TCL 10 5G, 20 SE launches in the Philippines

A midranger and a budget model for everyone



TCL will soon bring their smartphone lineup to the Philippines, starting with the mid-range 10 5G and budget model 20 SE. Consumers can snag these two smartphones starting April 7 on Lazada and official distributors nationwide.

TCL 10 5G: Power on a budget

The more powerful of the two, TCL 10 5G packs a Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G which comes with its own 5G modem for next-gen connectivity. Upon its launch, it will be one of the cheaper smartphones with the aforementioned chipset and a generous 6GB/128GB combo. Plus, there’s more to dig here than its speedy processor. Upfront is a 6.53 inches IPS LCD FHD+ display with support for HDR10.

The cameras are pretty standard for a mid-range of this day and age. On the back is a quad-camera setup with a 64MP wide-angle + 8MP ultra-wide-angle + 5MP macro lens + 2MP depth sensor. Meanwhile, the selfie camera located on the left cut-out is a 16MP wide-angle lens.

The whole body of the device is made of glass, which is rare for the segment. It has the usual USB-C port and a headphone jack too. It also comes with a respectable 4,500 mAh battery with support for 18W fast charging. The best part? It comes with a price of PhP 17,990.

TCL 20 SE: Budget device with more power

TCL 20 SE is the one to get for those who wanted more power out of their budget devices. After all, it comes with a 5,000 mAh battery which should give users at least a day’s worth of battery life. It also supports 18W fast charging which is a big plus.

The rest of the specs are quite respectable too, from the 6.82-inch IPS LCD HD+ display to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 460 processor. Like its more expensive counterpart, it has a quad-camera setup though with a different arrangement. The back camera has a 16MP wide-angle + 5MP ultra-wide-angle + 2MP + macro lens + 2MP depth sensor. Meanwhile, the selfie camera on the teardrop notch is an 8MP wide-angle lens.

TCL does another thing right here by basically bundling a USB-C port and a headphone jack on this device. After all, micro-USB ports still exist on a budget device in this day and age. Dual speakers are a thing on this device so users can binge-listen to their favorite music even without their favorite buds.

The RAM and the storage, however, are a bit on the low side with the default 4GB/64GB combo. However, that seems forgivable considering its retail price of PhP 8,990.


Both the TCL 10 5G and the TCL 20 SE are available to purchase starting April 7 through the official TCL Lazada store page. Consumers can also snag both devices through authorized retail distributors nationwide.


The LG Wing gets a huge price cut, now available for $400

Offer available till stocks last



Last week, LG announced it’ll entirely shut down its mobile division due to rising losses. It’ll stop making new phones, but existing inventory is up for grabs. It seems like the company is earnest about leaving the past behind and has announced a massive discount on the recently launched LG Wing.

The LG Wing has received a massive price cut of almost INR 40,000 (US$ 532). It was launched for INR 69,990 (US$ 931) in October 2020 but will now sell for INR 29,999 (US$ 400) via Flipkart. Only the 8GB+128GB option was launched in India.

While this may be surprising for readers from other markets, LG has previously introduced such radical discounts in India. Even the LG G8X, which launched for INR 70,000 (US$ 931), was soon available for INR 25,990 (US$ 345). It’s still in stock and available for a discounted price. In fact, you can exchange your old phone in return for further discounts of up to INR 16,500 (US$ 220).

LG Mobile intends to close down by July 31 completely. So, the time span available to grab existing inventory is short. Thankfully, a one-year warranty and five-year service for the LG Wing are mentioned, meaning LG intends to keep the spare and service supply chain active for a long time.

It has also confirmed that these recent phones shall receive active software updates for up to three years. So, if you’re thinking of grabbing a niche phone that looks unique, this is your chance.

If it helps, this writer purchased the LG G8X three months ago for a discounted price and it has turned out to be an extremely solid phone. The Dual Screen setup comes in very handy for Zoom calls, reading, and researching. We’re unlikely to see such radical or experimental ideas anytime soon since most companies are now focused on scaling, in turn, moving away from a niche market.

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Facebook will convert its California HQ into a vaccination site

Helping end the pandemic



Image by Hakan Nural

Facebook said it’s converting a part of its Menlo Park headquarters into a vaccination site, joining the government effort to speed up the US’s vaccination drive. The technology company is going out of its way to ensure citizens are jabbed as soon as possible, in turn, putting an end to the Coronavirus pandemic.

It’ll partner with the Ravenswood Family Health Center to turn part of its headquarters into a vaccination clinic for underserved communities. The company also said it’s partnering with California Governor Gavin Newsom and nonprofits to support pop-up clinics.

Facebook plans to arrange vaccine rides to and from Facebook’s campus. However, Facebook employees will be ineligible for the vaccination program. The new vaccination site is being made for under-served communities.

Recently, the social networking giant launched a tool that shows the nearest vaccination facilities to a user. Facebook is partnering with Boston Children’s Hospital, which runs the website, to offer the tool that identifies places nearby to get the vaccine.

The adoption of vaccines is a point of contention for many due to a host of reasons — misinformation, lack of trust, poor supply chains, and more. Amid the pandemic, health regulators worldwide are urging citizens to get jabbed as soon as possible. Facebook has also launched a profile picture frame that says, “I got my COVID vaccine.”

“Now that many countries are moving towards vaccinations for all adults, we’re working on tools to make it easier for everyone to get vaccinated as well,” Mark Zuckerberg, CEO, said in a blog post.

As part of the efforts, the Coronavirus Information Center will expand to Instagram, and the company soon expects to roll out a WhatsApp chatbot in association with local health authorities.

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NEO: The World Ends with You is launching in July

On multiple platforms



After announcing that NEO: The World Ends with You is indeed coming, Square Enix has now confirmed the game’s release date — July 27, 2021.

Square Enix also released additional details about the game including characters, locations, and team battle details.

The colorful cast of characters is lead by Rindo along with Fret, Nagi, Minamimoto, and Shiba. These characters will interact in a cartoonized version of Shibuya, Tokyo and their communication will be presented with a comic-esque look.

As you go around exploring the city streets and sounds, you will uncover the secret behind everything. As Rindo, you and your group of friends must break the fate handed to you by this deadly game.

Platforms, Pre-order bonus

NEO: The World Ends with You will be available on the PlayStation 4 (PS4), Nintendo Switch, and PC on the Epic Games Store.

The PS4 digital pre-order bonus includes an avatar set that can be used on the PlayStation Network profile.

The PS4 and Nintendo Switch digital early purchase bonus are five equippable items once used by the legendary Neku. These items are normally unavailable until you proceed considerably far in the story, so they will give you a leg up in the early days of the game. These are:

  • Legendary Headphones — Drastically increases item drop rates from enemies.
  • Legendary Tank Top — Greatly increases Attack.
  • Legendary Shorts — Shortens the duration the wearer is knocked down.
  • Legendary Sneakers — Increases movement speed during combat.
  • Legendary Music Player — Enormously increases HP.

Early purchase bonus for the physical version are:

  • Pin: UFO Rescue — Hold the button to slowly restore your team’s HP.
  • Threads: Virupaksa Hoodie — Greatly increases HP.
  • CD: Twister (Neo Mix) — Adds ‘Twister -NEO MIX-‘ as a main menu music option.
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