Computex 2017

Things I’m excited to see at Computex 2017



Computex 2017, Taipei’s annual computer expo, is coming at us fast and GadgetMatch is a media partner!

It will be my first time to go to this tech extravaganza and to say that I am excited is an understatement. Computex is known to be where the biggest computer brands converge and launch new releases and showcase the latest technology. Last year’s expo saw so many exciting things, and I look forward to experiencing it firsthand this year.

I must admit that it isn’t the hottest PC announcement I’m excited over; here are the things I want to see:

Augmented Reality Devices

Virtual reality has been a big thing in the past few years — from Google Cardboard to the HTC Vive, more and more VR technologies have surfaced and they make for mind-blowing experiences. But, let’s take it a step further (for twice the exploding-brain experience).

The ASUS Zenfone AR

With the advent of groundbreaking AR technology in the form of Augmented Reality and news of the ASUS Zenfone AR — more specifically, the one with The Sims in AR — it seems more and more tech is going towards this high-tech reality experience and boy, am I ever so ready for it.

More cute robots!

Last year’s Computex highlight was how Zenbo, ASUS’ robot home assistant, could do everything from finding recipes, to taking photos, to singing and dancing!

So yes, I am definitely wanting to see more of these cute things. Just look at that cute face! Tech giants, this is what the world wants to see!

More fitness tech

Health and fitness technology is something I’m heavily invested in. Last year’s Computex featured Holodia Fitness, a fun way to exercise with virtual reality, and a whole slew of wellness gadgets and gizmos.

Acer’s latest release, fitness wearable Leap Ware, is an indication that more and more brands are moving towards this direction. I wonder what they have in store!


Computex 2016 also saw Intel showcasing its Core i7 processors with holograms and, well, the very prospect of holograms excites me.

Intel’s hologram at Computex 2016

As a proud 90s kid who grew up watching Jem and the Holograms, I anticipate the time when I can finally watch concerts from flashy pink-haired hologram musicians.

2017 may finally be that year, and Computex might be the place this all becomes reality. We’ll see.

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