The 8th-generation iPad brings a lot of upgrades

Already available for orders



Whereas the new iPad Air touts the more powerful A14 Bionic chip, Apple is also bolstering its entry iPad through a much-needed upgrade. Though its slimmer sibling took the spotlight, there’s a lot to love about the 8th-generation iPad.

A12 under the hood

With the powerful A12 Bionic chip, the new iPad boasts up to 40 percent faster CPU performance and with twice as much graphics capabilities. In this iteration, Apple is bringing its machine-learning Neural Engine system to the iPad for the first time.

Strengthened by iPadOS 14

Starting September 16, Apple is rolling out the upcoming iPadOS 14 to compatible devices including the new iPad. Among other things, the update will ease functionalities between the iPad and the Apple Pencil. Bolstered by the new Neural Engine, users can now accurately transcribe their handwriting into typed text in no time at all.

Further, the new iPad will have updated, cleaner designs for several functions including FaceTime, Siri, Search, Photos, and Files. The update also redesigns widgets for a more seamless home screen.

A greener iPad

In 2030, Apple hopes to become carbon neutral, marking a vital green goal for the tech maker. In line with that, the new iPad uses 100 percent recycle aluminum and 100 percent recycled tin. It also remains free from harmful chemicals and uses wood fiber for its packaging.

Pricing and availability

The 8th-generation iPad is already up for preorders starting today. Apple will ship the units beginning Friday, September 18. The iPad will retail for as low as US$ 329.

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Huawei MatePad T 10: A Family’s GadgetMatch

Built for different needs



Gadgets, for the most part, take away the family quality time. We’re glued to smartphones, laptops, and TVs that we forget to bond with the people close to us.

Technology may have been in the way of our relationships, but we can use it to bring the connection back. With the right device, we can strengthen the bond inside our homes.

This Holiday season, take the opportunity to stay closer using the Huawei MatePad T 10.

GadgetMatch for the Family: Spending quality time together

The MatePad T 10 can help a family strengthen their bonds by spending quality time together. With an entrancing 9.7-inch HD display, families can share the tablet when watching movies or TV shows.

Its vibrant display delivers a stunning visual experience, augmented by Huawei’s proprietary ClariVu Display Enhancement Technology — which boosts image and video quality, upping detail, contrast, and more.

Coupled with Huawei’s Histen 6.1 software, families can enjoy a surround sound experience. Truly, it’s a theatrical audio-visual treat for the whole family.

GadgetMatch for Moms: Working from home

For busy parents, sometimes work doesn’t stop during the Holidays. With a smart tablet like the MatePad T 10, parents can work at the comforts of their own home while bonding with their families.

The MatePad T 10 — even with an affordable price tag — also carries Huawei’s top smart features evident on their premium lineup. Work seamlessly by using Huawei Share and Multi-Screen Collaboration, where you can transfer files easily between your smartphone and tablet.

Both devices can also be used simultaneously, so you can work remotely, without being tied to a desk. For video conferencing needs, the MatePad T 10 has a noise reduction feature so you don’t have to worry if kids are being rowdy.

GadgetMatch for Dads: Helping the kids learn from home

Holidays can also be a time for learning. Stay-at-home parents can help kids utilize MatePad T 10’s versatility.

Make learning easier when you use certain features such as eBook Mode and Eye Comfort Mode which delivers a pleasing reading experience.

The tablet intelligently adjusts the brightness and contrast, filters blue light through a certified TÜV Rheinland panel, and send health-related alerts to ensure you have a healthy experience.

It’s also lightweight which makes it easy to hold. No more worrying about strained arms caused by similar yet heavy devices!

GadgetMatch for the Older Siblings: Spreading the holiday cheer

Leave it to the older siblings to be the DJ and play some holiday tunes. With the MatePad T 10’s quad-channel speaker system engineered by Harman Kardon, you can revel in an immersive sound enveloping the spaces.

Even though the built-in speakers are loud enough to fill a room, there’s a headphone jack in case you want to connect the tablet to a bigger speaker system.

