Apple Watch can double as a camera viewfinder for iPhones

Works on third-party camera apps too!



Here’s a nifty trick that Apple users will be pleased to know. The Apple Watch can actually double as a camera viewfinder for an iPhone. Plus, this trick also works with other third-party camera apps — useful if you’re into vlogging or taking the perfect shot.

Transforming your Apple Watch into a camera viewfinder is quite simple. Simply open the Camera Remote app on your watch, which will also open the Camera app on your iPhone. From your iPhone, you can toggle between different camera modes to suit your needs. Twitter user @PeterSciretta, for example, uses his Apple Watch as a viewfinder for vlogging.

But it doesn’t stop there. You can even use the Apple Watch to remotely capture a photo or a video. Surprisingly, the viewfinder and remote shutter feature work without a lag. Some smartwatches that have a remote shutter feature lags even when near the connected smartphone so this is indeed a wisely executed feature from Apple.

What is particularly impressive here is that this trick also extends to third-party camera apps. Twitter user @JeffRoy confirmed that this also works with the FiLMiC Pro — an app used by a majority of videographers out there.

Remote viewfinder and camera shutter works for other devices too

What if you have a Wear OS smartwatch and an Android phone instead? Luckily, Wear OS smartwatches can also act as a remote viewfinder and a camera shutter for Pixel phones.

Lite OS-powered smartwatches can also do the same on Huawei smartphones though users are limited to a remote camera shutter. As for Samsung users, they can download the Camera Controller app that grants them a remote viewfinder and a camera shutter. The caveat, though, is that it only works on select Samsung devices.

This is indeed a nifty trick that could go a long way for vloggers and photographers out there. Rear cameras are much powerful and versatile than selfie cameras on most smartphones so many rely on these for serious needs. Having a remote viewfinder ensures everyone out there gets their frame right before hitting that capture button.


Google is working on a snoring, coughing detector

Might show up for the Pixel first



Snoring can be a curse for you and the people you sleep with. Unfortunately, outside of anecdotal evidence, it’s hard to pinpoint how bad snoring can get. Some devices have developed features to detect and measure snoring. Google, joining other companies with the feature, is reportedly developing snore and cough detection for the Pixel.

First reported by 9to5Google, Google Health Studies added a new study exclusive for Google employees. The study specifically revolves around collecting audio during sleep. Google also explains that the study will eventually help Android build features that can help users fix their sleep quality.

According to the source, the upcoming detector will be a “bedside feature” that will measure nocturnal snoring and coughing. However, despite recording audio, it still promises to have the user’s privacy in mind. It’s expected that the feature will drop for the Pixel first before moving on to other Android devices.

Snoring detection isn’t new, of course. In fact, Google is already familiar with the feature, since Fitbit, a company that Google owns, offers the feature for some of its smartwatches. In Fitbit’s case, the feature contributes to the wearable’s entire suite of wellness tracking.

However, it’s a double-edged sword. While the feature can be helpful, it’s also a massive battery drain, since it requires the device’s power the entire night. Hopefully, battery efficiency is a focus in Google’s eventual take on the feature.

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PSVR2 is launching with over 20 major games

Horizon VR game still headlines



Samsung had a lot to say during its latest investors meeting. Besides unveiling its general plans for the future, the company also teased the devices that are coming in the near future. For a while now, that future lineup includes the PSVR2. If you were thinking of buying the virtual reality wearable for yourself, Sony has good news for you. The PSVR2 will have over 20 major titles on launch.

Naturally, if you buy a pricey piece of hardware, you usually want it to come with a good set of ways to use it. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case with new gaming devices. For example, the PlayStation 5, despite being out for almost two years, still doesn’t have the most expansive lineup of games that every gamer must play.

Thankfully, the PSVR2 won’t follow in the same, sparse footsteps of the gaming console. According to the meeting (via Video Games Chronicle), the wearable will launch with over 20 first- and third-party games. The headliner is still Call of the Mountain set in the Horizon universe, of course. Unfortunately, the presentation didn’t reveal any other games in the lineup.

If anything, virtual reality gaming has been growing for a while now. In recent history, the market has seen notable titles like Half-Life: Alyx and Beat Saber.

After facing a potential delay, the PSVR2 is expected to launch sometime next year.

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Foldable Pixel reportedly delayed to next year

Google isn’t happy



For years, Samsung has been the most dominant force in the foldables market. Though other brands, especially Chinese ones, have brought their own devices to the table, Samsung’s lineup of foldables are undeniably strong, flaws and all. That said, other giants are working on their own entrants. However, it will take a lot longer before the crowd really fills up. According to reports, Google has postponed its own foldable Pixel for next year.

Reported by TheElec, Google has reportedly decided to delay the first foldable Pixel. The company was supposedly unhappy with the current iteration of its prototypes. The next target launch window is next spring. Notably, the device, which has been in development since last year, is sourcing its screen from Samsung Display.

Currently, not much is known about the foldable device yet. Previous reports have speculated on a 7.57-inch main screen (and a 5.78-inch screen when folded), though. A more recent one has also dropped “Pixel Notepad” as a potential name for the device.

Regardless of the status of its foldable Pixel, Google is enjoying a lot of success with its new lineup of smartphones. Last year, the Pixel 6 series refreshed the company’s slate of devices, bringing new hype for the company. This year, Google is continuing that trend with the Pixel 6a and the upcoming Pixel 7 series.

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