Nostalgia is almost always a sure hit. Not convinced? How hyped were you when you found out that Final Fantasy VII will be remade? How excited were you when they announced a Power Rangers reboot film?

Thought so.

This is why people are buzzing about Nokia in 2017. Ahead of the Mobile World Congress, master tech leaker Evan Blass revealed that along with three other phones (Nokia 3, 5, and 6), the former top cellphone maker will also showcase a modern version of arguably its most popular creation, the Nokia 3310. The modern version will reportedly be sold for €59 ($62) and will not be an exact replica.

The Nokia 3310 was known for its long battery life and being as tough as Captain America’s shield.

Well, maybe not that tough, but it was the inspiration for the Nokia 6 being durable enough to crack walnuts. It has also inspired several memes about its supposed indestructibility following, of course, phones that bend or whose screens crack easily in the smartphone era.

Now that it’s making a comeback, we asked people to think back and share their fondest memories of this — dare I say it — legendary phone.

For some, it was their first mobile handset.

While some missed the games and customization.

And then others had jokes. Of course they had jokes.

If you happen to get the urge to dig up your old 3310 to play a few rounds of Space Impact or Snake II, make sure you let us know. 😉

Watch a Nokia 6 effortlessly crack walnuts