Step up your WFH productivity game with Razer

A full suite of peripherals for both work and play



Some businesses these days are starting to transition to a more hybrid setup for work. If working from home for almost two years isn’t your style, this is the perfect opportunity to try something new. However, if you’re extra careful, you can also take this opportunity to try something different to elevate your productivity space. Of course, this opportunity comes courtesy of… Razer?

Normally, Razer is associated with producing some of the best gaming peripherals out there. From their multi-awarded gaming keyboards and mice to monitors, they are one of the premiere brands trusted by professionals. This time around, they’re targeting a different kind of professional; one that grinds through a 9-5 workload.

For the type of professional who works hard and plays harder, Razer introduces its Productivity Suite of peripherals. Here’s a more detailed look into this suite designed for the grind, whether it’s for working overtime or playing in overtime.

Build your space with the Razer Pro Glide Mousepad

It may not be much, but the Razer Pro Glide Mousepad is definitely something worth considering when building/upgrading any work setup. To be fair, it is just a simple mouse pad designed for better and more accurate tracking from your mouse. However, it also provides a bit of an added benefit depending on the size you get.

See, the Razer Pro Glide Mousepad comes in either Medium or XXL and provides the same experience regardless of the mouse you have. The XXL variant covers up to 37 inches of surfaces, which is pretty decent for those with large work spaces. Apart from more accurate tracking for your mouse, a large enough mouse pad also protects surfaces from possible scratches from relatively sharp peripherals.

Another good thing about this mouse pad is that it has an anti-slip rubber base that keeps it in place all the time. In essence, you don’t have to worry about it slipping off your table when you slide your keyboard or mouse too hard towards any direction. Also, it only comes in a gray color that fits a minimalist gray-white setup quite well. 

Craft your response smoothly with the Razer Pro Type Ultra

Razer has had no shortage in quality keyboards over the years, and for the most part, these were made with the gamer’s interest in mind. However, they wanted to step it up a bit and bring the same quality of their gaming keyboards to the working professional. This is what the Razer Pro Type Ultra is all about!

The Razer Pro Type Ultra is a full-size mechanical keyboard built with silent switches to give you a tactile typing experience. Whenever you’re doing work while on a call, for example, you don’t have to worry about people hearing your clicky keyboard as much. Also, these switches make the keys quite durable as it can last for more than 80 million clicks. 

Now, this keyboard supports both wired (via a USB-A to USB-C cable) and wireless (via Bluetooth or a 2.4Ghz USB-A dongle) connectivity. If you’re more of an on-the-go worker, this is a nifty feature for a full-size keyboard to have. Also, it comes with a soft wrist rest to maximize comfort while you’re typing away.

Take action instantly with the Razer Pro Click Mini

When it comes to mice, Razer also excels in this department and they have the awards to back it up. Naturally, the Razer Pro Click Mini would come with the same level of quality suitable for the working professional at any level. Much like the Pro Type Ultra, the Pro Click Mini is silent and responsive in its approach.

Another feature the Pro Click Mini shares with the Pro Type Ultra is its wireless connectivity options. Both peripherals support Bluetooth and dongle connections — also through a USB-A dongle — and last long despite using AA batteries. Also, the Pro Click Mini only requires one AA battery instead of two to run at its full capacity. At least, you can save the other battery for late work hours once you’ve exhausted the other one.

Of course, this is one of the more portable peripherals in the suite due to its weight and size. Inside the package, it comes with a pouch to house it when you’re on-the-go for work. Much like their gaming mice, Razer even added programmable buttons for you to assign specific functions.

Razer Productivity Suite Price and availability

The Razer Productivity Suite is available across multiple retailers and e-retailers nationwide. Also, these products are available on the official Razer website. For pricing, kindly refer to the list below:

  • Razer Pro Click Mini: PhP 4,095/SG$ 129
  • Pro Type Ultra: PhP 8.495/SG$ 249
  • Pro Glide XXL Mousepad: PhP 1,695/SG$ 46


macOS Ventura: Favorite New Features

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Last WWDC 2022, Apple announced not only new Mac hardware, they’re also thrilled with what macOS Ventura has to offer.

Other than the vibrant wallpaper, there are features that will help you be more productive in doing work.

Watch our roundup of macOS Ventura’s Best New Features!

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RAKK launches own ShopeeMall, LazMall stores

Coming this Philippine Independence Day!




Local gaming accessories and peripherals brand RAKK is finally getting their own Lazada and Shopee flagship stores.

RAKK MALL will be available in Shopee Mall and LazMall starting on June 12, 2022 to further boost the brand’s reach and influence.

This means instead of visiting the EASYPC channels, customers may be able to access RAKK’s products like the Pirah Wireless Mechanical Keyboard and Talan Wireless Gaming Mouse easier and purchase them directly from their own official stores.

And for the grand launch on Independence Day, the store is celebrating with a week-long promotion offering fans big discounts, payday and flash sales, and giveaways.

The first customer to purchase from the new RAKK MALL official stores shall receive a free gift along with his or her order.

RAKK will also go live on their official Facebook page during the June 12 launch for product releases, giveaways, and information on their upcoming activities, so don’t miss out.

RAKK Gears launched in 2015, offering gamers a local, affordable alternative for a wide range of gaming products like gaming mice, keyboards, mousepads, and more.

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Two Razer gaming mice now ECOLOGO-certified

The Basilisk V3 and DeathAdder Essential



Razer DeathAdder Essential Ecologo

Razer announced that two of their gaming mice have achieved ECOLOGO certification from global safety science leader UL.

Razer’s Basilisk V3 and DeathAdder Essential became the first gaming peripherals of their kind to gain such seal of approval.

The milestone came quite fittingly in time for this year’s celebration of World Environment Day.

ECOLOGO Certification program

UL’s ECOLOGO certification program looks at products and services and verifies them for reduced environmental impact.

According to UL’s website, the wide variety of criteria include:

  • Materials
  • Energy
  • Manufacturing and operations
  • Health and environment
  • Product performance and use
  • Product stewardship and innovation

For the two gaming mice, UL looked at several sustainability criteria, such as:

  • EU hazardous chemical restricted substance regulations compliance
  • Skin irritation and sensitization assessment
  • Repair and replacement management process
  • Requiring of selective waste treatment to service providers
  • Sustainable packaging

UL also inspected Razer’s facilities to certify that the company’s products were manufactured in environmentally responsible places.

Products which have gained ECOLOGO certification include all-purpose cleaners, hand sanitizers and soaps, furniture polish, and more.

The Razer Basilisk V3 is available starting at PhP 3,495 / SG$ 109.90 while the DeathAdder Essential is priced at PhP 1,995 / SG$ 49.90.

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