Apple, OPPO most popular brands in Singapore, Philippines – study

Huawei hovers in the top 3 for both countries



A recent study by online shopping aggregator site iPrice reveals that OPPO is the most searched brand in the Philippines while Apple leads the way in Singapore making the two the most popular brands in the mentioned countries. The study used two factors that determine a brand’s popularity — the retail price of a smartphone and the annual household income.

OPPO leads the way in the Philippines

OPPO, which is currently launched the Find X2 Pro and has been marketing its Reno series, leads the way as the most popular brand in the Philippines. Its most expensive smartphone — OPPO Find X2 Pro —  retails for PhP 65,990. Meanwhile, its cheapest is OPPO A5s which retails for PhP 6,990. The brand had been known to cater to the budget and midrange segment more but has recently been trying to make waves in the more premium pricing segment.

In a country with an annual income of PhP 460,000, brands that offer plenty of midrange smartphones appear to be really popular. This is the case for Vivo which ranks third in popularity.

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Apple dominates Singapore

This one’s not so surprising. Singapore has a much higher annual household income than the Philippines. Thus, Singaporeans are much inclined to search for expensive brands like Apple and Samsung. Apple came out on top, followed closely by Samsung. These brands offer expensive flagships that anyone with a higher income can afford.

Interestingly, a Google Trends search on the terms Apple, iPhone, and OPPO both in Singapore and the Philippines over the last 12 months reveal that the iPhone dominates the search by a wide margin. This could mean that while people consider the price when it comes to actual purchase, they still religiously follow news about Apple’s iPhone.

Huawei ranks consistently among the top 3

Huawei fared consistently on both countries’ most popular smartphone brands. It ranked second in the Philippines, while it ranked third in Singapore. There are many factors to Huawei ranking among the top 3 for both countries. Huawei has offerings across all price ranges and has been a consistent force in the premium segment in recent years.

Huawei offers flagship with prices comparable to Apple and Samsung. However, it remains competitive in the budget segment by offering budget-friendly and reliable smartphones. The Huawei Y5 Lite sells for PhP 3,990 in the Philippines, while Y6s retails for SG$ 178 in Singapore.

Huawei also churns out many midrange smartphones that can compete with offerings from midrange brands too. Combined with an established presence in both countries, it’s no wonder the company is popular in both the Philippines and Singapore.

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Xiaomi makes significant progress

Xiaomi’s push in the Southeast Asian market is paying off, and the study supports that. In Singapore, where Xiaomi has long established its presence, the company snagged the fourth place, edging out the likes of OPPO and Vivo. The company has been aggressive in pushing out smartphones at an affordable and competitive price, and it shows.

In the Philippines, however, Xiaomi lands at the fifth spot still behind Apple. The company continues to gain popularity as it expands its stores beyond major urban areas in the country.

The study shows how brands with compelling midrange phones have become successful by offering near flagship smartphones at an affordable price. However, flagship smartphones still occupy a place in society. People with deep pockets will sway towards buying a flagship. After all, they just want the best smartphone their money can buy.


Kingston launches new USB-C flash drives

DataTraveler80 and DataTraveler70 feature compact design, fast performance



Kingston Technology just launched two new flash drives catering to different user needs: DataTraveler 80 and DataTraveler 70. Both of these come in a compact form factor and with a USB-C port for wide compatibility and on-the-go expandability.

First up is the DataTraveler 80. Targeted towards individuals who require the best performance in a flash drive, it features fast read speeds of 200MBps and write speeds of 60MBps. Further, it comes in a compact and capped case with a durable casing and a key-ring loop. It is compatible with any devices that have a USB-C 3.2 Gen 1 port. Storage options come in choices of 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB.

Then, there is also the DataTraveler70. This one is geared towards value-conscious consumers. Consumers can get faster transfer speeds on this flash drive, thanks to its USB 3.2 Gen 1 performance. It also comes in a lightweight and portable design. There are only three storage variants for this drive: 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB.


Both the DataTraveler80 and DataTraveler70 are available now on Lazada. Every purchase of these Kingston flash drives come with a free five-year warranty and technical support.

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OnePlus 8T pricing and availability in the Philippines

The latest from OnePlus is here!



OnePlus 8T

Well, that was fast. Digital Walker — the official distributor of OnePlus in the Philippines — is finally selling the recently launched OnePlus 8T in the country.

The official price of the OnePlus 8T in the country is PhP 29,990. Digital Walker is actually doing its buyers a favor since that price is only US$ 617 when converted. In the US, it is much expensive at US$ 749. However, the US variant comes with a 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage.

Digital Walker is only selling an 8GB + 128GB variant in the country for the meantime though. It is unclear if a higher-end variant will come in the future. Also, it is important to note that only the Luna Silver color option is available in the meantime.

Buyers must head over to Digital Walker’s official online store — HomeOffice — to purchase one. Alternatively, they can click to this link to take them straight to the product page. Due to the supply restrictions, OnePlus 8T is limited in stock, and delivery in the Philippines may occur later in November.

Watch our OnePlus 8T Review

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Apple’s MagSafe charger works on Samsung and Google phones

Specifically the Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Pixel 5



This month, Apple announced the return of the wireless MagSafe system. This time around, the wireless charging solution powers the iPhone 12 series with a convenient snap-to-place method. Of course, as with most of Apple’s products, you don’t really expect it to work with non-Apple device. Fortunately, the historical rule of thumb is wrong. Apparently, Apple’s MagSafe charger works on Samsung and Google phones.

As tested by Max Weinbach, the wireless charger can snap and work on the Galaxy Z Fold 2. Further, YouTuber Aaron Zollo tested the charger on the recently announced Google Pixel 5. Unfortunately, neither test revealed how well the charger does with the devices. However, Weinbach commented that it took some effort to dislodge the charger from the Galaxy Z Fold 2.

Of course, it’s no surprise that the MagSafe charger will work on other Qi-based devices. However, it’s a surprise that Apple’s proprietary accessories are working on non-Apple devices.

Still, if you need an extra wireless charger, at least Apple’s charger can work on your device. That is, if you own both an Apple and Android device.

Now, the only remaining question is whether or not Apple’s other MagSafe accessories will work on non-Apple devices. The other accessories — like an attachable wallet — will come out later this year.

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