Admit it: The reason why you’d ever consider the new Nokia 3310 is for the possibility of it withstanding anything you throw at it. But does it truly carry on the legacy of Finnish durability, and how durable is it compared to the original 3310?

Two YouTubers had the time (and resources) to secure their own 3310 units for ultimate tests of resilience.

First up is VoloKin Project, who scratched, burned, and bent Nokia’s latest feature phone till it looked nothing like how it used to. Check it out:

As you can see, the revived 3310 couldn’t even get past the scratch test without looking like a mess. Things didn’t get much better after that with the burn experiment literally torching it, but its resistance to the bend test made this particular unit less worthless in the end.

We expected better from the successor of what many consider to be the toughest phone in history. But we can’t really complain; this Nokia costs only INR 3,310 in India, PhP 2,490 in the Philippines, and EUR 60 in most of Europe.

Next up is a drop test by SuperSaf TV. This one is a little more interesting thanks to the inclusion of the original 3310. Watch and learn:

This one turned out a little better, with the newer 3310 lasting long enough to still turn on after all the torturous drops. Again, there’s nothing scientific or fully controlled in these trials.

Take these videos as examples of the most extreme cases your precious Nokia could go through; don’t ever try these at home — or anywhere else for that matter!

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