OPPO is developing a phone with a sliding selfie camera

In an upcoming Reno phone



Years after the notch’s debut, smartphone makers are still finding ways to reinvent the form factor with fresher designs. The smartphone screen has evolved from the notch to the waterdrop notch to the under-display camera. OPPO, one of the most famous experimenters of the form factor, is trying a new design for the future. According to a new patent, OPPO is developing a phone with a sliding selfie camera.

Revealed by LetsGoDigital, the potentially upcoming Reno will mount the phone’s front-facing selfie camera on a sliding rail. The patent was filed last year but was published last month.

As a default, the Reno will maintain the camera on a static position. However, once activated, users can move the camera manually across the rail. According to OPPO, the manually moving camera can take selfies from different angles. If you’ve ever tried to take artistic selfies, getting the perfect angle is an essential part of the skill. With the moving camera, users can take angled photos even if they are facing the camera straight on. The tradeoff, of course, is the sizable front chin.

Besides the moving camera, OPPO is also trying to recreate the same features for the rear camera. With a moving rear camera, the phone can take better panoramic shots.

However, as with most patents, we don’t know when (or if) the upcoming Reno is coming. Regardless, the form factor is an exciting development for smartphones if it comes.

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Huawei Mate 50 series is going global

The international tour starts now



Earlier this month, Huawei debuted its new flagship series, the Mate 50. However, China naturally got first dibs before the rest of the world. Now, after a month of being exclusive, the Mate 50 series is going global. Huawei has officially announced the international release of the flagship series.

As a refresher, the series will come in two variants: the regular Mate 50 and the Mate 50 Pro. Both will come with Kunlun Glass, a screen which consists of 10 quadrillion nanocrystals and can withstand tall drops. It also uses an elegant Cloud de Paris embossing design, merging form with function.

The regular Mate 50 will sport a 6.7-inch OLED screen with 90Hz refresh rate. On the other hand, the Mate 50 Pro will have a slightly larger 6.74-inch OLED screen that tops off at 120Hz refresh rate.

Under the hood, both models will come with the new Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 processor. They also come with Adreno 730 and the 7th-gen Qualcomm AI engine. While the regular model comes with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage, the Mate 50 Pro comes with 512GB of storage.

The Mate 50 series has a triple rear camera setup. The regular version comes with a 50-megapixel main + 13-megapixel ultra-wide + 12-megapixel telephoto combination. Meanwhile, the Pro has a 50-megapixel main + 13-megapixel ultra-wide + 64-megapixel telephoto combination. Both will have a 13-megapiel selfie shooter.

While the Mate 50 has a 4460mAh battery, the Mate 50 Pro comes with a larger 4700mAh battery. Both are compatible with Huawei’s wired and wireless SuperCharge.

The Mate 50 Pro (8GB + 256 GB) will be available in Black and Silver, retailing for EUR 1299. Meanwhile, a Leather Orange model with vegan leather retails for EUR 1399.

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Password-less logins: OPPO joins FIDO Alliance

Advancing authentication standards



OPPO Find X5 Pro

OPPO announced that is has joined the FIDO Alliance, an open industry association that develops authentication standards to reduce reliance on passwords worldwide.

As a part of the alliance, OPPO will support the development and implementation of the latest FIDO standards for password-less logins by utilizing cryptography and the protocols defined by the association itself.

The smartphone brand will actively use FIDO standards on its smart devices. They will work with FIDO’s other affiliates to provide users a faster but more secure sign-in experience across their devices. 

Launched publicly in 2013, the Alliance was founded by renowned global companies such as PayPal, Lenovo, NokNok Labs, Validity Sensors, Infineon, and Agnitio.

The first deployment of FIDO authentication happened in 2014, involving the Samsung Galaxy S5. Users were allowed to login and shop online with just a swipe of a finger wherever PayPal is accepted.

The Alliance’s latest authentication specification, FIDO2, provides a secure and convenient technical framework supported by companies including Google, Microsoft, and Qualcomm.

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vivo Y35 review: Y series upgraded



vivo Y35

We know that the Y series is vivo’s entry-level line of smartphones and is among their highest selling variants to date. So, it does feel confusing that the vivo Y35 still belongs in this category as a lot of its features already belong to a higher class. 

It has everything a Y series should be but also a lot to take it to the next level.

That’s exactly what we’re going to discuss as we talk more about the identity crisis this phone is having and why it actually is pretty good.


A quick recap of the specs before we proceed. The vivo Y35 is running on the Snapdragon 680 chipset with 8GB RAM plus 8GB of extended RAM, it also has a large internal storage of 256GB and is being powered by a 5,000mAh battery with a 44W Flash Charge.

Designed like a Y series and that means beautiful

vivo Y35

The way this phone is designed looks and feels almost exactly like vivo’s other entry-level offerings. It’s not necessarily a bad thing since their designs are recognizably attractive and are pretty well built.

