Walnuts are notoriously difficult to break open, and usually need sophisticated tools to get the job done. Luckily, the lady in this video had a newly launched Nokia 6 on hand.

Labelled “Nokia 6 – Drop Test,” we expected the typical torture test wherein the phone would fall multiple times on all sorts of surfaces. What we got was a little more entertaining, and a lot more practical. The woman even goes on to eat the nuts… off the floor.

If you ever doubted the quality of newer Nokia handsets, now’s the time to restore your faith in the brand. Even though this isn’t the same Finnish group we once knew — the brand is now owned by fellow Finnish company HMD Global and manufacturing is done purely in China — the new team figured out a way to preserve Nokia’s signature durability.

Officially, the phone is currently exclusive to China, where it sold out within a minute of becoming available online. That’s an amazing feat considering the high $250 price tag for features you’d find on much cheaper handsets. This goes to show how strong the Nokia branding is despite the long absence.

On the gray market side, Lazada Philippines sold all of its Nokia 6 units yesterday despite costing significantly more than the original retail price. At PhP 18,590 or $375, it’s 50 percent more expensive, and yet it took less than a day for all stocks to run dry.

We’re expecting more Nokia smartphones to be released at Mobile World Congress (MWC) next month; hopefully, they continue prioritizing build quality over gimmicky features, so people like the nut-cracking lady have more reliable means of preparing food on public floors.

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