Samsung unveils super-thin soundbars built for gamers

To be released sometime this year



Samsung is setting their sights (or rather, their ears) on improving their premium soundbar lineup. Two new products — the NW700 Sound+ and Soundbar N650 — look to build a better fit for Samsung’s lifestyle and gaming market.

Image source: Samsung

The NW700 Sound+ soundbar brings a new form factor to your walls. Touting a 41 percent smaller frame (compared to the previous model, the MS650), the 53.5mm soundbar sits snugly under most of thin, wall-mounted TVs out today.

The 3.1-channel soundbar sports a built-in subwoofer, which further optimizes sound quality while reducing real estate on your TV system. Also, digital signal processing cancels bass distortion even before they leave the speakers. As a trade-off, the NW700 won’t be supporting Dolby Atmos features.

Image source: Samsung

Meanwhile, the Soundbar N650 caters to a market previously left behind by premium soundbars — gamers. The soundbar uses Samsung’s Acoustic Beam tech to specifically improve the gamer’s audio experience. Using this, it engineers a surround sound experience that takes you right to the action. Underneath, it touts two pipes flanked by tweeters at each end. Each hole acts as its own speaker. The two-pipe system enhances the panoramic sound experience delivered by the soundbar.

As if that wasn’t enough, the soundbar also includes a “Game Mode.” The specialized setting optimizes the system’s equalizer for gameplay. The soundbar automatically turns on the setting whenever a PS4 or Xbox One connects to a Samsung 2018 TV. With the feature, each bullet and every NPC booms through the system with the clarity of proper surround sound audio.

Finally, the N650 comes with Bluetooth connectivity for seamless streaming to Samsung TVs. It also supports Samsung’s One Remote Control system.

Both the NW700 Sound+ and Soundbar N650 were unveiled at the 2018 Samsung Forum in Rome. Samsung expects to release both products sometime later this year.

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Apple releases the emoji we all need

That and over 60 new emoji



I don’t know about you, but I have most definitely mastered emoji speak. These cute, tiny characters have helped me convey feelings and emotions in ways I never thought possible in fewer words that I could’ve ever imagined.

Honestly, I can’t even imagine life without emoji — how would I know if the person was joking through chat messages? I mean, think about the misunderstandings that would arise!

Whenever a new batch of emoji is released, I always find myself celebrating. More emoji means more ways to explain myself.

This is why I’m so pleased with Apple’s newest emoji: The pleading face.

Think of all the times you could use this in chat conversations. Your friend telling you that you can’t have that fifth slice of chocolate cake? You know what to send that buzzkill. Having a hard time accepting Justin’s being engaged to Hailey? You know what to tweet @ Selena. Just think of all the perfect scenarios this face could be useful in!

Of course, the pleading face isn’t the only emoji that was released today, it being World Emoji Day. There are more that 60 new emoji released today based on approved Unicode 11.0 characters. (In case you didn’t know, emoji need be approved by the Unicode Consortium before it gets released to the world.)

In the spirit of inclusivity, there are now bald emoji, gray-haired emoji, red-haired emoji, and even curly-haired emoji.

There are also more smiley faces to convey more of my moods:

More food is also added to the roster. My favorite? The mango and the mooncake!

Countless animals are in the mix too, including one majestic peacock.

Other additions include a softball and even superheroes!

Yep, more emoji, more fun!

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Swings Bluetooth earphones are also good-looking earrings

You’ll never lose your buds again



Bluetooth earphones are all the rage these days, sure. But as great as the tech is, most of these earphones all still look a little, well, awkward. (In that, I mean they still won’t match most outfits, let’s be real.)

Scandi Electronics sought to solve that problem with the Swings Bluetooth Earrings. These are good-looking earrings — and when I say good-looking, I mean you can really wear them out in real life — that double as earphones.

The concept is simple: Create something attractive that’s also functional. It may sound easy, but believe me, there’s only a small number of wearable tech that actually looks as good as jewelry. It works like this:

The drop earrings are swung around and voila, they’re earbuds! Once they’re in your ear, they automatically start playing your tunes. It has noise-canceling capabilities and five-hour battery life. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about them falling out.

Swings aren’t just for your listening and looking pleasure. It’s also equipped with mics and AI support for Google, Siri, and Alexa.

They don’t only look good, they’re also supposed to be pretty comfortable to wear. The earrings are lightweight and have silicone comfort-cap backs that you can even sleep in. There are three color versions available: silver/white, gold/white, and rose gold/white.

For the sportier ladies, there’s also a pair specially designed for the more active lifestyle. These black drops are called the Swings Sport.

Instead of the metal detail, this pair has silicone bands which make them shock- and sweat-proof. Talk about exercising in style!

If you’re sold on these earrings (like I am), you’d have to be a little patient. They ship out April of next year, so there’s a lot of time to plan outfits that’ll match your new danglies. Check out their Kickstarter page here.

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Moments: Sydney

The sites of Sydney are vlog-worthy!



Sydney, in the words of a local that I met, is the hot chick at a party that dazzles you with good looks and just makes you want to get to know them better. The sites of Sydney are beautiful, and everywhere you turn, you’ll definitely find something vlog- or Instagram-ready. Here’s Sydney, through the lens of the Vivo X21.

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