Riot Games lays down Esports plans for VALORANT in 2021

In partnership with seven Esports organizations across Southeast Asia



Riot Games struck gold when they introduced the world to VALORANT, their take on team-based shooter games. With the launch of the VALORANT Ignition Series, they hoped to kickstart their game’s rise in Esports. With 2020 possibly ending soon, they turn their focus to the future of the game, and providing more competitive opportunities. For them, that all begins in 2021 as they lay down plans for Southeast Asia!

Essentially, Riot Games partnered with seven Esports organizations across Southeast Asia, Taiwan and Hong Kong for regional tournaments. These tournaments hope to bring the best out of these markets when it comes to the character-based 5v5 shooter game. Now, it will be up to these organizations to host these tournaments and showcase intense and high-stakes action. Eventually, teams who participate and win have a chance to represent their country on the international VALORANT stage.

Also, Riot decided to extend the invitation to the collegiate ranks to cultivate the next generation of gamers in the Esports scene. These will bring an exciting series of tournaments to college students who wish to experience the thrill of insane competition.

To know more and possibly participate, kindly reach out to the following organizations for your respective markets:

  • Mineski Philippines (Esports) and AcadArena (Collegiate) for the Philippines
  • The Gaming Company for Malaysia and Singapore (Esports)
  • PGL and Eliphant for Singapore Collegiate
  • Professional Gamers League and Eliphant for Singapore (Collegiate)
  • Talon for Hong Kong and Taiwan (Esports)
  • Taiwan Mobile and TeSL for Taiwan (Collegiate)
  • ESL for Thailand
  • ONE Up for Indonesia

Update as of October 21, 2020

In addition to these 2021 plans, a nationwide VALORANT tournament is already underway in the Philippines via VALORANT First Strike: Philippines. The eight teams that will battle it out in this PhP 500,000 (around US$ 10,300) tournament will advance from the Mineski VxV community cup. Registration is ongoing and will close on October 28, 2020.

On other VALORANT tournaments

RIOT: Mineski has been appointed to handle official VALORANT esports and collegiate in the Philippines for 2021, but this doesn’t stop other organizers from running their own community VALORANT tournaments. We are always looking to support community-led initiatives and competitions, and organizers will be able to work directly with Riot on grassroots activities.


Cyberpunk 2077 gets delayed, once again

Fans are fuming with anger



Cyberpunk 2077 has been delayed again, this time by 21 days. The game was supposed to launch on November 19, but the developer has announced a slight delay, and it’ll be releasing on December 10. Rest assured, fans are furious.

Gamers have had enough of delays and are fuming in anger right now. The game’s initial launch was scheduled for April 2020, but the Coronavirus pandemic radically changed plans. Furthermore, fans are disappointed because the developers had made it certain that the November deadline will be respected.

The reason behind another delay is its compatibility with the next-gen consoles from PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series hitting the markets next month.

“We’re aware it might seem unrealistic when someone says that 21 days can make any difference in such a massive and complex game, but they really do,” director Adam Badowski and CD Projekt co-founder Marcin Iwinski said in a release.

Keep in mind, the developers are working on the game entirely from the work-from-home model. However, CD Projekt Red is indicating the added development time will be all worth it.

The most frustrating part for fans is, the game has been in development for eight years. Apparently, the game was ready-to-play in January itself and has gone Gold already. Going Gold means that the master disc is ready, indicating it’s also ready for release.

So technically, they’ve already created Cyberpunk 2077, and it’s ready for distribution. But, the game awkwardly still isn’t finished. Let’s hope the game released as planned, and there are no more delays. Because, looking at the anger online, another delay could doom the game even before anyone plays it.

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Garmin launches an Instinct smartwatch for esport athletes

Comes with exclusive features too



Garmin Instinct Esports Edition

Garmin’s line of Instinct smartwatches traditionally caters to outdoor sports, with variants built for running, swimming, and even golfing. Now, the company is introducing a new smartwatch variant that caters to e-sport athletes and gamers  — Garmin Instinct Esports Edition.

For some skeptics, this is not just another Garmin smartwatch though. It actually comes with a unique set of features for esports athletes and gamers. The most unique feature of the smartwatch is the ability to live stream the health data of a gamer to audiences.

Thanks to a dedicated esports activity tracking function, gamers can keep tabs on their heart rate and stress while in a gaming session. A PC tool called STR3AMUP! broadcasts these data to live stream platforms, allowing audiences to see a gamer’s vital info too. That tool also allows customization so gamers can personalize the data to their own liking.

Now, some might be skeptical about this. After all, health data are sensitive information and some audiences might not really find those data useful.

However, Garmin sees potential with their smartwatch all the more thanks to an exclusive live broadcast feature. During a game, gamers can tune in to the new Body Battery  Energy Monitor reading, which combines heart rate, stress, and sleep data to determine their body’s energy.

Same specs as other Instinct smartwatches

Besides those unique selling points, Garmin Instinct Esports Edition is no different from the regular Instinct smartwatch. As such, it has a heart rate monitor, all-day activity tracking, and some smart features like receiving and viewing notifications.

Unfortunately, there is no support for third-party apps like other Garmin smartwatches. Support for music storage isn’t here too.

On the bright side, the smartwatch can stand the extreme elements thanks to a fiber-reinforced polymer body and a water rating of 10ATM. Garmin’s official battery figures are 80 hours in esports mode and 14 days in smartwatch mode.

As for the pricing, the smartwatch starts at US$ 299.99 and comes in a sole Black Lava configuration. Gamers can now purchase it directly from Garmin’s website.

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Lenovo Legion: The Empire Christmas Sale

Lotsa gaming treats



Have you always wanted to be part of the Legion? Now’s your chance with The Empire Christmas Sale.

The massive promo is open to customers who will purchase qualifying products from October 31 to December 31, 2020.

To enter, gamers must sign up and upgrade their account in Legion’s The Empire websiteLenovo’s exclusive gaming community and rewards program. Members are granted special perks including access to Legion merchandise, VIP entry to Legion gaming events, and more.

Members earn corresponding Empire Points for every product purchase which they can use to redeem exclusive Legion merchandise or products. Points may also be obtained by joining weekly missions posted at The Empire website.

Participating models for The Empire Christmas Sale include:

For the full mechanics, ‘like’ the Legion official Facebook page.

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