It also has a 7250mAh battery, which lets you play holiday tunes on loop for hours. Powered by Kirin 710A and EMUI’s power-saving technology, the MatePad T 10 can even last longer!

Have a ball whenever Mariah Carey graces any Spotify playlist. If you’re not into Spotify, AppGallery and Petal Search Widget makes it easy to find the apps you might want to install.

GadgetMatch for the Kids: Create and play to heart’s content

Kids don’t have to keep on learning and watching videos all day! The MatePad T 10 supports Huawei’s M-Pencil (with 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity), so anyone can write and draw accurately on the tablet.

Moreover, the tablet sports a powerful chipset and a custom Mali-G52 GPU supporting GPU Turbo 3.0, so kids can effortlessly switch between apps and play graphics-intensives games. Even better if it’s an educational game!

There’s also a dedicated Kids Corner, helping parents to create a safe, manageable space for children. Several features can help deliver a secure experience. For instance, the tablet creates an alert whenever the kid’s face is too close to the screen. Parents can also tailor the experience to make sure kids access only the apps that are suitable to their age.

Huawei’s Christmas Treat

The Huawei MatePad and MatePad T 10 retail for Php 20,990 and PhP 6,999 respectively. Purchasing the MatePad comes with freebies up to PhP 1,378 such as a Free Huawei MatePad Cover and 15GB Huawei Cloud storage for 12 months. Meanwhile, the MatePad T 10 comes with 15GB Huawei Cloud Storage, too.

Moreover, the MatePad Family comes with special gifts perfect for Christmas. Starting November 27, the MatePad T8 comes with a free Moon Night Light while the MatePad Pro comes with a free Entertainment Gift Box.

Consumers can pay through credit card installment in all major banks up to 24 months with no interest rate in official stores and authorized dealers.

This feature is a collaboration between GadgetMatch and Huawei Philippines.

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OPPO may launch new laptops and tablets next year

Details are scarce for the moment though



If information from a tipster is to be believed, we might soon see laptops and tablets from OPPO.

According to the Chinese tipster Digital Chat Station, OPPO is planning to launch new laptops and tablets next year. The tipster didn’t provide any specific timeframe on when we can expect these products from the company though. Specific details also remain a mystery at the moment.

However, it is very likely that an OPPO tablet would use Android for its OS. If such a product comes to fruition, it will bode well for the tablet market, where Android tablets have been languishing for years.

Meanwhile, an OPPO laptop is likely to tout Windows 10, given the ubiquity of the OS in the PC space. However, there remains a very slim chance that it could have a Linux-based OS instead.

Launching new laptops and tablets makes sense for OPPO especially with its apparent goal to solidify its own ecosystem. The company has already released non-smartphone products recently. This includes the OPPO Smart TV S1 and R1, as well as the Wear OS-touting OPPO Watch.

So, it will be interesting to see what OPPO has in store for the future. Perhaps, the company might also expand to smart home products soon given that its sister company, realme, has just expanded into that product category.

Source: GSMArena

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Lenovo Smart Tab M10 FHD Plus: Space saving second screen

The charging station makes things come together



I always have trouble justifying the need for a tablet. But the evolving needs of a work from home scheme has made it relatively easier. Certain gaps in the workflow needed to be filled and the Lenovo Smart Tab M10 FHD Plus bridged them nicely.

In the interest of brevity, I’m just gonna call it the M10 from here on out.

For monitoring events and briefings

Diving right in, the M10 was the help I didn’t know I needed. You see, over the course of the quarantine I’ve had to multitask even more than usual. On any given day, I could be writing, copy-editing, or coordinating all while attending an online event or briefing.

Having a tab or the zoom app open on the same laptop as I type away can be a bit disorienting. It’s easy to be distracted by the sound and feel the urge to see what’s going on in the zoom call. That leads you to shifting tabs, thereby shifting your focus from what you’re working on.

Having a separate 10.3-inch screen to physically look at just to check out what’s happening on the briefing or event might not seem a lot at first, but it helps you maintain focus.

Monitoring the Legion Phone Duel launch on the Smart Tab M10

I need to only shift my glance a couple of inches to the right to look at the M10, instead of completely shifting the entire screen of a 13-inch laptop.

