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6 subtle signs you’ve found the right laptop

These signs are just like the signs when you found the one



Finding the perfect laptop is like finding the right partner out of a billion people. It’s exhausting when everyone looks and feels the same: average, not the right fit for your style, doesn’t match your lifestyle and budget, too big, too small.

The list goes on, and you start to wonder whether you’ll start compromising or lower your standards just so you have something to use.

Fret not, we’re here to help. Here are a few signs to look out for to discover if a certain laptop is the one for you — almost like finding ‘the one.’

You fell in love at first sight

Nothing beats the good ol’ love-at-first-sight. I’ve seen it first-hand and I can assure you, everyone’s looking for that exact moment. Billions of people and you find one person — or in this case, one laptop — that makes your world stop, giving that cozy, familiar feeling like “oh, hey it’s you I’m looking for.”

But before you find a moment like this, you must first discover what you like and dislike. Only until then, will you realize the specific type of laptop you’d love. And when you find the laptop that makes your heartbeat crazy fast, the search is over.

There’s a desire to explore it and learn more

After falling in love at first sight, what follows is an intimate desire to explore it and learn more. It’s like playing John Mayer’s “Your Body is a Wonderland”, gloriously worshiping the look and feel of your chosen laptop.

Not only that, you get this intense motivation to learn something badly. The desire consumes you and no one can get in the way of you experiencing this laptop in all its glory. You’ll think, “I need to have it.”

It can handle the heat — and whatever you need

More importantly, the right laptop can handle the right heat from all your passions and activities. It must have a capable processor and internals that matches what you seek out of a laptop.

In my case, finding a Pantone-validated color-accurate screen coupled with Intel’s latest EVO platform in a laptop such as the ASUS ZenBook S (UX393EA) helped seal the deal.

After all, I’m a creative professional (on most days), which is why I need a laptop that can match my goals and lifestyle. The same goes for your partner. You should never compromise your ideals and standards; they should elevate themselves and keep up.

You feel proud to wear it

In my previous laptops, I used to pick the ones that stood out the most. Whether my laptop sports vibrant colors, a unique design, or a humongous bunny sticker plastered on its lid — I have to make sure both I and the laptop turn heads.

Just what I want from my partner, a laptop should be an arm and eye candy. What’s the point of having a laptop when you’re not proud to be seen with it? Remember, your laptop says a lot about who you are.

ZenBook S

Find a laptop that you won’t feel insecure hanging around in cafes and in meetings. Make sure it resonates with your style and preferences.

It brings out the best in you

We’ve all felt this at some point: that inane urge to be better after meeting someone new. The right laptop (and the right person) will encourage you to be better and will create this magnetic pull to bring out the best in you.

Maybe it’s because of how it looks, or how it performs — who knows, right? But what’s certain is you create a promise to yourself to be better than who you were yesterday, and you know your laptop is there to accompany you in your journey.

ZenBook S

It’s within your budget

Lastly, the right laptop is within your reach. If it’s too expensive for now, it’s a goal you’re most likely setting. Something you desire to achieve at a certain point in time; kind of similar to the crushes we fancy.

The right laptop is and will be right for you at the exact moment you need it. And you have the means to get it, no matter how much it costs. Because when you know you found someone, you’ll pull all the stops to make sure you don’t let the chance go by.

The ASUS ZenBook S (UX393EA) retails for PhP 99,990. It’s the GadgetMatch for budding creatives, young and stylish executives, and for anyone who wants the best ASUS has to offer.

More details on the ZenBook S here.

This feature is a collaboration between GadgetMatch and ASUS Philippines.


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Camera Shootouts

Galaxy S21 Ultra vs vivo X70 Pro+: Camera shootout

The Chinese company’s finest smartphone goes head-to-head with the South Korean giant’s best.



Huawei with Leica, OnePlus with Hasselblad. Like many brands that have come before, vivo recently partnered with lens manufacturer Zeiss in an effort to level up its reputation as a bonafide smartphone camera champ.

We’ve always been cynical of these co-branding partnerships as being nothing more than a license to plaster a camera company’s logo on smartphones. Although, our experience made us a believer.

Before we do a deep dive on its cameras, let’s discuss the partnership first.

Vivo x Zeiss: What is it all about?

Zeiss claims one of the areas they partnered in has to do with Zeiss T* coating. This time around, all of the X70 Pro+’s cameras have this coating and Zeiss says it has to customize a recipe for each one, so it’s optimized for each lens.

The coating helps reduce the glare, ghosting, and imaging artifacts. Take a look at this example shot at the Barclays Center.

