All new titles announced at The Game Awards 2020

2021 already looking good with these latest announcements



2021, believe it or not, is just right around the corner. As with every new year, there comes new challenges to face and new opportunities to grow. During this year’s The Game Awards show, several publishers stepped up and provided previews of what’s to come for gaming. Here’s a roundup of all the new titles announced during the show:

Loop Hero (PC through Steam)

First on the list of premieres is Devolver Digital’s Loop Hero, an 8-bit deckbuilding adventure game. As you were sent into a chaotic loop of events, you must engage in battles and expeditions to break the cycle. To aid you in your quests, players will choose from an expanding deck of cards to summon enemies, buildings, and terrain.

Tchia (PC: Steam, Google Stadia)

Next is awaceb’s tropical open world game, Tchia. Inspired by the island of New Caledonia, Tchia focuses more on the island’s incredible culture, sounds, and landscape. As the titular character, you can possess any animal or object, traverse freely in the open world, and even play some instruments.

Shady Part of Me (PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch)

Focus Home Interactive also took time to give a preview of their new game, Shady Part of Me. The game features an odd duo of a young girl and her shadow, as they go on a journey of the mind. Players will face surreal dreamscapes with its own twists and surprises, as you overcome emotional struggles in the process.

Century: Age of Ashes (PC through Steam Early Access)

Ever wanted to fight with a dragon in some games? Well, Playwing thought about that, and wanted to provide that experience in Century: Age of Ashes. The free-to-play team-based game features all the dragon battles you could think of. To begin engaging in fire-breathing battles, players will choose between three different classes across three game modes: Carnage, Survival, and Raid. Century: Age of Ashes will be available for early access in February 2021.

New Perfect Dark (Xbox Family, PC)

Microsoft’s own small studio, The Initiative showed a tiny preview of their new project, Perfect Dark. Set in a near-future world, Perfect Dark takes players through what the developers say as a “secret agent thriller.” The game, however, is still in early development and more details will be revealed soon.

Back 4 Blood (PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S)

Warner Bros. Games also revealed official gameplay from Turtle Rock Studios’ upcoming first-person shooter, Back 4 Blood. Taking a nod to the popular Left 4 Dead franchise, this cooperative zombie shooter takes players back into a world of infected humans due to a catastrophic outbreak. As part of the Cleaners, players will take on the infected beings known as the Ridden and reclaim the world.

The Callisto Protocol

Striking Distance Studios, made up of developers behind Dead Space and some Call of Duty games, announced the arrival of The Callisto Protocol. This next-generation survival horror game is set on Jupiter’s moon, Callisto, as players escape a maximum security prison while uncovering its secrets. Unlike most of the games announced, this game is set to come out in 2022.

Open Roads (PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5)

Annapurna Interactive and Fullbright also slated the world premiere for Open Roads during the year-end gaming awards show. In this game, players will experience a mother-daughter road trip through long-forgotten places. Along the way, the mother-daughter tandem will discover secrets and mysteries of darkness within the abandoned properties — all while coming to terms with their relationship.

Endless Dungeon (PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch)

SEGA and Amplitude takes us through another adventure through space with Endless Dungeon. Players are stuck shipwrecked in the vast void of space, with a wave of monsters coming your way. To keep everything in check, you will recruit a team of heroes and protect the crystal from being taken from the team.

Crimson Desert (PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch)

Pearl Abyss also showed initial gameplay for their upcoming open-world adventure, Crimson Desert. Set in the fictional lands of Pywel, the medieval-themed title showcases the way of the mercenaries as they go through a war-torn world. Players will go through whatever it takes to survive a world with beasts, enemy mercenaries, and maniacal rulers.

Season (PlayStation 5)

Scavengers Studios proudly brings its latest masterpiece to the PlayStation 5 in Season. In this beautifully animated title, you will go on an adventure through the vast world, collecting artifacts and memories in the process. Taken from a third-person perspective, players will go on a virtual bicycle ride through a secluded community with mysteries to unwrap.

Evil Dead: The Game (PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch)

Based on the hit horror movie franchise, Evil Dead: The Game features both cooperative and PvP gameplay modes for all players. As you tread through the deep, dark woods, players will join a team of four to, as the developers put it, “seal the breach between worlds.” All while the other players hunt your team down by possessing anything in the overworld — including your teammates.

It Takes Two (PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S)

Finally, Electronic Arts takes us through the world of It Takes Two, a cartoon adventure through a magical land. Focusing a lot on the cooperative aspect, the game takes you through magical lands as a married couple trying to fix their relationship. With unique character abilities and a light-hearted story, It Takes Two sets out to be a heartwarming yet wild adventure for couples to enjoy.

