Xiaomi, Meitu launch Mi CC9 series: Selfie cam takes centerstage!

The much awaited collaboration is finally here!



Photo by Ayano Tominaga | IG: @ayanotdo

After initially just announcing the name of the collaboration, Xiaomi and Meitu finally unveil the Mi CC9 series: Mi CC9, Mi CC9e, and the Mi CC9 Meitu Edition.

Early rumors had us thinking that the Mi CC 9 will sport a flipping camera mechanism similar to the one on the Zenfone 6. However, that’s not the case as all three phones have a waterdrop notch with a 32MP selfie camera. The phones also share the same battery capacity — 4030mAh — as well as a triple rear camera module. A 48MP main camera, 8MP ultra-wide snapper, and 2MP depth sensor.

The Mi CC9, Mi CC9 Meitu Edition, and Mi CC9e | Photo by Ayano Tominaga

The phones’ differences begin with the chipsets. the Mi CC 9 has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 chip along with 6GB of RAM, and 64GB or 128GB of storage. The same is true for the Mi CC 9 Meitu edition but it is instead paired with 8GB RAM and 256GB of internal storage. Meanwhile, the Mi CC 9e is powered by a Snapdragon 665 chip, and comes in three different configurations: 4GB/64GB, 6GB/64GB and 6GB/128GB.

All three devices will run Android Pie with MIUI 10 on top. The CC9 and CC9 Meitu edition share other similar features. Both have the same form factor and have a 6.39-inch display as well as a 3.5mm headphone jack, NFC and an IR port. These are not present on the CC9e. The CC9e’s display measures 6.088 inches.

Selfies, vlogging, and Mimoji

The front-facing camera on the CC9 Meitu edition has some features unique to it. Meitu — known for its expertise on selfies — added the following: AI low light portrait mode, movie portrait, and full body beauty filters. Those who want to get into vlogging might also want to consider the phone as it has a special vlog mode with video stabilization.

Mi CC9 Meitu Edition selfie sample by Ayano Tominaga

Japanese journalist and selfie expert Ayano Tominaga who attended the event in Beijing, China noted some key differences between the regular Meitu phones versus this collaboration with Xiaomi. She said that while the Mi CC9 Meitu edition doesn’t have the signature hexagon design and more robust hardware for selfies that is usually expected from Meitu, this new phone still carries the Meitu spirit.

Meitu CEO Wu Xinhong spoke at the event and emphasized that with this new phone the “journey to make girls happy will never end,” quoting Meitu’s mission when it first set out to make smartphones. By bringing the Meitu camera technology to Xiaomi, it will also bring it closer to consumers with Xiaomi’s better distribution capability.

The camera app on the Meitu edition is exactly the same one found on Meitu phones instead of the usual MIUI camera app. Also included are the Meitu Beauty app and Meipai which is sort of like TikTok especially made for Meitu phones.

Another feature heavily showcased is the Mimoji. It’s essentially the Memoji on iOS, except this one’s made by Xiaomi.

Pricing and availability

The Mi CC9 will come in three colors: White Lover, Blue Planet, and Black Prince and will be available for pre-order in China with sales starting on July 5. Pricing starts at CNY 1799 (US$ 260). The Mi CC9e will start at CNY 1299 (US$189), while the Mi CC9 Meitu edition CNY 2599 (US$ 378). It will come in a special white pearl color.


Netflix might ask more users to watch films before they premiere

An exclusive group



Watching a movie before it comes out thrusts viewers into an exclusive sweet spot beyond normal moviegoers. Not everyone gets into this club, though. Usually, the privilege of an advanced screening goes to people involved in the moviemaking industry. However, with the current zeitgeist revolving around streaming services like Netflix, it’s easier to catch a movie before anyone else can.

Offering more users a chance to enter this club, Netflix is expanding its pool of preview viewers starting next year. First reported by Wall Street Journal, the platform will reportedly include tens of thousands of viewers — a gigantic climb from its current base of around 2,000 users.

Members of this group will have access to unreleased movies and series over a period of six months. After which, users will answer surveys to help Netflix determine which movies are worth seeing or skipping. It works like a focus group but automated by Netflix’s system.

If the program does expand next year, the company has not confirmed how it will do so or who is eligible to join. If anything, they have been asking subscribers their interest in taking part in the program.

Focus groups and advanced screenings are a common part of Netflix’s content cycle. Besides asking users for feedback before releasing content, the platform also releases content in other formats prior to a streaming launch. For example, the upcoming sequel to Knives Out, Glass Onion, premiered in select theaters for a week before its streaming release on December 23.

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Infinix debuts powerful ZERO 5G 2023

Impressive upgrades, better capabilities



Infinix ZERO 5G 2023

Infinix is welcoming December in a massive way, debuting the powerful ZERO 5G 2023 which comes with impressive upgrades and improved storage capabilities.

The smartphone will be among the first devices to house a MediaTek Dimensity 1080 6nm 5G chipset for up to 2.6Hz of maximum power, while its 5,000mAh battery supports 33W Fast Charge technology.

There is an 8GB RAM plus 5GB of extended RAM for mobile gamers to enjoy, while the phone’s storage is set at 256GB.

The display is likewise off the charts, through a 6.78-inch FHD screen with a 120Hz refresh rate and 240Hz sample rate.

Among the device’s features are Clever 5G mode for battery optimization and Auto-Switch Refresh Rate mode.

When it comes to the camera package, the Infinix ZERO 5G 2023 has a 50MP AI camera, 2 MP depth camera, and 2MP micro camera in its triple camera setup on the rear.

There are Super Night Mode and Night Filter features so that low light captures are no problem. There’s also Film Mode for simpler and more efficient video editing of up to 960fps clips.

Pricing, availability

The ZERO 5G 2023’s availability will vary depending on the region. For now, its price starts at US$ 239 and there will be three color options to choose from: Pearly White, Coral Orange, and Submariner Black. 

Be sure to bookmark this link to stay up to date on Infinix’s latest mid-ranger.

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Corning unveils tougher Gorilla Glass Victus 2

Can survive 1m drops on concrete



Smartphones are getting stronger. Because of ever-growing technology, smartphones today can more easily withstand bumps, dings, and accidents. Besides the intricate labyrinth of chips inside, it’s also important to look at the screen. In the next evolution of screen durability, Corning has unveiled next year’s Gorilla Glass Victus 2, featuring more protection against the most common smartphone accident.

If you’re out and about, there’s a good chance that you’re holding your phone in your hand. All it takes is either a miscalculation or slippery hands to send your phone tumbling onto the unforgiving concrete. According to Corning, “over 30 percent of the drops [smartphones] were having were on concrete, more than any other surface.”

Building on its predecessor’s formula, the Gorilla Glass Victus 2 can now survive drops from one meter on concrete. Plus, much like the original Victus, this version can withstand drops from two meters on smoother asphalt. The new material also compensates for larger and heavier form factors.

Now, the big question: Does it matter? Though it might seem insignificant, more durability on rougher surfaces means more protection in real-life scenarios. In the real world, not everything is as smooth as concrete. More often than not, smartphones will fall onto uneven surfaces. Even a single tiny bump can spell disaster for the hardiest of screens.

Corning has not confirmed which smartphones will get the new glass yet. However, the company hints that it’s coming to a flagship in the coming months. Given the timing (and the specs of the previous generation), it’s not difficult to assume that next year’s Galaxy S23 series will get the Victus 2 first.

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