realme Air Purifier: The little things that eased my asthma

more than JUST breathing



If there’s anything two weeks of on-and-off-again asthma attacks have reminded me, it’s the fragile pair of lungs I’ve got. Besides the obvious ‘L’ I took on the genetic end of things, I don’t think I take much care of myself. I think that goes for most people despite the over-harped self-care mid-pandemic.

Obviously, this idgaf attitude towards myself had to ultimately end. So, here are a few things I had to learn to stop my lungs from feeling like they were going to collapse on themselves.

Trigger warnings

There’s a bunch of triggers to asthma. From horrible allergies to dust to stress, your lungs can feel fine one minute and then abso-fluffing-lutely not the next. So, knowing common irritants like dust, fur, smoke, and mold can help you figure out what’s causing it and how you can navigate around some irritant you can’t completely avoid–like your pets.

Take breaks

As someone very obsessive and stubborn, this was tricky to learn. When you’re zeroing in on work, you can often leave a lot unchecked. Stress can be a trigger too. And, you might not be tending to your fundamental needs.

Remember to pace yourself with work and tasks. Also, let yourself recover.

Have your meds nearby

You know the drill: keep your inhalers and puffs always close by. Build the habit of taking your maintenance meds on top of having your emergency inhalers close to you wherever you are.

As someone who had hopes of outgrowing my asthma, I can be a bit reckless and irresponsible on this regard. Which, when I recently had an asthma attack, was not fun to be wheezing while panic buying nebules and inhalers.

All in moderation

This circles back to knowing your triggers or ones that you’ve developed over time. You can be totally fine with your fur babies one day and then, not the next. So, when triggers are unavoidable, taper your exposure to them.

To also eliminate other possible triggers, clean your room. Dust mites and other pests can be lurking.

Do your lungs a favor

And get yourself an air purifier. Just. Do it. Real talk, the quality of the air you breathe matters so much when you’re struggling to even breathe. Which is why instead of your respiratory tract doing all the air filtering, maybe you should get something that’ll do the heavy lifting.

For me, the realme TechLife Air Purifier drastically improved my breathing. I lucked out with having it around the time I was struggling with attacks, day in and out. The Techlife Air Purifier features a HEPA H12 filter that removes 99.95 percent of 0.3-micron particles and PM2.5 pollution. Which, in a nutshell, filters everything from dust, pollen, hair, animal dander, to other allergens.

Granted, I didn’t have the air purifier to solely thank for my asthma symptoms subsiding. It helped. From resting to nebulizing every day, and running the air purifier, I slowly but surely recovered.

The realme TechLife Air Purifier has air quality sensors, wind modes, and timer options to make sure you get fresh clean air without the head-scratching confusion. So, if you have family or roommates that are struggling to breathe mid-pandemic, this is a sure buy for you. The realme TechLife Air Purifier has a price tag of PhP 5,990 on Shopee and Lazada.


Everything new with Apple Fitness+ this January 2023

New workouts, collections, and songs



Apple Fitness+

Starting January 9, Apple Fitness+ users will enjoy more new offerings, from new workouts and trainers to new songs from Beyoncé.

Apple’s subscription-based fitness and wellness service has introduced a new total-body cardio Kickboxing workout under Fitness+.

Users can choose from 10-, 20-, or 30-minute-long variations which will be led by Jaime-Ray Hartshorne and Nez Dally.

In addition to the two new trainers, Brian Cochrane and Jenn Lau have been added to lead HIIT and Strength workouts, respectively.

Another new theme under Meditation, Sleep, has been launched, joining other themes like Calm, Gratitude, Resilience, and Creativity.

Sleep will consist of four 20-minute meditations that conclude with five minutes of relaxing music.

Everywhere else, Time to Walk gets new episodes, while two more Collections have been added to the Fitness+ roster: 6 Weeks to Restart Your Fitness and Level Up Your Core Training

Lastly, Artist Spotlight will feature new music from Beyoncé, including songs from her latest album RENAISSANCE. These will be available across Cycling, Dance, HIIT, Pilates, Strength, Treadmill, and Yoga exercises.

Succeeding Beyoncé in the next two weeks are Foo Fighters (January 16) and Bad Bunny (January 23).

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Netflix will release workout videos from Nike

Launching between December 2022 to 2023



With the new year just around the corner, a lot of people are bound to promise themselves a healthier 2023. However, a gym isn’t the most welcoming place for a newbie, especially those who don’t know what to do yet. If you’re struggling to start your 2023 right, Netflix is launching a library of fitness content from Nike before the current year ends.

Today, Netflix officially announced that Nike Training Club will release some of its videos on the streaming platform. Eventually totaling 30 hours of content, the library will teach both beginners and experienced users across a range of interests in the workout sphere.

Launching in two batches, the Nike Training Club will release its first batch on December 30. The first batch will include a total of 46 episodes spread throughout different series. These include Kickstart Fitness with the Basics, Two Weeks to a Stronger Core, Fall in Love with Vinyasa Yoga, HIT & Strength with Tara, and Feel-Good Fitness. Oh, and if you don’t have a gym or any equipment, you can still do some workouts on your own.

Currently, Netflix does not have a timeframe for the rest of the library. However, the platform promises more sometime in 2023. If you can’t wait, Nike Training Club also offers more content on its own app outside of Netflix.

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Herbalife kicks off new app, Nutrition Virtual Run 2022

More seamless tracking and interactive running challenges!



The Herbalife Nutrition Virtual Run 2022 is back!

In case you didn’t know, it’s an annual initiative to help consumers from the Asia-Pacific region adopt healthy active living habits. It aims to foster communities that support each other to achieve their health and wellness goals.

It’s a highlight event of the company’s “Get Moving with Good Nutrition” campaign.

“To inspire people in Asia Pacific to make positive lifestyle changes, we are introducing region-wide initiatives with a focus on helping them cultivate healthy nutrition and workout habits, while nurturing community support for achieving their goals. For instance, we recently held the Healthy Recipe Challenge to encourage building good eating habits. And this month, we will hold our annual Virtual Run in 13 markets across the Asia Pacific, to help people get moving with a healthy active lifestyle,” said Stephen Conchie, Regional President, Asia Pacific and China, Herbalife Nutrition.

For its third year, the Virtual Run 2022 takes place in Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. It’s available through a brand-new mobile app, making the running challenge interactive with more seamless tracking.

The virtual run is held from November 1 to 31, 2022 — featuring Individual and Team categories with a wide range of distance options to register from.

For individuals, runners can choose 5KM, 20KM, 50KM, or 100KM. Those who have a team can choose 20KM, 50KM, 100KM, 200KM, and 500KM.

The Virtual Run will contribute to raising funds to support the Herbalife Nutrition Foundation by providing good nutrition to needy children in the Asia Pacific through its flagship Casa Herbalife Nutrition program.

Download the Herbalife Nutrition VirtualRun app here.

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