It also makes it easier to take notes on important details from a briefing while maintaining a visual on what’s going on. There’s a lot less shifting happening and that’s a big boon in keeping your focus.

It also makes it easier for you to prepare and/or look up references should you need to cite some if you’re going to ask a question during a briefing.

Enough power on its own

It also helps that it’s not eating up more processing power from the laptop I’m using. Live streams, even if you’re just watching, takes a toll on your computer’s chip and RAM. If your laptop isn’t powerful enough, you will experience a slow down.

The M10 runs on MediaTek Helio P22 with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. It’s expandable up to 256GB via MicroSD card. Being an independent device helps a ton in this situation.

You also get a 5MP front camera that’s not really all that better than regular webcams and a rear 8MP camera that you probably won’t be using much.

8MP rear camera

For referencing scripts while video editing

I’ve had to do a lot less video editing now, but during my time with the M10, I had to edit a video. Again, the convenience of just looking over to my side to reference the script is a low-key value-add to my workflow.

Instead of shifting my screen from the video editing app to the script, I simply need to glance on the M10 to see if I’m on the right track, following the script.

Having the script on a second screen reduces workflow friction

Why not just get a separate monitor, you ask? Like I mentioned earlier, it helps that the M10 is its own separate device that doesn’t require drawing computing power from my laptop.

There’s also the issue of physical space. Believe me, if it fit my current working area, I would have rushed to build a desktop with at least two monitors to make work so much easier for myself. Sadly, the physical space restricts me from doing so. That’s why having the M10 was the next best thing.

The bundled charging station is a godsend

Bundled is the keyword here. The charging station and its cable comes in the box when you purchase the M10 — along with a charging brick with a USB-C cable for charging the M10 independently.

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

Having it immediately propped up like that makes it easy-to-use in various scenarios. While I mostly had it on my work desk, you can just as easily bring it anywhere with you inside your home.

I didn’t try it myself but you could take it with you to the kitchen and follow a recipe as you try to cook yourself a meal. Theoretically, you can also take it to your workout area so you can quickly reference workouts you want to try.

For a while I even had it on my shelf. I used it once as a sort of a program guide while doing a livestream. It’s also handy in this position when I want to maintain a cleaner desk.

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

It’s still one glance away and I could immediately see what’s going on in a meeting or see our website’s real time traffic without having to press alt+tab on my laptop.

A reliable standalone media device

On its own, it’s also no slouch. Since I’ve used it for monitoring zoom calls, events, and briefings, that should already give you an idea that its speakers are loud enough.

Could it have been louder? For sure, but there’s enough here to not leave you asking for more.

Vivi and Olivia Hye of LOONA

Watching K-Pop videos in-between work was enjoyable. It’s no bezel-less beauty but that’s something you kind of stop noticing when you’re watching LOONA do their thing on stage.

Yves of LOONA

When you’re winding down to end your day, it also makes for a nice Netflix and chill companion. At only 460g/1.01lb, it’s pretty darn light and won’t strain your hands when you hold it for as long as two hours while watching a movie.

Of course, you can always just prop it up on a desk with the charging dock. This frees your hand as you snack on something while enjoying a nice flick.

The Trial of the Chicago 7 is a must-watch!

Is the Smart Tab M10 your GadgetMatch?

The situation I laid out may seem oddly specific, but if you’re in need of a second screen but don’t necessarily have the working space to accommodate a full-on multi-monitor, the Lenovo Smart Tab M10 FHD Plus is a fine option.

At PhP 13,990 (US$ 288), you get an independent second screen with enough power to handle zoom calls and other media needs.

Heejin of LOONA

The 10.3-inch display makes sure you won’t be squinting trying to make out what’s happening which is what will happen if you do this on your smartphone. You can also opt to not install messaging and social media apps to avoid any sudden notifications that can break your rhythm.

I still maintain that having a tablet feels like a luxury — it’s a nice-to-have and most of us can make do with a phone and a laptop. However, the quality of life benefits merit giving it a consideration.

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