With this one, the size feels slightly thicker and heavier on the hands. It can be both a blessing and a curse especially for people with bigger hands. I like that it feels a bit chunky. It makes it easier to grip though it also bulges a bit in my pants’ pocket.

vivo Y35

It’s commendable that for a relatively affordable phone, I feel proud to bring out even in sophisticated engagements. Contrasting the camera module’s dark gray mirror finish with the Dawn Gold colorway of the whole body is picture-perfect.

Plus, I greatly appreciate that they finally went with a matte textured back case which doesn’t attract smudges.

Responsive Display 

vivo Y35

If you place the Y35 side by side with other budget phones from vivo, you’ll probably think they’re all using the same screens. Most of them still have a chin and a dew drop front camera design. But on paper, most of them slightly differ. 

The one on the Y35 is a 6.58-inch, full HD+, IPS display but now boasts a 90Hz refresh rate. So it does feel a bit more responsive adding to its overall user experience.

vivo Y35

Given that this isn’t AMOLED, we can’t expect it to have the same vibrance of that kind. But at least the viewing angles are decent and colors are nicely saturated.

Outdoor usage may be a bit of a struggle but not to the point that it gets annoying.

Battery and Charging is its best feature

One of the highlights on the Y35 is its fast charging capabilities. vivo claims this phone can charge up to 70 percent in just 34 minutes. It’s quite unusual to experience in this category of smartphones.

Based on my personal test, the 44W Flash Charge on this was able to get a 20 percent increase in just ten minutes of charging. And from 15 percent, it took a whole hour and two minutes for it to get fully charged.

Not entirely the same as vivo’s claims but still remarkably fast. Especially if we consider that most entry-level phones do take more than two hours to get fully charged.

This means we can now change our overnight charging habit to just charging before we prepare ourselves for leaving the house.

vivo Y35

Battery performance was also fairly good. I managed to use this mostly on data connection, streaming a whole bunch of YouTube videos in a four-hour bus trip to Baguio and I ended the whole day still with 58 percent battery remaining.

That’s pretty decent for a 5,000 mAh battery if you ask me.

Built for Multi-Tasking 

vivo Y35

Aside from the large RAM and storage, there really isn’t much to go crazy about the Y35’s hardware and performance. Apps run more or less the same as other Snapdragon 680 powered phones. But the benefits of having more RAM is quite noticeable.

It can surely handle running apps side by side on multi-window mode but not absurdly responsive. It also manages to return to apps I have running in the background without having to wait for it to load all over again.

vivo Y35

I assume games may have also benefited from the large available RAM as Call of Duty: Mobile is able to run lag-free at very high settings with high FPS enabled. 

vivo Y35

But I feel that among the games I’ve tried, Genshin Impact had a more significant benefit from its specs. Despite being very demanding, the Y35 seemed pretty comfortable handling this game at its default setting with no noticeable slowdowns.

At medium setting, slowdowns did become evident but dropping a few settings to low made the game run at nearly its full speed. I even managed to configure some settings to a combination of high graphic options and this worked out pretty well, too.

Cameras that take Insta-worthy snaps 

vivo Y35

Like the display, I was also expecting the camera to be the exact same one that came with the Y35’s more affordable siblings. With 50MP for its main camera, 2MP bokeh shooter, 2MP macro camera and 16MP selfie camera, on paper, these do seem very similar.

But having the chance to use a lot of them, I can say that that isn’t the case. Image quality has improved but not so drastically.





It often gets the colors where I want them and looks Insta-worthy but so long as we manually adjust the exposure slider. Not doing so will mostly result in an overly exposed image which isn’t too appealing.

I noticed that it still has difficulty capturing details in background subjects like leaves of trees. However, I may belong in the minority who actually likes the look of its softness. It kind of reminds me of old digicams which make some shots feel nostalgic if that makes sense.

What I really liked was the ability to recover quickly after taking a shot. I think this could also be a product of its hardware specs and not the camera itself. Whatever it is, it helps ease shooting. The Y35 manages to snap at fast moving subjects allowing me to catch candid moments as it happens.

Is the vivo Y35 your GadgetMatch?

vivo Y35

Priced at PhP 14,999 as of writing, the vivo Y35 does seem to be pushing against the boundaries of the entry-level category. For just a little bit more, a lower mid-range phone isn’t too far off which would likely be better in most cases.

Having this consideration in mind, I think the Y35 would be an ideal fit for people eyeing a budget phone who are willing to stretch their pockets a bit for more features.

vivo Y35

It’s fast enough for daily tasks and games. and is capable of capturing the moment with its decent cameras. It’s also a fast and vibrant display, and best of all, it charges fast and won’t easily die down on you. Plus it also looks really nice, albeit with the notch design.

Basically, it’s a phone that gets the job done with a few extras here and there. Maybe vivo can consider calling this a Y series Plus or Pro? 

The vivo Y35 is available in Dawn Gold or Agate Black colors at their Shopee, Lazada, Tiktok Shop and vivo e-store and all vivo Concept stores nationwide.

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