Ubisoft is suing Apple and Google over a Chinese rip-off game

Looks too similar to Rainbow Six: Siege



Apple and Google are now facing a strange lawsuit. Last week, Ubisoft Entertainment sued both companies for adamantly distributing Chinese rip-off of its popular game, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege.

Despite being released in 2015, the tactical shooter is still a huge draw for the gaming company, who still releases updates for the game today. Area F2, the rip-off game, is a “near carbon copy” of Rainbow Six: Siege, using the same gameplay elements and branding, according to the official complaint reported by Bloomberg.

Notably, Area F2 was developed by Qookka Games, a development company owned by Ejoy, Alibaba’s subsidiary for online gaming. The game started entering Western markets only last month. Drawing their watchful eyes, Ubisoft requested Apple and Google to pull the app from their respective app stores. However, both companies reportedly refused and continued to distribute the game. Currently, several reviews on both app stores are comparing the game to Rainbow Six: Siege.

As such, Ubisoft is strangely going after the distributors first, rather than the actual developers. This might stem from an ardent desire to stay away from an expensive international lawsuit. However, Ubisoft can still potentially go after Qookka Games in the future.

Regardless, mobile gaming is an essential part of the Chinese games market. A substantial chunk of mobile games today come from Chinese developers. Whereas most share in the same DNA, some go so far as to gain official licenses for popular franchises, like Diablo.

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NBA might simulate crowds with NBA 2K20 in July restart

Every AI, clap your hands!



Since the 2019-2020 basketball season was suspended, NBA 2K singlehandedly kept everyone’s thirst for the game alive. From broadcasting the NBA 2K League to showcasing actual NBA players playing the game, real-life basketball subsisted on the popular sports simulation game. However, NBA 2K’s watch is seemingly at an end.

Announced recently, the NBA is restarting its IRL season in July with 22 teams. However, unlike the normal, fan-filled games, July’s mini-season will hold closed events in a single venue. Despite the obvious happiness at holding actual events again, they will miss a critical aspect of basketball games: fans roaring for their favorite teams, booing the rival teams, and heckling certain players.

According to The Atlantic, the league has a plan to solve this conundrum: simulating crowd noise with NBA 2K. Currently, the league, the teams, and players are still discussing how to hold the games amidst the still-uncertain pandemic era. The NBA 2K suggestion came with an extensive list detailing how many people are allowed inside the facilities, what to do when someone tests positive for the virus, and how people can watch.

Of course, the suggestion is still being deliberated. However, given the efficiency of the plot, it can get passed by the time the season restarts. Most people watching at home won’t likely notice the difference. Also, other sports have also used the strategy for their own season restarts. For example, the Premier League has held closed football games with simulated crowd noise from EA’s FIFA 20.

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The Last of Us Part II Preview: Nimble and off to the races

Ellie rides searching for answers in a broken world.



I needed to mentally prepare myself for the amount of groundwork The Last of Us Part II demands. The lingering question on my mind as I take on this game was pretty simple: what’s next? Its prequel takes on a point-of-view that focuses on hope; on a riveting end to a dangerous time. What do we look forward to? Will the end come in a marvelous way, or will there be more to uncover?

This time around, you play as Ellie — the girl you saved from the Fireflies back in The Last Of Us, all grown up. She moves quite faster than Joel does in the first game, which also allows her to reach higher places in the field. Also, you traverse overworlds a lot faster and with more agility given her slim frame. As Ellie, you also have access to this nifty feature called Listen Mode, which comes in handy at the right moments.

The world I traversed just looked, for a lack of a better word, destroyed. Nothing seemed to be in proper condition anymore — buildings, bridges, roads, and vehicles alike. To me, it feels like a whole new world — one that is drastically similar to what we left behind in the prequel. But even in this barren wasteland, humans still hold the law of life — or at least judge on who lives and dies.

Ellie takes on this world seeking answers, all while exposed to more dangerous threats along the way. Apart from the nasty encounters with the Infected, you come across two more dangerous groups of people. First up are the Wolves or WLF, a pack of armed civilians with a more run-and-gun combat approach. Then, there are the Seraphites or Scars, the trained silent killers at a whistle’s notice. All that’s really left is whether you choose to fight or die, because even I thought flight wasn’t an option here.

The Last of Us Part II comes to the PlayStation 4 on June 19, 2020.

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Nickelodeon Pixel Town: Another game to play while on lockdown

They’ve got adorable pixel art!




Nickelodeon is serving up a new mobile game for us: Nickelodeon Pixel Town. A mobile game we can all sink our teeth into as we try to cope with everything that 2020 has been throwing at us so far.
So, what is it exactly? Nickelodeon Pixel Town is a city building game. The name of the game is building your own Nickelodeon city where you can collect characters, costumes, iconic buildings, and items from different Nickelodeon series. The most charming bit? It’s all drawn in highly stylistic retro pixel art.

For your city inhabitants, you get to collect characters from SpongeBob SquarePants, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Invader Zim, CatDog, The Fairly OddParents, Danny Phantom, Rugrats, The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Avatar: The Legend of Korra, Rocko’s Modern Life, Hey Arnold! and The Wild Thornberrys.

Honestly, if you don’t have a Switch and have been gritting your teeth through the lockdown while people have been playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons, this is a decent mobile game to bring back some nostalgia. Because with all the hellish news lately, don’t we all just want to curl up into a ball and go back to a time when times seemed so much simpler? Not any better of a place and time perse, sure. But, just a time when we were too young to know any better.

Want to give this game a go?

Nickelodeon has an official launch celebration for the Pixel Town.  You can use the code PIXELTOWNHL to redeem 500 Gems for free! To redeem it, you can go to their website, click redemption, and fill up the necessary info.

If you want to build up a reason to disconnect and play like me, you can. The freebies are valid until 30 June 2020, 11:59PM (GMT+8). That’s a pretty good amount of time to be rally up enough pent up emotions to need some time away to hop back fiercer. Nickelodeon Pixel Town is available in Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia on Google Play and Apple App Store.

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