TCL NXTPAPER is new tablet tech for the new normal

And other new devices perfect for the new normal!



TCL is showing off their newest display technology — NXTPAPER — along with two new TCL tablets. The NXTPAPER display technology features a reflective screen to repurpose natural light. This is what makes it the world’s first “zero eye strain” display on larger screen devices. TCL is also introducing two new tablets to in their 10 Series: TCL 10 TABMAX and TCL 10 TABMID.

NXTPAPER Technology

TCL’s NXTPAPER Technology is an artistic combination of screen and paper. It is TCL’s culmination of two years of product research and design. They’ve even had to make 11 patents for eye protection testing in the process. This display technology promises to provide Full-HD definition with a paper-like immersive visual experience.

You get to experience everything in full color with no flicker, no stutter, and no harmful blue light. To achieve this, they combined a highly reflective screen to reuse natural light. This display technology reduces eye strain and has received eye protection certifications from the German Rhine laboratory, SGS laboratory, and German VDE.

When tested, TCL claims that the NXTPAPER performed better with contrast output and battery efficiency compared to a typical LCD panel. Not to mention, it somewhat lives up to its name by achieving all this while being slimmer and lighter. Designed with a larger format device in mind, TCL brought in their NXTPAPER technology to their tablets. With this technology, they hope to have stepped up in creating the ideal technology for learning and reading.


The TCL 10 TABMAX features another new display technology: NXTVISION. With this technology,  the display is able to deliver on stunning vibrant colors and rich details. The tablet has a 10.36-inch FHD+ display, 8.3mm narrow bezels, and a widescreen layout that allows you to unleash your full creative juices without holding back. With ultra-low latency, a natural in-hand feel, and elegant design, the TCL Stylus lets you write and draw like you would on paper.

The TCL 10 TABMAX comes with an 8-megapixel front-facing camera, a 13-megapixel rear-facing camera and a large 8000 mAh battery for your daily grind of work. The tablet also features a Kids Mode for parental surveillance if needed. It will be available across select regions globally in both 4G and Wi-Fi-only models making this tablet a great companion for work, study, and play anywhere.

The TCL 10 TABMAX is available in October for EUR 299 for the 4G variant and EUR 249 for the Wi-Fi only variant, respectively.


The TCL 10 TABMID offers high-quality features for your daily grind of work and study in a lighter, sleeker design. Weighing in at a mere 325g, this tablet won’t be weighing you down wherever you take it. The TCL 10 TABMID has an 8-inch FHD IPS display decked out with NXTVISION too.

The TCL TABMID can power through movies, games, emails, and more with its 5500 mAh battery. The tablet features a one-touch fingerprint sensor for easy log-in and security, Kids Mode for parental surveillance, and a special-edition dark blue back cover. It offers a 5-megapixel front-facing camera and an 8megapixel rear-facing camera. Overall, the tablet looks to be a great all-around device for students and working adults amid the new normal.

The TCL TABMID offers both Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity and will be available in October for EUR 229.


Galaxy S21 series performing poorer than S20

Compared to S20 and S10



When a new flagship series comes out, the company involved usually has high expectations for it. However, there are some launches when a new smartphone ends up failing expectations. For example, because of poor sales, Apple is reportedly ending the iPhone mini model. On the flip side of things, Samsung is similarly experiencing poorer sales for the Galaxy S21.

According to a South Korean analyst firm Kiwoom Securities, this year’s Galaxy S21 series isn’t doing as well as last year’s Galaxy S20 series. Six months after it launched, the former sold only 13.5 million units. The figure is 20 percent less than the Galaxy S20 and 47 percent less than the Galaxy S10 series.

Alleviating this a bit, the Galaxy S21 did do well in its home turf. In the series’ first month, the flagship series sold around 590,000 units in South Korea. It’s only second to the Galaxy S8 which sold 620,000 units in its first month.

Currently — at least according to a recent ranking — Samsung is still the top smartphone seller in the world with Xiaomi trailing a bit behind in second place. The South Korean company might not be intimidated, though. Samsung is hosting its annual Galaxy Unpacked later this month, potentially boosting the company’s performance afterwards.

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Number portability is here, how will it work?

Easily switch among 3 telco providers!




Number portability or the ability to move your mobile number under any carrier you want seemed like a pipe dream. Not anymore thanks to the combined efforts of the Avengers. No, just kidding. They’re called the Telecommunications Connectivity Inc. made up of DITO Telecommunity, Globe Inc., and Smart Communications. So, kind of like the Avengers, but of Telecom companies in the Philippines.

This was made possible thanks to teh passing of the Mobile Number Portability Act. Republic Act No. 11202, also known as the Mobile Number Portability Act, ensures that mobile phone users can keep their numbers even when they transfer to another service provider, or when they switch their subscription from postpaid to prepaid, or vice-versa.

How to avail Number Portability

  • How to port within networks, you need to meet the following requirements:
  • An active SIM and the requestor is the assignee of the mobile number to be ported
  • Zero remaining balance from your previous bill (for postpaid)
  • Non-existent court prohibitions
  • No pending transfer of ownership

Number porting makes it possible to also keep your number when switching from prepaid to postpaid plans. Syniverse will be the provider of number portability services in the Philippines.

“Mobile Number Portability is a complex process not only do we need to adopt it into our system but we need to integrate it with the networks of our competitors,” said Atty. Froilan Castelo who sits as the Chairman of the Telecommunications Connectivity Inc. General Counsel, Globe Group of Companies.

“It took us 22 months to build MNP, upgrade the system, integrate with the MNP service provider, and do testing with the other telcos,” he added.

Price and availability

As discussed earlier, number porting is free of charge. You can try out number porting on September 30, 2021.

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Ubisoft offers Far Cry 5 for free this weekend

Experience the violence in Hope County for a limited time only



Ubisoft has another weekend offering for everyone, focusing more on their popular franchises. In previous offerings, they gave players one whole weekend to play games such as Assassin’s Creed Origins for free. As such, any progress accumulated will carry over when you purchase the game. This time around, they’re offering the same mechanics to those who wish to play Far Cry 5 this weekend.

For those who are still unaware, Far Cry 5 is the fifth installment in one of Ubisoft’s most popular first-person shooter franchise. The game tackles socio-political and religious topics as you play a Deputy in Hope County, Montana attempting to detain Joseph Seed. Throughout the game, you will encounter members of Seed’s congregation, the Eden’s Gate, who will stop at nothing to see a prophecy fulfilled.

From August 5-9, 2021, Ubisoft is offering players for the PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S access to Far Cry 5 for free. For each platform, here are the timings:

  • Ubisoft Store (PC) – August 5, 9 PM
  • Epic Games Store (PC) – August 6, 1 AM
  • PlayStation Store (PS4, PS5) – August 5, 3:01 PM
  • Microsoft Store (Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One) – August 5, 3:01 PM


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