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6 YouTube channels to follow for your fitness fix

No gym subscription? No problem!



Want to start working on your fitness habit but don’t have the time or resources to go to the gym? Or maybe you want something new to supplement your regular workout schedule? There’s a ton of free content out there on YouTube, and if you’re like me, who sometimes just isn’t in the mood to step out of the house, it’s a lifesaver.

Building an exercise habit can be intimidating, but discovering the kinds of workouts that motivate you to get up and move make the process so much easier. Here are six channels that can help!  

Fitness Blender

Run by husband and wife team Daniel and Kelli, the Fitness Blender hosts full-length workout videos with varying degrees of difficulty. Videos are shot on a plain white background for maximum clarity and they include a timer and calorie count per exercise to make it easier to follow along. The best parts of the channel are the workouts that include a warm up and cool down — great for people that tend to forget about these essential steps during sessions.


Looking to build strength and bigger muscles? Chris Heria of THENX specializes in calisthenics workouts, which are focused on bodyweight training. Think powerful, explosive moves with great form and exercises using bars, rings, and parallettes. His channel works best as a supplement to your regular routine, and even better if you have access to equipment, but he has a number of pure no-equipment bodyweight videos that are just brutal — in a good way! For those interested in getting into calisthenics or those looking to improve the skills they already have, his channel’s your bet.

Yoga With Adriene

Whether you already have a regular yoga practice or are looking to begin your journey, Yoga with Adriene is there for you. All levels of yoga (yep, even kids’ yoga) and many themes are represented here. Yoga for scoliosis? She’s got it. Yoga for those with weak knees? Covered. Yoga routines customized for teachers, golfers, runners, swimmers, office workers with desk jobs… all there. Whether you need to refresh yourself in the morning or need a pick-me-up after a stressful day, tune in to Adriene’s relaxing voice and clear instructions to center your body and mind.

Tone It Up

Tone it Up’s channel looks a little different from the others on this list. That’s because it’s not just a fitness channel, but a lifestyle hub geared specifically to women who love the beach. The channel is famous for its focus on getting you the bikini body you want through HIIT-based workouts, but it’s grown to also encompass beauty tutorials, meal prep tips, inspiration, vlogs, and Q&A’s. Karena and Katrina have also been featured in a number of both print and digital magazines, reaching out to women the world over.

The Fitness Marshall

Not a fan of regular gym workouts and want a different approach to cardio? Dance! Caleb Marshall (aka the Fitness Marshall), has a relentless — and let’s face it, hilarious — energy that will get you smiling through his slew of choreographed workouts to the most popular hits. Each video lasts the length of a song, so you can pick out your favorite ones for a short warmup or choose to do his Workout of the Week playlist, which collects several for up to an hour of cardio.


The one thing you need to know about Cassey Ho is that she somehow never stops talking even in the middle of an intense Blogilates workout. She’s bright, bubbly, and a good distraction for when you’re sweating all over your mat. Her channel focuses on Pilates workouts that usually need no equipment, and she also has a series with her own spin on HIIT — with Pilates incorporated into the intense interval training. If you’re looking after your overall health too, she provides recipes for clean eating and is a great proponent of building confidence and body positivity.

Galaxy S10

Samsung announces new generation of wearables

These include a tracker, watch, and wireless buds



Aside from the numerous Samsung flagships announced at Unpacked in San Francisco, there were also a number of wearables announced: The Galaxy Watch Active, Galaxy Fit, Galaxy Fit e, and the Galaxy Buds.

The Galaxy Watch Active is the sporty version of Samsung’s Galaxy Watch although without the iconic spinning bezel. It’s equipped with stress, fitness, and sleep tracking, GPS, NFC, WiFi, and Bluetooth capabilities. Of course, it also has Bixby built in. The watches will also have wireless charging capabilities which will work well with the power-share capable S10’s. It runs on an Exynos 9110 processor and a 230mAh battery. They’ll come in 4 pretty colors: rose gold, sea green, black, and silver. Available in the market on March 8 in the US for US$ 200.

The Galaxy Fit and Fit e are slim fitness wearables that will automatically track your activities. Equipped with a heart rate monitor and a .95-inch AMOLED display, this water-resistant baby is perfect for those who want something less obtrusive. They’ll be available in the second quarter of 2019.

Last but not least: The Samsung Buds. Powered by AKG, you’re ensured a great listening experience. It boasts 6 hours of battery life for streaming and 5 hours on calls, with an additional 7 hours with its charging case. That same case gives 1.7 hours of power on a 15-minute charge. Of course, it also has wireless charging. These Buds are available starting March 8 and they’ll retail for US$129. It comes in three colors: black, white, and a fun yellow.


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Galaxy S10

Instagram photo challenge with the Samsung Galaxy S10

Hands-on with all three versions!



Samsung’s newest Galaxy S devices have just been announced and we’re blessed with three versions: The Samsung Galaxy S10e (small), the Galaxy S10 (big), and the Galaxy S10+ (big big!).

Each phone is equipped with a number of cameras so you know what that means: IG photo test!

In our Her GadgetMatch video, we check out what’s so cool about the new Samsung phones and test what the cameras can do. Spoiler: They do a lot!

In case you’re having trouble viewing, watch HERE.

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Samsung’s new LED light cover is the phone case we’ve always wanted

It lights up with different designs!



The newest Samsung flagships have just been announced and they’re all great, but there was one thing that really caught my eye — mostly because it was literally glowing.

Yes, that is the Samsung Galaxy S10 in my hands, and yes, those are actual LED lights on the case. Just so you can appreciate how pretty it is, here’s the LED case in action:

So what exactly is going on here?

Samsung’s LED light case looks and acts like a normal smartphone cover. It comes in blue and white and has a smooth exterior. It’s also pretty thin, considering, and it has a sturdy feel.

Once it’s attached, the LED cover app will appear and you’ll have different LED designs to choose from. You can go for the “Mood lighting” option which was shown above, or…

You can choose LED icons. Just some of my favorites include this beating heart… 💓💕💖💘💞

… and this adorable doggo. 🐶

There are honestly so many to choose from, I’m not even kidding.

It even does a smartphone camera timer countdown…


… and just like that I am sold!

Cheers, Samsung! Just when I thought I was over boring smartphone cases, you shove a shiny, sparkling one in my face and I am very, very convinced.

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