Extra: Ruined King: A League of Legends Story (PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch)

Along with the announcements, Riot Forge and Airship Syndicate provided a look into the gameplay for Ruined King: A League of Legends Story. Set within the realm of the League of Legends lore, the game takes you through Bilgewater and the Shadow Isles. Along the way, you will be accompanied by some well-known League of Legends champions.


Sony confirms ‘Horizon’ and ‘God of War’ shows are coming

And a Gran Turismo show



After years of terrible video game adaptations, the entertainment industry just can’t get enough of them in the past year or so. Shows and films based on popular video game titles are setting the world on fire. If Sony’s latest investor’s meeting is anything to go by, it looks like we’re not done with the genre. Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War are reportedly getting TV series soon.

Sony had a lot to say during its latest meeting. However, amid all the announcements, the general implication was simple enough to understand. The company wants to expand and grow its branches outside of console gaming. That plan includes adapting more of its exclusive properties into television.

Reported by analyst David Gibson on Twitter (via IGN), Sony has officially confirmed development for a Horizon series on Netflix, a God of War series on Amazon, and a currently untethered Gran Turismo series.

Unfortunately, the presentation did not reveal any other details for the upcoming shows. Plot and casting details are still an unknown.

All three titles, especially Horizon and God of War, are part of Sony’s prized possessions. An adaptation for any of these titles is huge. However, it’s always a hit. Most recently, Sony allowed an Uncharted film to show in theaters, and the response was… mixed. While the sheer number of video game adaptations are impressive, their quality is definitely all over the place for now.

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Sony might stop releasing PlayStation 4 games by 2025

More games for PC and mobile



Do you have a PlayStation 5 already? Despite being more than a year since its launch, the new console practically flies off from the shelves and into the hands of lucky buyers (less likely) or scalpers (more likely). However, based on Sony’s current plans, you might want to claw a bit deeper for one. Sony might stop releasing PlayStation 4 games by 2025.

Recently, Sony hosted a business briefing for its investors. Reported by Video Games Chronicle, company president Jim Ryan shared what the PlayStation has in store for the future. More conclusively, Ryan stated that they have plans to bump up releases for both PC and mobile platforms. By 2025, around half of Sony’s game releases will launch for those two platforms.

In the past, Sony was notoriously against releasing its exclusive games for the PC. However, the company recently reversed its stance by porting some of its titles, including Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War. With its latest plans, Sony is hugely diversifying its portfolio.

As you might have noticed from above, that’s not the only thing they hinted at. Though Ryan did not speak much about it, the graphic also depicts a stark lack of PlayStation 4 titles coming out in 2025. The year will see only PlayStation 5, PC, and mobile releases, potentially signaling the end of the PS4 era.

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Build the ultimate gaming PC: MSI, EVA e:PROJECT team up

Have an Eva-01 Test Type-themed PC




MSI joined forces with esports brand EVA e:PROJECT for an exclusive collection that gives gamers and fans the chance to build the ultimate gaming PC.

For the collaboration, MSI has incorporated the classic Eva-01 Test Type purple and green colors into these four PC components:

  • Motherboard
  • Liquid cooler
  • Power supply
  • PC case

This will allow enthusiasts to make a one-of-a-kind Evangelion Unit-01 themed PC.


The limited-edition MAG B660 TOMAHAWK motherboard is the centerpiece of the collection.

It features the famed NERV logo on the Extended Heatsink, along with Evangelion’s Matisse EB font.

MSI’s Mystic Light also offers an exclusive EVA lighting effect to add flair.


The MAG CORELIQUID C240 All-in-One (AIO) Liquid Cooler showcases the Eva-01 Test Type as its main design.

Aside from the NERV logo, the cooler’s water block combines gorgeous ARGB lighting and purple highlights to further stand out.


Meanwhile, the MAG A650BN power supply unit (PSU) brings its stability and excellent power efficiency while incorporating the colors of the Eva-01 Test Type.

Complementing everything is the MPG GUNGNIR 110R case coming in a sleek design with a tempered glass side panel.

It also features Evangelion’s font and an illustration of the Eva-01 Test Type on the other side.

Availability, giveaways

The MSI X EVANGELION e: PROJECT collection launches this month.

To make things more exciting, MSI has also partnered with Intel and Kingston for giveaways, such as:

  • An Intel 12th Gen processor
  • A Kingston Beast DDR5 memory

Fans are invited to complete quests for a chance to walk away with the grand prize.

For more information on the EVA e:PROJECT, visit the campaign page here for details.


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