. (Details on their Facebook Page)

It seems that the iPhone X’s Portrait Mode worked wonders even on non-person subjects. What’s more wonderful, however, is how this whole project came together because of well-meaning people and simple technology.

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Acer Spin 5 hands-on: What goes around, comes around

Yes, it spins!



These days, we use technology in a number of different ways for our many different needs. It would only make sense that we’d need a machine that will cater to all our modern-day whims.

Acer’s Spin 5 may just be that machine.

Aside from the sleek metal body, powerful speakers, and touchscreen LCD, my favorite feature remain to be this special feature.

The Acer Spin 5 may look like your typical laptop

It’s equipped the latest Intel Core i5-8520U processor and an Intel Graphics 620 card. It runs on Windows 10 and has8GB of memory, and 256GB SSD.

But it’s called “Spin” for a reason

Yep, you can flip it…

… and reverse it.

Its 13.3-inch 1080p LCD is perfect for showing off things to a friend or presentations at work. There are two USB 3.0 ports, a USB-C, an HDMI port, an SD card reader, and even an audio port.

You can use it as a tablet

Great for binge-watching your shows — or your favorite tech channel. 😉 The speakers on this thing are always perfectly positioned, no matter what angle it’s in.are

… and even draw on it with the Acer pen!

It works seamlessly with this device! The Acer Active stylus has sensors which means you can draw with different stroke thickness, depending on how much pressure you apply. There’s also a “palm rejection” feature which assures undisturbed scribbling when the pen is on.

Best of all, you can share the whole experience with friends

The more the merrier!

Acer’s Spin 5 is one versatile device. Designed for your everyday hustle, this 360-degree notebook will adapt to your every need.

Yep, a definite all-around machine.

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This feature was produced in collaboration between GadgetMatch and Acer.

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Facebook rolls out new Lists feature

Have you tried this out?



In an effort to get its users to post more personal stuff on their platform, Facebook has decided to roll out a new feature. Introducing: Lists!

It’s a pretty straightforward feature which allows users to make lists (and check them twice!) for sharing on the website.

You can find this option (if you already have it) on the status bar as one of the options. After ticking “List,” you’re given the option to pick from popular topics which include “Reasons I love my friends,” or “Movies I want to see.” You can also just create a list with your own title.

You can add as many as 10 items on each list and, in true Facebook fashion, you can even change the background color.

This feature comes after Facebook’s big algorithm change. Zuckerberg explained that “the first changes you’ll see will be in News Feed, where you can expect to see more from your friends, family and groups.” This feature is definitely looking like a step in that direction.

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