Uniqlo presses for active lifestyle through Sport Utility Wear Collection

Move freely with LifeWear



Uniqlo Sport Utility Wear

We need to focus on health and fitness now more than ever. But the journey to getting healthy and fit requires one essential: Activewear/ Sport Utility Wear.

Designed to improve lives, Uniqlo extends its LifeWear philosophy through the Sport Utility Wear Collection. The collection includes clothes aimed to support active lifestyles such as Ultra Stretch fabrics, moisture-wicking AIRism line, and quick-drying DRY-EX clothing.

When you combine certain materials like the Ultra Stretch and DRY-EX, you can enjoy DRY technology which helps you to move in any direction without worry for heat and moisture.

For the Sport Utility Wear collection, you can purchase active apparel and undergarments, shirts, pants, and even a pocketable UV Protection Parka.

AIRism Cropped Jogger Pants | UNIQLO

Uniqlo Sport Utility Wear

Wireless Active Bra | UNIQLO

AIRism DRY-EX Crew Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt | UNIQLO

AIRism Soft Leggings | UNIQLO

Ultra Stretch Active Short Pants | UNIQLO

Uniqlo Sport Utility Wear

Ultra Stretch Active Jogger Pants | UNIQLO

Pocketable UV Protection Parka | UNIQLO

DRY-EX Short Sleeve Polo Shirt | UNIQLO

DRY-EX Crew Neck T-Shirt | UNIQLO

Uniqlo Sport Utility Wear

AIRism Short Sleeve Long T-Shirt | UNIQLO

Shop the collection at Uniqlo’s online store or at UNIQLO stores nationwide.


Combine and change scents using Ninu’s sustainable, smart perfume

Wear the right scent that matches your every mood



Of all things that could get smarter, it’s a perfume. Yes, you read that right. At CES 2021, Ninu launched the “first smart perfume in the world,” with a connected device that’s capable of changing scents with every spray.

It’s a unique approach to an everyday item, interesting enough to pique our curiosity. After all, it has an unassuming yet elegant look.

The fusion of beauty and technology

How does it work? This AI-powered perfume uses an app to personalize a scent, fusing ingredients with only a few clicks. It lets you wear the right scent appropriate for every mood and look.

It seamlessly delivers an astonishing perfume through its electronic micro-precision extracting system, guided by its Ninu’s very own assistant — Pierre, the perfume master.

Pierre, just like Siri and Alexa, is an AI assistant that executes whatever wishes you have regarding your scent and helps you have full control over anything you do on the app. The assistant also notifies you when you’re running low on stock.

Feel sexy and earth-friendly

Despite being able to design a premium perfume bottle, assembled with the best of tech, Ninu believes the most important thing is the fragrances themselves. After all, Ninu used 100 percent vegan, sustainably-sourced ingredients — with a wholesome procedure designed in France.

This smart perfume is more than just a smart accessory. It presents itself as a sustainable, essential item that makes you feel fresh and sexy, and also earth-friendly.

Ninu uses natural ink in packaging cartons and uses less packaging to scale down plastic consumption. Instruction leaflets are replaced with a QR code, therefore, fewer papers. Moreover, perfume bottles are made from recycled glass since every 10 percent increase in recycled glass housing cuts down CO2 emissions by five percent.

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Which Galaxy S21 color should you get?

Based on your personality



If you’ve been eyeing the latest Galaxy S21 series, we’re certain you’re confused about which color you should get. Fret not, we’re here to help. Here’s a quick guide to help you decide: choosing the color that resonates best with your personality.

Playful, friendly, and adorable

If you’re always bubbly, cheerful, and kinda goofy, then the Phantom Violet is perfect for you. It’s a refreshing colorway in a sea of gradients and bold, attention-grabbing colors. This one is subtle yet oozes with cute energy that’s too irresistible not to gaze at. Wear it for when you want to look ✨kawaii✨.

Classy, sexy, and minimalist

If you’re the type of person who loves a minimalist approach in everything in life, Phantom Pink or Phantom White might be an ideal color for your next smartphone. Both colors evoke a classy and sexy appeal, especially when paired with neutral and monochromatic outfits. Use these colors when you want to make a statement without being overbearing.

Sleek, serious, and straightforward

Black just got even better. The Galaxy S21’s Phantom Black isn’t the usual glossy, striking, reflective black. This time, it has a matte finish so you don’t have to worry about your fingerprints smudging your beautiful phone. If you own a lot of black accessories, this color would pair well. More importantly, black never fails to give off that serious vibe — it literally means business and nothing else. Perfect for the career-oriented and achievers!

Posh, upscale, and extravagant

If you’re feeling fancy, the Phantom Silver is the color for you. It’s shiny, attractive, and a definite head-turner without screaming attention. It’s magnetizing, subtly making everyone gaze at you due to your natural charisma. This is perfect for those who enjoy luxe and spotlight without making too much effort to gain praise and attention.

Finding the right color

If you still can’t decide which one to choose, step back, and listen to your heart. After all, the heart wants what it wants. Don’t let someone else’s opinion dictate the future color of your smartphone — choose whatever you want. The Galaxy S21 series starts at PhP 49,990.

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CES 2021

Skagen decks out the Jorn Hybrid HR smartwatch

Classic with a modern twist



Skagen Jorn Hybrid HR

Fossil Group decked out the new Skagen Jorn Hybrid HR smartwatch. It evokes a classic appeal due to its traditional look, yet it’s packed with smartwatch functionality.

Skagen’s Jorn Hybrid HR focused on style and health, allowing customization through its dials, functions, and display while its heart rate sensor tracks your wellness and activity.

You can monitor your steps, distance, calories, sleep, and personal goals — all on your wrist. If you’re working out, the smartwatch detects your activity automatically, tracking the step frequency and velocity of your movement.

Despite looking stylish for a smartwatch, the Jorn Hybrid HR puts value on fitness. It allows you to dial-up your routine with friends or challenges your group with real-time progress tracking.

There’s also an option to track your outdoor activities such as cycling, hiking, and more. Monitor your route via tethered GPS functionality and take a snapshot of your routes through your phone.

Moreover, it has a two-week battery life and charges in just under an hour, so you can focus on your goals and living in the moment.

The Skagen Jorn Hybrid HR smartwatch comes in five styles with two case sizes — 42mm or a smaller 38mm. It will retail for US$ 195.

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