You can now download Google’s Cardboard Camera on iOS

Google is playing nice

Here’s some good news for those who love taking travel photos with their iPhone: Google’s VR picture-taking app, Cardboard Camera, is finally available on iOS. Best of all, it’s still free!

Three-dimensional shots taken with Cardboard Camera are a lot more immersive than the panoramas you’re used to seeing. For one, you may record sound while taking the picture, and secondly, you can experience the photos with audio in a virtual landscape on Google Cardboard or any compatible VR headset.

Shooting the VR photos is as straightforward as can be: simply hold your phone in portrait position, tap on record, and capture as much of the landscape as you can. Sharing is just as easy; select all the photos you want on the app, and then choose the method you’d like for showing off your work. It’s all cross-platform, so users of iOS, Android, and desktop computers can send links seamlessly to one another.


Apple iOS users can download the app on the App Store right now, and Android users can find their Cardboard Camera app in the same place. To get the most out of it, Google suggests building or buying a VR viewer. The simple ones aren’t that expensive, and have a ton of fun apps to partner with to boost your investment.

Source: Google

Image credit: Maurizio Pesce

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