Left: iPhone 13 Pro Max (Normal coating), Right: vivo X70 Pro+ (Zeiss T* coating)

See how the X70 Pro+’s camera managed all that glare.


Now, let’s talk cameras and take a look at some samples.

First, the X70 Pro+ has four cameras: a 50-megapixel wide camera, a 48-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera with a 114-degree field of view (and with gimbal stabilization), a 12-megapixel telephoto camera with optical zoom, and an additional periscope camera with 5x optical zoom.

Regular 1x shots

Ultra-wide-angle shot

2x zoom

Using the periscope


Taking selfies on its 32-megapixel selfie shooter


Performing against the Galaxy S21 Ultra

This is probably what you’ve been waiting for: a comparison of the vivo X70 Pro+ against the Galaxy S21 Ultra. Without further ado, let’s jump ahead. For easier comparison, all photos on the left were taken using the vivo X70 Pro+ while the photos on the right were shots from the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

These photos were shot during the day with the sun out, and the phones do well as expected.

Even in tricky situations such as against the light shots, where the HDR kicks in.

It’s the same on a gloomier day.

Low light is where we’ll see the most dramatic of differences, but first, let’s go indoors.

Admittedly, this wasn’t the most photogenic cocktail but the X70 Pro+ produced the most post-worthy shot.

And we like its photo best in this shot of the bar’s interior.

Next, dusk — right before the lovely blue hour.

This shot taken at Transmitter Park in Brooklyn could go either way. The Galaxy S21 Ultra’s photo is the brightest while the X70 Pro+ tones it down a little — keeping it bright but also keeping it as close to reality as possible.

Now, let’s add a human subject. The problem here is the X70 Pro+’s photo is too bright, while the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s is not very sharp.

Low-light battle

That evening, we also stumbled on a very, very dimly lit bar. Think: heavily dark room with little to no lights.

Truly, the X70 Pro+ is a low-light master. Chay looked stunning and the room looked bright — something you couldn’t even see even with your naked eye. (Because the room is dark, remember?)

The Galaxy S21 Ultra managed to capture all the colors too, but at cost of noise. And when a face is involved — it’s not very flattering.

Although, personally, we wouldn’t post the shot taken using the X70 Pro+. It’s so good, it kind of takes away from the point of the photo.

That said, this is such a great example of how good of a low-light shooter this phone is.

Last shot at this bar without a human subject. The drink was a Piña Colada smoothie and it was white. Notice how the X70 Pro+ captured the condensation on the glass.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s shot was color accurate, but if you’ll zoom in to the upper right corner, you can see how noisy the S21 Ultra’s shot actually is.

You good? Crazy ‘no?

While comparing, here’s one last thing we want to show you. Thanks to its T star coating, notice these two shots taken in two different subway stations. Notice how the fluorescent lights aren’t as blown out on the X70 Pro+’s photos.

X70 Pro+ vs Galaxy S21 Ultra

Cameras aside, the X70 Pro+ directly goes after the Galaxy S21 Ultra. On paper, it’s got a resume that can go head-to-head with Samsung’s best.

S21 Ultra 

X70 Pro+











6.8 / AMOLED / 120Hz

6.8 / AMOLED / 120Hz


5,000 mAh

4,500 mAh

If you look at this chart, you’ll see they’re pretty similar. The X70 Pro+ is at a slight advantage with its newer 888 Plus processor, which was launched last June way after the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s release. While the Galaxy S21 Ultra has a bigger battery.

They both offer a complement of cameras that, as you saw in the comparison, are competitive with one another. But the Periscope Camera on the Galaxy S21 Ultra can zoom further to 10x.

They both have things like IP68 water and dust resistance, and an under-display fingerprint scanner — both of which are fast and snappy.

Both have quick wired and wireless charging. The biggest leg up the Galaxy S21 Ultra has is support for the S-Pen, in case you want a phone that lets you use a stylus.

Is the vivo X70 Pro+ worth considering as your GadgetMatch?

Overall, vivo has built a solid challenger, delivering on the needs of hardcore users: a screen that’s great for content consumption be it watching movies or games; cameras that shoot well, especially in low light; and batteries that last longer and charge fast.

And in a world without Huawei — still suffering from the Google ban — and LG, which closed down its mobile phone business this year, vivo is the only other manufacturer that’s made a phone that can legitimately rival the best from Samsung.

Undoubtedly, the X70 Pro+ is one of the best Android phones you can buy today. Period. And for that, the phone deserves the GadgetMatch seal of approval.

For the full vivo X70 Pro+ review, watch our video on YouTube:

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