Uniqlo presses for active lifestyle through Sport Utility Wear Collection

Move freely with LifeWear



Uniqlo Sport Utility Wear

We need to focus on health and fitness now more than ever. But the journey to getting healthy and fit requires one essential: Activewear/ Sport Utility Wear.

Designed to improve lives, Uniqlo extends its LifeWear philosophy through the Sport Utility Wear Collection. The collection includes clothes aimed to support active lifestyles such as Ultra Stretch fabrics, moisture-wicking AIRism line, and quick-drying DRY-EX clothing.

When you combine certain materials like the Ultra Stretch and DRY-EX, you can enjoy DRY technology which helps you to move in any direction without worry for heat and moisture.

For the Sport Utility Wear collection, you can purchase active apparel and undergarments, shirts, pants, and even a pocketable UV Protection Parka.

AIRism Cropped Jogger Pants | UNIQLO

Uniqlo Sport Utility Wear

Wireless Active Bra | UNIQLO

AIRism DRY-EX Crew Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt | UNIQLO

AIRism Soft Leggings | UNIQLO

Ultra Stretch Active Short Pants | UNIQLO

Uniqlo Sport Utility Wear

Ultra Stretch Active Jogger Pants | UNIQLO

Pocketable UV Protection Parka | UNIQLO

DRY-EX Short Sleeve Polo Shirt | UNIQLO

DRY-EX Crew Neck T-Shirt | UNIQLO

Uniqlo Sport Utility Wear

AIRism Short Sleeve Long T-Shirt | UNIQLO

Shop the collection at Uniqlo’s online store or at UNIQLO stores nationwide.

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Fitbit Luxe: Finally, a fitness band that’s actually pretty



Fitbit Luxe

One of my major frustrations with fitness bands has always been the way they look. Why is it so hard to make them look pretty enough to wear outside a workout? There’s no rule that they should be unattractive and clunky, right? Enter Fitbit’s answer to said problem: The Fitbit Luxe. It’s sleek and stylish while packing all the necessary features, proving that you don’t have to sacrifice style for substance.

The Luxe is not my first Fitbit having owned my now ancient Charge 2 then an Alta HR sequestered from my husband who wore it for a month then got tired of it because it didn’t go well with his suits. 

I wore both fitness bands with pride and as a way for me to send a message that I was now taking my health a little seriously. However, they often looked out of place with most of my outfits. Wearing them to events that had a bit of a more formal dress code always looked awkward. I even thought of wearing a classy watch on my left arm and the Fitbit on the right just to make it work at some point. However, even the smaller Alta HR made me look like I was coming straight from a run.

Form & substance

A common complaint about the Luxe is how small the screen is. Personally, I don’t see it as an issue. I enjoy the size which makes it inconspicuously stylish. Sure, it has a function for you to quickly take a peek at your texts, even read them in full. But who still sends novel-length texts these days? Mine’s usually from delivery services just telling me to pick up my orders. Though I won’t mind getting more notifications from other messaging apps that I have on my phone.

The size also makes it look like a truly elegant timepiece as soon as you slap on a metal strap. I originally wanted the lunar white and soft gold combination but ended up with the orchid (pink) and platinum stainless steel. At first, I was a bit wary of the pink, thinking it might look rather juvenile on me. But it worked out in the end. It’s a lovely shade that I don’t mind wearing with most of my activewear. 

I actually bought myself a gold milanese strap online, similar to the ones I used with my older Fitbit models. They’re pretty inexpensive and are available on sites like Amazon and Shopee. The silver hardware on my Luxe also gave me more freedom to mix my metals within my outfit, instead of getting tied down to a gold-on-gold combo. Fitbit also has their own gold, metal strap. You pay a little more for it but it can be a justifiable investment if it will make sure you don’t have to take off the Luxe whenever you need to dress a little more formally.

Fitbit Luxe

The Luxe tracks your workouts, your steps, and even your oxygen levels as you sleep. It even has multiple watch faces to match your outfits. My personal choice is the ‘Vogue’ which shows the time in pastel pink and green. Très chic.


My favorite thing about the Luxe has to be the fact that it can now be used to track your swimming as well. It’s something both the older models I owned didn’t have. Sadly, the pandemic has rendered most pools closed, even in our building. I did get to dip my unit in water to check its water lock mode which stops the water from accidentally controlling your screen. It worked really well and my unit survived the quick dip.

We’ll let you know how it fares in the pool or the beach once the IATF relaxes its guidelines. So far, however, this wearable is looking pretty good on that front too.

