Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Preview



Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung will unveil its latest phablet the Galaxy Note 4 at its Unpacked Episode 2 launch event in Berlin, Germany on September 3. In this first GadgetMatch video, we preview the Top 4 best features to look forward to in the Note 4.

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The Vivo x Benefit Cosmetics blossom pink V15 box set is here and I want it

Making blooming selfies possible



Vivo has just announced a partnership that I am so here for and the resulting phone is oh so pretty!

The smartphone company unveiled a collaboration with Benefit Cosmetics, a makeup brand we all know and love, to release a phone/makeup box set that will definitely excite the ladies.

The highlight of the kit: Vivo’s blossom pink V15 — the phone color I’ve always wanted but rarely got!

Yes girls, this special kit does not only have this beautifully colored handset, it also includes Benefit box o’ powders in two shades: Dandelion Twinkle and the Gold Rush.

I am all for this partnership and the blooming selfies I will most definitely be able to shoot with this.

The Vivo x Benefit Kit will retail for PhP 17,999 starting May 25.

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Samsung Galaxy S10 may finally get its red color soon

Samsung has been holding back



As attractive as Samsung’s first batch of colors for the Galaxy S10 series are — especially Prism White — there was one shade in particular that was missing: Red.

To our delight, Samsung may have a Cardinal Red model coming soon, based on this leak:

Long-time Samsung fans would know that red variants for its flagship phones have always owned that special touch. Burgundy Red looks great on the Galaxy S8 and S9 and is still a fan-favorite.

While it would’ve been great to have this color at launch, it makes sense for Samsung to hide its best cards until the time is ripe, specifically for mid-season pushes.

We wouldn’t get our hopes up too high for copping a Cardinal Red Galaxy S10, however. Special variants such as this have been known to be region-specific, meaning your market might not receive it at all.

Let’s hope that “coming soon” is indeed happening and that we’ll have more info soon.

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Sony confirms Xperia pullout in a number of countries

They plan to make their mobile business profitable soon



Sony Xperia 1 | GadgetMatch

It’s no secret that Sony‘s mobile business is not doing well. We have already learned that the Japanese company will cut 50 percent or around 2,000 employees of its smartphone workforce next year. Local insiders have shared info about store shutdowns in certain countries, but Sony has yet to confirm where Xperia phones will be sold.

Thankfully, information about Sony’s plan forward has been shared online. In hopes to keep its mobile division profitable, it was already merged with the TV, audio, and camera divisions. However, the question remains: Where can you get Xperia phones now?

If you live in the region of Europe, Japan, Taiwan, or Hong Kong, you’ll still be able to get hold of a Sony phone through your local retailers or telco. As part of the new strategy, Xperia will pull out in other markets including the rest of Asia, Australia, Canada, South America, Africa, and the Middle East.

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Sony’s main goal is to have their smartphone business profitable starting in 2020. So far, they have two new smartphones this year: The Xperia 1 and Xperia 10. Both already reflects the mobile division’s integration to other departments with their visual- and audio-centric features such as the movie-friendly 21:9 aspect ratio, BRAVIA mobile display tech, Dolby Atmos audio, and Alpha-branded video cameras.

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