The best trailers from The Game Awards 2022

Hades 2, Armored Core VI, Final Fantasy 16



Last night held the prestigious Game Awards. As expected, both Elden Ring and God of War Ragnarok went home with almost every major award. However, besides the dominance of those two games, the event also introduced an army of new trailers for upcoming games. While you can read our reviews on Elden Ring and Ragnarok here, it’s time to spotlight what’s coming next for gamers.


It’s been a while since the last Bioshock game. No surprise there since Irrational Games lost a lot of its staff after Bioshock Infinite. Now, under the newly rebranded Ghost Story Games, creator Ken Levine is back with a new title, Judas. Though it’s not a Bioshock game (on paper, at least), the upcoming title looks like it shares in the same DNA that made the acclaimed series popular.

Death Stranding 2

We’d love to say more about Death Stranding 2, but talking about the series is difficult. Needless to say, Death Stranding is an experience for every game, and it’s getting a sequel. Hideo Kojima, Norman Reedus, and Lea Seydoux are back in the upcoming sequel.

Hades 2

Here’s another sequel. Back in 2020, Supergiant Games unleashed the critically acclaimed roguelike called Hades. The popular title had players throwing themselves endlessly at a harsh underworld in hopes of escaping Hell. Hades 2 continues the story of the original game but features Zagreus’s sister in an attempt to rescue Hades from the clutches of the titan Kronos. (No word on what happened to Zagreus, though.)

Tekken 8

The iconic fighting game is back with its eighth major entry. Though the trailer doesn’t spoil much, Tekken 8 will feature the return of popular characters with updated looks.

Diablo IV

After a long wait, Blizzard returns with a fresh look at the upcoming Diablo IV. Unfortunately, it’s still a cinematic, teasing a grand battle between the forces of the High Heavens and Hell in the latter’s domain. On the bright side, we finally have a launch date: June 6, 2023.

Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores

The Horizon franchise enjoyed a lot of exposure during The Game Awards. The Sony title bagged a ton of nominations. Now, fans have more to look forward to. Horizon Forbidden West is getting a PS5-exclusive DLC called Burning Shores. The upcoming DLC takes players to a postapocalyptic Los Angeles. It is coming on April 19.

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

After announcing it a few months ago, CD Projekt Red offers a better look at the only DLC coming to Cyberpunk 2077. Phantom Liberty brings players back to Night City. However, it features a new character alongside Keanu Reeves’s Johnny Silverhand. Idris Elba will play as Solomon Reed when the DLC comes out sometime next year.

Final Fantasy 16

The popular series is getting its next entry on June 22. As of late, the franchise’s recent titles have really upped the quality for fans. Focusing on revenge, Final Fantasy 16 comes as a PlayStation exclusive.

Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon


Of course, The Game Awards saved the best for last. Right before announcing Elden Ring as the Game of the Year, the event premiered the first trailer for FromSoftware’s next title, a sequel to the Armored Core series. Before the popularity of the Dark Souls series, FromSoftware worked on Armored Core, a mecha franchise. Now, after the widespread acclaim of Elden Ring, the studio can now go back to its roots. The title is coming next year.


Sony, Xbox, Nintendo are skipping E3 2023

Might hold their own events



E3 used to be one of the most anticipated showcases for the gaming community. However, since the pandemic, the event’s impact gradually shrank especially because of in-person cancellations. Now, despite the return of in-person events, E3 still has a massive uphill climb to bounce back from the past. This year, Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo have officially pulled out from the event.

For the first time in four years, E3 is holding an in-person event at the Los Angeles Convention Center this June. Unfortunately, according to IGN, three of the biggest companies to grace the show floor will not make an appearance for the event this year.

In an interview with the source, Microsoft says that Xbox will still hold a showcase around the same time. However, the company will likely skip the floor itself and hold its event concurrently in another location.

IGN also reports that Sony and Nintendo will follow in Microsoft’s footsteps and skip E3 this year. Nintendo usually holds its own Direct events online. Holding its own outside of an in-person event is just what you’d expect for the Switch’s growing library of games.

Sony, on the other hand, has not shared any official plans during June’s showcase yet. If anything, the PlayStation 5 is in for an optimistic year, given the console’s upcoming games. An exclusive event sounds possible, too.

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It’s easier to get a PlayStation 5 now, Sony says

More supplies worldwide



Still struggling to get a new PlayStation 5? If dwindling console stocks are keeping you down, Sony has announced a reprieve for queue waiters. The company promised that supply for the console will greatly increase ahead of the PlayStation VR2’s launch in February.

Since the console’s launch back in 2020, scalpers and bots have persistently plagued the industry, taking supplies away from most gamers. Over the years, the impact of supply problems gradually dissipated. Today, it’s easier to buy a PlayStation 5, but supply can still be an issue in some parts of the world.

During CES 2023, Sony initially hinted that PlayStation 5 stocks should increase even more this year. Now, Sony is making it even more official. Today, the company officially posted that it’s easier to find one in retailers globally.

For users hunting for the console in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe, Sony recommends going to the official PlayStation store to buy one.

To promote the increased supply, Sony has also released a new promotional video for the PlayStation 5’s exclusives set to imitate a news show.

Only a month into the year, 2023 is already looking to be a great year for the platform. Later in February, Sony is set to launch the new PlayStation VR2. The console will also host a flurry of notable exclusives including Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Assassin’s Creed Mirage, and Street Fighter 6.

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Concept Nyx: Dell working on intelligent game controller

The future of gaming



Dell Concept Nyx

Dell Technologies is working on an all-in-one intelligent game controller that shall interconnect devices and screens while providing a whole different level of gaming experience.

Called the Concept Nyx game controller, Dell’s project aims to provide easy access to gaming libraries across multiple devices and screens for effortless sessions at home.

Here’s what we know so far about Concept Nyx:

To kick things off, the design-making process took lots of turns. Developers explored adding tons of buttons, attachments, sensors, and more.

This has led to the potential final design that gives users personalized settings at their fingertips. It’s composed of the following parts:

  • Dual thumb control wheels
  • Light ring
  • Adaptive thumbstick
  • Omnipad
  • Left and right scroll bumpers
  • Fingerprint sensor in the middle
  • Left and right adaptive triggers (underneath)
  • Shift buttons (underneath)

The fingerprint reader detects who is using the controller specifically, to be able to load their games right where they left off instantly.

Dell also prioritized the device’s haptics. They come with self-adjusting variable resistance thumbsticks that can be tailored to user preferences and specific game play.

PC gaming musts have also been included in the concept. Shift buttons underneath the controller allow for more front button options, mimicking the shift combos from PC keyboards.

The innovative scroll wheels give users an easier time to navigate and select weapons, while the intelligent touchpad allows for instant access to customizable controls in-game, without having to toggle a menu screen which disrupts your real-time gaming view.

Concept Nyx dashboard

The era of tug-of-wars at home may soon be over as well. The Concept Nyx controller is being designed to accommodate simultaneous gaming.

For instance, while connected on two different headsets, two separate Concept Nyx controllers may be used to play two different games on a split screen.

Streaming to other devices and screens and wi-fi connectivity are also some of the capabilities of the controller by simply pulling the thumbstick.

All these factors have been the foundation for the development of the Concept Nyx’s intelligent edge ecosystem beyond gaming.

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