Fitbit Premium

The Luxe also comes with six months of Fitbit Premium. The personalized subscription service on the Fitbit App opens up a whole new world for one’s fitness goals. It gives you advanced analytics on your sleep data, recipe inspirations, as well as video workouts.

As someone who has the Peloton app, I have to admit that it’s still my go-to for my home workouts, even on exercises that go beyond cycling. Though their guided programs that help you in your other goals like kicking your sugar habit, learning how to do a push-up, and even getting more sleep, are such great additions to your self-improvement plans.

Fitbit Luxe

Though I must admit that my favorite among the premium features is how it can give you a comprehensive wellness report upon request. The only requirement is that you have to be using your Luxe for about a month. The report shows you your average heart rate, average steps and sedentary moments, sleep, and menstrual cycles, as well as your heart rate zones.

Great battery life

The Luxe promises about 5 days of battery life but mine usually goes a little over than that. There are times when I go up to a week without charging and I’m someone who tries to workout every other day for about 30-45 minutes and I walk an average of six thousand steps. I know, I could use some more. I also wear the Fitbit to sleep as I enjoy seeing my sleep metrics. 

Fitbit Luxe

Speaking of sleep, its size really makes it easier to wear the Luxe to bed. From a more practical point of view, the Luxet doesn’t dig into the skin – it’s the most comfortable tracker I’ve ever worn. 

Is the Fitbit Luxe your GadgetMatch?

Fitbit Luxe

Personally, I think I’ve found the one when it comes to fitness trackers. Ever since I received the Luxe, the only times it left my wrist was for a charge. It does the job without being too invasive when it comes to my daily life – outfits included.

The Fitbit Luxe retails for PhP 8,490 while the gorjana-designed Special Edition will cost PhP 12,990.

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adidas is making an Xbox-themed sneaker

Limited edition for now



Do you prefer an Xbox or PlayStation? Regardless of which you prefer, there are a lot of ways to rep your favorite console. The usual way is, of course, through a t-shirt or a sticker. However, if you’re more dedicated to your team, there are much more lavish ways. If you’re an Xbox fan, for example, you might enjoy this Xbox-themed sneaker created by adidas.

To celebrate the first Xbox console’s debut 20 years ago, adidas is partnering with Microsoft to create an official Xbox sneaker. The sneaker will feature translucent green details reminiscent of the original Xbox. Though the current generation of Xbox consoles have less green, the sneaker will stand out perfectly in green. It will also have the original Xbox logo.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the new sneaker will be available for purchase. The shoe company has stated that the sneaker is only a special edition. It might potentially be reserved for giveaways. However, adidas is still set to make a similarly designed sneaker but available to the general public later this year.

This isn’t the first console-inspired sneaker, though. Earlier this year, Nike, Sony, and NBA superstar Paul George created a PlayStation 5-themed sneaker to celebrate the launch of the new console. The three parties have also created a PlayStation 4-themed sneaker a few years ago.

It’s a strange rivalry, but at least Xbox fans now have something to rep them on the streets.

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Moshi unveils accessories for new iPads, iPhone 13 series

Protected… in style!



Moshi, a Californian accessory brand that pioneered in Apple accessories, unveiled a new line of products apt for Apple’s iPhone 13 series as well as the new iPads.

Crossbody Phone Holster

Moshi has just designed a holster perfect for the iPhone 13 series and those who don’t want to lug a bag around. The Crossbody Phone Holster (US$ 70) comes with an adjustable strap that can be worn in the style you prefer.

It has allotted storage for essentials — phone, cash, and cards — making it perfect for those who want to travel light while needing their phones frequently.

Arx Series

When buying new cases, MagSafe is something you need to consider especially when you’re knee-deep in Apple’s ecosystem. Moshi’s new Arx series is compatible with Apple’s MagSafe magnetic wireless charging protocol. And it comes in a slim, protective design that lets you look stylish without an added bulk.

It’s available in two variants: Mirage Black (US$ 50) for those who like a sophisticated finish, and Crystal Clear (US$ 40) for those who want to show off their iPhone’s colors and logo.


For iPads, there’s Moshi’s VersaCover — an award-winning product with a multi-fold design. Refreshed to fit the latest iPads, the case provides 360-degree protection. Moreover, it can be transformed to enable three different viewing angles.

The VersaCover for the 9th-generation iPad retails for US$ 55. Meanwhile, the VersaCover for the 6th-generation iPad mini retails for US$ 50.

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