Original iPhone sells for US$ 35,000 at auction

Unopened and still in the box



Want to see a piece of smartphone history? One of the rarest smartphones in the world, the original iPhone, has just sold at a recent auction for a whopping US$ 35,000.

It’s a blast from the past. Fifteen years ago, the late Steve Jobs unleased the iPhone into the world. The company’s first slab phone helped kickstart one of the most prolific tech revolutions the world has ever known. Now, everyone has a smartphone. And, though buttons and bezels have come and gone, most handheld devices owe their pedigree to that very-first iPhone.

The smartphone has since evolved many, many times since that first iteration, of course. Still, it’s amazing to see the pioneer out in the wild.

In a recently concluded auction on RR Auction, a sealed package of the original iPhone has sold for US$ 35,414. Still in its original packaging, the box hearkens back to a time when smartphones still came with an audio jack, a free pair of earphones, and a charger.

Of note, the packaged phone is even rarer than usual. According to the box, the iPhone doesn’t even come with iTunes. The music player and store only came as part of the Apple app ecosystem months after the original run.

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vivo 5G phones included in Shopee, Lazada 10.10 sales

Discounts plus giveaways



vivo Y35

vivo is taking part in Shopee and Lazada’s 10.10 festivities with its respective Brand Festival and Budol Festival deals on the e-commerce apps, offering customers markdown deals and freebies.

Included in the sales are vivo’s newly-launched smartphones across different segments, such as the vivo Y35, vivo Y16, and vivo Y02s, which will come in discounted rates of up to PhP 1,000 off and freebies.

5G-ready options such as the vivo Y76 and vivo V23 will also be part of the list of participating devices.

Aside from the price cuts, vivo will also be offering a lot of giveaways, such as sim cards, tumblers, wireless earbuds, speakers, wireless chargers, and more.

For a full list of phones and corresponding discounts and giveaways, check the table below.

Model Discount Freebies
Y01 PhP 100 off Sim card

Premium tumbler

Y15s PhP 300 off
Y15A PhP 500 off
Y02s PhP 20 off Sim card


Y16 (4GB+64GB, 4GB+128GB) PhP 40 off
Y21T PhP 200 off DITO sim card

TWS wireless earbuds

Y33s PhP 1,000 off Sim card

TWS earbuds

Y35 PhP 200 off 
Y76 5G
T1x PhP 100 off
V23e PhP 300 off
T1 Sim card

2-in-1 clock speaker

V23 5G DITO sim card

2-in-1 clock speaker

Bluetooth Neckband


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Xiaomi 12T series now official

The brand’s latest flagship



Xiaomi 12T Pro

Xiaomi announced the global launch of its latest smartphones: The Xiaomi 12T and Xiaomi 12T Pro.

The pair is set to rival other phones in the flagship category. The Xiaomi 12T Pro is powered by an SM8475 Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 (4nm) processor. Meanwhile the standard 12T houses a Dimensity 8100-Ultra (5nm) chipset.

Both phones have a 5,000mAh battery and support Xiaomi’s 120W HyperCharge which can promise 100 percent charging in just 19 minutes, and 13.5 hours of screen-on time.

The 12T Pro has up to 12GB RAM for seamless performance, on top of a 256GB internal memory while the 12T isn’t that far behind with an 8GB RAM and the same storage capacity.

The devices also have a 6.67-inch AMOLED HDR10+ screen which comes with a 120Hz refresh rate and supports Dolby Vision and AdaptiveSync. In addition, the Pro model has an IP53 dust and splash resistance rating.

Exceptional smartphone photography

When it comes to photography, the 12T Pro features a pro-grade 200MP camera which has a large 1/1.22-inch sensor. It is capable of filming 8K videos and 4K at up to 60fps.

The 12T has a 108MP main shooter that can also record 4K videos and standard HD clips in 60fps.

With Xiaomi’s ProCut and Ultra burst, as well as advanced AI algorithms, smartphone photography will definitely be taken to the next level. Both devices likewise have 20MP selfie cameras.

Price and availability

In Singapore, the Xiaomi 12T Pro starts at SG$ 1,099 while the Xiaomi 12T retails for SG$749.

Pricing and availability details in the Philippines have yet to be revealed.

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First USB-C iPhone is likely coming in 2024

Law approved in the EU



The first iPhone with USB-C is slowly creeping into reality. After chewing on the initial agreement a bit more, the European Union has finally made the historic decision official. An approved law will force all electronic devices to adopt a single charging standard.

Months ago, the EU created the initial edict to force all device manufacturers into USB-C as a standard. Despite the high hopes that the edict will pass into law, there was still a tiny chance that it just fizzled into nothing. Now, that tiny chance is itself fizzling into oblivion.

Earlier today, the European Parliament voted on passing the edict into law. The results were overwhelming. Opposed to 13 votes against and 8 abstentions, 602 lawmakers voted in favor of the new law. It is one step closer to becoming completely official. There is one last step: a vote from the European Council. Naturally, there is still a chance of an unfavorable vote. However, the overwhelming ratio for this vote should be a good sign for the future.

Once official, all companies — including those that manufacture laptops and tablets — will be forced to adopt USB-C as a charging standard. Likewise, all chargers should charge under the same speed, “allowing users to charge their devices at the same speed with any compatible charger,” as the press release reads.

Though the law affects everyone in the industry, the largest ripple will affect Apple. As of now, the iPhone maker still keeps users in its proprietary ecosystem dominated by the Lightning cable. By 2024, users, especially those in Europe, might see the first iPhone with a USB-C slot, instead of a Lightning one.

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