Apple, OPPO most popular brands in Singapore, Philippines – study

Huawei hovers in the top 3 for both countries



A recent study by online shopping aggregator site iPrice reveals that OPPO is the most searched brand in the Philippines while Apple leads the way in Singapore making the two the most popular brands in the mentioned countries. The study used two factors that determine a brand’s popularity — the retail price of a smartphone and the annual household income.

OPPO leads the way in the Philippines

OPPO, which is currently launched the Find X2 Pro and has been marketing its Reno series, leads the way as the most popular brand in the Philippines. Its most expensive smartphone — OPPO Find X2 Pro —  retails for PhP 65,990. Meanwhile, its cheapest is OPPO A5s which retails for PhP 6,990. The brand had been known to cater to the budget and midrange segment more but has recently been trying to make waves in the more premium pricing segment.

In a country with an annual income of PhP 460,000, brands that offer plenty of midrange smartphones appear to be really popular. This is the case for Vivo which ranks third in popularity.

Photo by iPrice

Apple dominates Singapore

This one’s not so surprising. Singapore has a much higher annual household income than the Philippines. Thus, Singaporeans are much inclined to search for expensive brands like Apple and Samsung. Apple came out on top, followed closely by Samsung. These brands offer expensive flagships that anyone with a higher income can afford.

Interestingly, a Google Trends search on the terms Apple, iPhone, and OPPO both in Singapore and the Philippines over the last 12 months reveal that the iPhone dominates the search by a wide margin. This could mean that while people consider the price when it comes to actual purchase, they still religiously follow news about Apple’s iPhone.

Huawei ranks consistently among the top 3

Huawei fared consistently on both countries’ most popular smartphone brands. It ranked second in the Philippines, while it ranked third in Singapore. There are many factors to Huawei ranking among the top 3 for both countries. Huawei has offerings across all price ranges and has been a consistent force in the premium segment in recent years.

Huawei offers flagship with prices comparable to Apple and Samsung. However, it remains competitive in the budget segment by offering budget-friendly and reliable smartphones. The Huawei Y5 Lite sells for PhP 3,990 in the Philippines, while Y6s retails for SG$ 178 in Singapore.

Huawei also churns out many midrange smartphones that can compete with offerings from midrange brands too. Combined with an established presence in both countries, it’s no wonder the company is popular in both the Philippines and Singapore.

Photo by iPrice

Xiaomi makes significant progress

Xiaomi’s push in the Southeast Asian market is paying off, and the study supports that. In Singapore, where Xiaomi has long established its presence, the company snagged the fourth place, edging out the likes of OPPO and Vivo. The company has been aggressive in pushing out smartphones at an affordable and competitive price, and it shows.

In the Philippines, however, Xiaomi lands at the fifth spot still behind Apple. The company continues to gain popularity as it expands its stores beyond major urban areas in the country.

The study shows how brands with compelling midrange phones have become successful by offering near flagship smartphones at an affordable price. However, flagship smartphones still occupy a place in society. People with deep pockets will sway towards buying a flagship. After all, they just want the best smartphone their money can buy.


PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan is retiring next year

Aims to spend more time with his family



Since the start of the pandemic, the PlayStation has had a steady face. Jim Ryan essentially ushered in the PlayStation 5 generation by powering through the pandemic. Sadly, Ryan’s tenure is about to come to an end. The Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO and President has announced his retirement from the position.

Yesterday, Jim Ryan officially announced that he will step down from his position after March 2024. Starting April 1, Hiroki Totoki — the current COO, CFO, and president of the Sony Group — will assume the position as interim CEO. Totoki will continue Ryan’s work while finding a more permanent replacement for the latter.

Ryan has been with the company for almost 30 years. However, he only recently assumed the top spot in 2019, just in time for the new PlayStation 5. Ryan’s job was made more difficult with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Because everything turned to online communication, he was forced to be the more visible face of the PS5 through a series of digital launches.

However, according to his announcement, the position was taking a huge toll on his work-life balance. The constant commute between his home in the United Kingdom and his work in the United States led him to consider and decide on retirement.

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PUBG: Battlegrounds, Mobile team up with KFC

KFC-themed rewards, meals




KFC has launched a collaboration with PUBG: Battlegrounds and PUBG: Mobile, allowing players to visit virtual KFC restaurants in-game featuring exclusive KFC items.

In-game visuals like the statue of Colonel Sanders, plane banner, electric billboards, and map decal are also available.

Starting October 2, PUBG: Mobile players may visit KFC Royale Restaurants across Erangel, Miramar, Nusa, and Livik maps.

These in-game restaurants offer players mouth-watering delicacies for health and energy boosts. KFC-themed items include the following:

  • KFC Royale Colonel Set
  • Chicken Cover and Set
  • Royale Delight Top and Parachute
  • Seasoned Squad Graffiti
  • Crispy Crunch Avatar Frame

The collaboration will last until November 6 for mobile users.

Meanwhile, PUBG: Battlegrounds players may acquire these similar items from KFC restaurants on the Erangel map:

  • KFC Chicken Box
  • KFC French Fries
  • KFC Energy Drink
  • Colonel’s Bucket Hat
  • Colonel’s Jacket
  • Colonel’s Shorts
  • Colonel’s Clogs
  • Colonel’s Parachute
  • “It’s Finger Lickin’ Good” Spray

This collaboration will last until November 7 on PC and November 15 on consoles.

As for the real world, customers can “Load up, Dive in” with PUBG-themed meals at participating KFC restaurants online or via its app in select regions to score a good loot straight from the Colonel’s kitchen.

Rewards include up to six battle cosmetics in KFC’s signature red and white colors.

KFC no stranger to gaming, tech

This isn’t KFC’s first brush with gaming or tech. The fried chicken specialists have collaborated with gaming and tech related brands over the years. This includes a similar execution with Animal Crossing: New Horizons, a KFC Phone in China, and even a KFConsole.

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Cignal named official broadcaster of NBA, NBA 2K League

Strengthened partnership



NBA Cignal

Following a multi-year extension with the NBA, Cignal TV has become the official broadcast partner of both the NBA and NBA 2K League games in the Philippines.

The company will air both programs through its channels across free-to-air and satellite television, as well as streaming app Pilipinas Live.

Starting October 25, the 2023-24 NBA season may be watched live and on-demand on One Sports (free) and NBA TV Philippines (premium).

Marquee events such as the NBA All-Star weekend, Playoffs, and Finals shall also be broadcasted.

For PhP 149 a month, Pilipinas Live subscribers may also access locally produced programming, like “NBA HYPE” and “1 on 1,” a new show that shall discuss NBA’s premier players and teams from the 2000s to the present.

In addition, Cignal shall manage, the league’s official website in the archipelago.

NBA 2K League telecast

As part of Cignal’s partnership, the 2024 NBA 2K League season that tips off early next year shall be broadcasted for the first time on NBA TV Philippines and Pilipinas Live, including the Tha Banner Chain Series and NBA 2KL 3v3 Blacktop Series.

Cignal has also become the first-ever presenting partner of the NBA 2K League APAC Invitational, the NBA 2K League’s qualifying event for the Asia-Pacific region.

Coincidentally, e-Gilas Pilipinas competes in the eFIBA for the same region, so its top players have the opportunity to become eligible for the 2024 NBA 2K League Draft.

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